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A Winning Submission
Hi Everyone
A different letter from me today. No hard thinking involved! A beautiful, romantic, wondering ‘Ode to And’ from Susie – thank you Susie:

We stayed up all night and talked and talked and then as the dawn began to break and the birds began to sing we decided to take a walk along the riverside where mama duck was leading her ducklings.
It was such a beautiful morning and the sunlight was dappling through the trees like a beacon and it was sooooo cold, but, because like a bat out of hell came the most horrendous storm with winds blowing and gales so forceful that we decided to head back indoors………………..……………………… However, if we had stayed outside ………… we could have watched a young family of ducklings swim frantically along the fast river following mama duck. ….We could have seen in the hedgerow a spider weaving its web and making the most intricate and delicate of patterns after which we could have snuggled together and kept warm and toasty as we sat on a nearby river seat and felt the snow flurries start to flutter gently down from the sky and have been quite happy just being together not saying a word feeling those snow flurries touching the skin softly on our faces and as we turned and smiled at each other and looked into one another’s eyes the palpable tension,.. tender and gently we could have tentatively stroked each others skin and then our hands could have become entwined for eternity and eventually our lips could tenderly meet skin upon skin lip upon lip tongue upon tongue and we could have melted like the snow flurries around us and then the words I had been waiting to hear: ‘will you spend the rest of your life with me”?
Can one imagine if one had used the word but in that first sentence then most probably the lovers would have run inside to take shelter to keep dry and warm .
Thankfully ‘but’ was not used instead ‘and’ continued on our ‘wee’ journey/walk to the end which turned out to be magical.”

Thank you again Susie. The power of ‘and’ hey?
Susie’s Ode is a ‘sliding doors’ story.
The ‘but’ its cold took this couple onto an entirely different path; ….we must go indoors, where we miss those magic moments Susie painted for us.
The path of: Its cold – ‘and’ we can snuggle up for our warmth goes somewhere entirely different!
It is so worth us stopping to think about our own ‘ands’ and ‘buts’.
I’ve had such a ‘sliding doors’ experience.
I was packing one evening, December 1992, to fly to Cape Town to meet Mike for a few weeks adventure in the African Bush.
(Not everyone’s Dream I know – it certainly was mine).
That evening, as I packed my case, I felt really anxious as I thought “I so want to be with Mike BUT I’m being irresponsible, leaving my clients …..”
That BUT in my thinking caused me to pick up the phone, honest truth, and dial Mike in Cape Town. I was on the last digit of his number, about to cancel meeting up with him when I thought; “Hang on….. I so want to be with Mike, go on this adventure – AND – I can check out what I’m feeling about being irresponsible…”
There was an unconscious belief in me driving that BUT! I’ve told this story before, and, maybe it’s worth telling again when I write to you.
Mike said if I’d made the call to cancel meeting him, he’d probably have filled the time with a girl who was saucily chasing him and have been ‘lost’ to me.
Mike & I had only known each other a few weeks at that time. Sliding doors! I have had exactly 20 years of adventure! And, more adventures to come! My gratitude to ‘and’ I could say is immeasurable………..
My wish for you is that you will stop a moment and check out your own ‘ands’ and ‘buts’ – for your self.

So for her Ode Susie won the CD / MP3 course of her choice.
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Thinking of you warmly,
Sally Stubbs
Cures that Endure

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