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Ok: Let’s Draw!

captivate your unconscious

captivate your unconscious


Because 90% – of our life, round about, is unconsciously driven. I am about to give you the right Questions – which will develop – safely – & comfortably – your drawing or drawings which will ‘come from’ your unique unconscious mind.
Briefly – the paradox is – although our unconscious mind is driving on and on – ‘the Ground Hog Day’ our problem state – whatever that state may be – the unconscious mind in it’s wisdom does not want us to ‘be stuck’ with an uncomfortable even debilitating problem – and our wise unconscious does have the solutions and resolutions. We can ‘see’ for our selves these solutions & resolutions from our drawings.

Before we consider the Questions to develop our drawings – let’s take some Good important time with these three Questions:

►What do I really want for my life?
► What would give me fulfillment and meaning?
► What makes me truly happy?
Answering these questions helps us to start on the journey of transforming our lives. (Resolving Problem States is the journey)

So when a “Yeah But….” of yours is a feeling – you will be able to Draw it!

Let’s Go & Draw! – and gain Results to transforming your problem permanently.

First Question – locates the feeling – which is usually in the body – such as the throat – the heart – the stomach – (Sometimes a feeling is located outside the body – like “It feels like a heaviness above my head”: “And when I have a feeling of blank whereabouts do I have a feeling of blank?” Answer: “In the top of my head”

Second Question: “And when I have a blank in the top of my head – what else could there be about blank?” Answer: “It’s like a cloud”

Third Question: “What else is there about a cloud like that cloud?” Answer: “It’s grey and misty with some yellow above it”

Now – you’ve got ‘something’ to Draw – a grey misty cloud with some yellow above it. (You can ask the: What else Question as many times as you need ‘til you can Draw. Your Metaphor – which you Draw will be unique to you.

Intuitively place your Drawing in a different space in your room from where you sit. (Like you’d intuitively place a photo, a vase of flowers! Your Drawing is far more important than these)
Then get up – and move around the room – asking your self from 3 or 4 different spaces: “What else do I know about (using my example) a grey misty cloud with some yellow above it?”
And – if this Question resonates with you ask: “And – what can a grey misty cloud with some yellow above it want to let me know about it?”

Get going. It isn’t hard!

I will talk more on how you’ll start to gain your own solutions in the coming weeks.  And in case moving around your drawings in spaces in your room sounds utterly Whacky to you! It isn’t!

I know you’re busy – I don’t want to keep you long – so I’ll briefly explain. When, for example – we have a blank in the top of our head – we cannot see it – from different angles – it’s just stuck there in the top of our head. As we ‘walk around it’ we gain huge insights, light-bulb moments of solution, even Epiphanies. As we walked around and around the walls of Jericho – the amazing solution came to us, to blow a trumpet. If we’ve cows in our garden eating up our beautiful plants, the plants will continue to get eaten up if we ‘sit in our usual seat’ If we ‘get up’ move – explore our garden – we find the ‘hole in the fence’.

Another gift from me to you with my Love – whilst your spending some time Drawing your Drawing – your insights for your Solutions will be Greatly helped with my Metaphorical Story
“Let the Breeze Blow In” on You Tube.

If you’re interested in how my Metaphorical stories Work to Resolve Problems go to How It Works
Metaphors Be With You!


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