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Rapha Hypnosis Therapy

What you don’t want is ‘symptom replacement’.

Woke up this morning wondering, what I would be talking with you about today! Because, waking up is ‘of course’ the time, or one of the times, for us all to be inspired. As we are waking from sleep our conscious mind is still in touch with the wisdom of our unconscious mind.
Our unconscious, working for us through the night, giving us our dreams, our own kind of alchemy, working for us to assist us in discovering solutions to change our problems into ‘gold’ – and also giving us all gems of ideas…….
And, Bingo! This morning – as I was waking, I knew what to talk with you about today… courses! Of course!
For years and years I was Working to put my courses together, to get them right, to ensure that they will make profound shifts needed for individuals to move out of a problem state, which cause great effort and hardship, and into a Goal state – of peace, happiness, strength….. inner stability and inner certainty.
By the year 2000, when we were working and living in Singapore – my courses finally began to come together.
Writing them, I entered a world rigourous in linguistic discipline, because the Work in my courses needs to speak with you as an individual.
Needs to speak with the uniqueness and individuality of thousands – a million people.
The Work in my courses needs to ‘build a bridge’ for you to enter ‘with one foot’ your problem ‘world’ – to discover your own unique solutions and resolutions and then to move fully and finally out of your problem ‘world’ and into your goal ‘world’ of permanent successful results.
Also I entered a world rigorous in linguistic discipline because, strange as it may seem, the innovations* of my language in my courses do not attempt to lead or mislead you away from your own information. Also, that no solution from me is imported, but there is clean elegant guidance for you to find your own solutions. And it ensures that there is no interpretation of symptoms or why they existed.
And I also entered a world rigorous in linguistic discipline to absolutely ensure that in my courses there would be no suggestion to remove a symptom.
Why would I ensure my courses would never suggest symptom removal?
That’s the whole idea right?
Because simplistically, when we remove the symptom through suggestion, 99% of the time we will experience a symptom replacement!
* Meaning: the act or process of inventing or introducing something that does not belong to your inner ‘world’.
Let us consider a simple example of what I mean by symptom replacement.
I have heard, what I’m about to illustrate, from so called therapists with audio CD’s available, over and over and over – and it makes me fume!
Let’s take an over weight symptom for example:
The therapist states in a low monotonous voice:
“You will relax… you are so relaxed ……you will eat less and less… will feel comfortable…. you will lose weight”………… This mumbo jumbo is suggesting removal of the symptom, basically over eating.
Only a very small percentage of people who over eat who are doing this by pure habit. The larger percentage of over weight people have eating difficulties which are driven by an unconscious problem.
The problem is individual but generally speaking will be something like: feeling ‘Empty’ – feeling lonely – feeling useless – feeling a failure – feeling unacceptable….. needing ‘comfort’…… we could go on and on………
A therapist saying: “Relax; stop eating so much…….” is focused on removing the symptom – not resolving the problem.
The problem – feeling ‘Empty’ – lonely – useless – a failure – unaccepted……….. needs resolution.
If this kind of suggestion does remove the symptom of over eating – because the problem is still there – the problem will replace the old symptom of over eating with a new one, let’s say – anger, nervousness, anxiety….
The problem is saying: Attend to ‘me’ resolve my emptiness, my feeling lonely, my feeling useless, my feeling a failure…….
So that is just one of the reasons why my courses are different, requiring your time and effort, 30 minutes a day for 40 days – because they bring about the permanent resolution of your problem.
We offer a money back guarantee!
Do have a look at more information why my courses are 30 minutes a day for 40 days – it’s a great consideration that the mind can bring about permanent resolution in 40 days……..
Thinking of you warmly

Rapha Hypnosis Therapy


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