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Rapha Hypnosis Therapy

Rapha Hypnosis Therapy

Pattern Interruption

A quick re-cap: Pattern Interruption Works beautifully to gain Authentic and permanent results to symptoms – such as the nervousness, the fears, the not sleeping, the inappropriate anger – and so on – when we are Working our way ‘across our page’ – to achieve our Goal Successfully.

Pattern Interruptions of course will not ‘stand alone’ – they will only Work alongside other Right Strategies – to successfully achieve our Goal – whatever our Goal such as: to sleep well: to be calm: to be confident: to be happy: to congruently say “No!” – to relate harmoniously to our self & others.

The Pattern Interruption Strategies – will finally – end – the same ‘damn’ debilitating, invalidating patterns of negative beliefs – that daily ‘haunt’ our life, that daily play round & round in our mind.

I feel sure many of you reading this are professional people.
I know that most of the professional bodies require their members to carry out Continued Professional Development.

Have you considered that you can use one of my audio therapy courses as ‘self-directed learning’ in your Personal Development Plan?

So: from Gaining Self Confidence to Engendering Harmonious Relationships to Curing Insomnia and Solving Stress – hence performing better, all my courses are applicable to your professional development. They take half an hour a day for 40 days – effortless and fun!

Win – Win’ for you and your employer whilst satisfying your professional body.

Please accept my gift – “Let the Breeze Blow In” – It’s a ‘taste’ of what I do – plus it’s very ‘nourishing’ for you. It lasts just over 20 minutes. Take these 20 minutes just for yourself – and ‘polish’ your amazing ‘Mansion’ of your wonderful Unconscious Mind.


‘Polly’ Doesn’t ‘have’ to Sing!

‘Polly’ had been feeling anxious. ‘Polly’ has been Working ‘across the page’.

-‘the page’: On the left hand side is written ‘the problem’ on the right hand side is written ‘The Goal’ – the journey ‘across the page’ attends to the details in the Right Way of the ‘blocks’ to what has stopped us in the past from achieving our Goal. This ‘journey’ will achieve successful permanent, positive results.

Last week ‘Polly’ and I spoke. ‘Pattern Interruption’’ was to be one of the strategies. ‘Polly’ decided to warn everyone at work to be prepared for some sudden unannounced outbursts of loud raucous singing!

We spoke again today, a week on – It’s been a week free of negative belief thought patterns. A week completely free of anxiety for ‘Polly’.

The really funny thing is: ‘Polly’ told his mind: “if you have any of those daft thoughts again – I’m going to sing very loudly – even at work!”

He didn’t have to sing – he didn’t have any of those thoughts! What fun is that! And No – ‘Polly’ wasn’t embarrassed to sing out loud – he’s a professional singer – musician – entertainer!



Rapha Therapy Treatment – ‘Cures that Endure’

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