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Rapha Hypnosis - cures that endure!

We would like to introduce you to the term Rapha Hypnosis in case you’re not yet familiar with it.

We needed a description to distance and distinguish Sally’s therapy work from Neuro-linguistic Programming, (NLP), Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, (CBT), the Emotional Freedom Technique, (EFT), tapping and others, which we collectively refer to as fast food therapy. Why ‘fast food’? Because whilst these therapies appear to work, and quickly, they teach managing skills presenting plausible insights but do not cure the root cause of the problem.

Managing skills means that you need to keep up weekly or daily management of a problem state.

Accessing plausible insights means that you now know why you have a problem, however the problem state persists and needs to be managed or controlled.

At Sally Stubbs Ltd we are only interested in providing curative therapy: work that gets to the root of the problem and resolves it permanently. And this is what Rapha Hypnosis does.  And that is why our strapline is cures that endure!

The word Rapha has its roots in the Hebrew language; Jehovah Rapha being The Lord that Heals.  We are non religious and our focus is on the healing aspect of the word.

To better explain the term, we developed this acronym:


So now to expand on the acronym!

Dictionary definition – ‘(human) Readily recovering from shock, depression etc, buoyant’.
We humans, enhanced by informed action, have these qualities.

Dictionary definition – ‘Combine or unite to form one structure, organisation etc’.

This word has been chosen to indicate that the therapeutic techniques employed in Rapha Hypnosis are many and varied.
They have been learnt and developed over a period of 30 years in private practice and committed continual learning, research and study  over the same period.

We amalgamate:

  • the ‘Clean Language’ approach developed and taught by David Grove;
  • the complexity of Ericksonian therapeutic technologies;
  • the eminent work of Dr. Ernest Rossi and Jungian techniques where appropriate;
  • thirty years of Sally Stubbs’ exceptional experience;
  • NLP – as this can be useful as an aid to communication;
  • Other –  too many to single out!

All of the above strategies have been refined and incorporated into the amalgamation to make Rapha Hypnosis the powerful curative therapy it is.

Dictionary definition – ‘The science of the relation between the mind and the body’.
Sally has been studying and applying numerous therapeutic approaches to connect mind and body for nearly 30 years.

Dictionary definition – ‘To cause a wound, disease or person to heal, be cured or made sound again’.

This is what Rapha Hypnosis audio treatments achieve.

Dictionary definition – ‘A way of dealing with a person, individually’.

There you have it! Rapha Hypnosis – cures that endure!


The Experts

We continue this article by providing you with a brief overview of the above mentioned experts’ methods of working, for your interest:

Dr Milton Erickson
Erickson didn’t use clean language but at least he was aware of the presuppositions of his language.
He is considered to be the Master of Metaphor, i.e. the art of getting the message across by metaphorical suggestion in story form directly to the unconscious mind. Erickson is also considered globally as the Master of Psychotherapeutic and Hypnotherapeutic strategies. “More than any other individual, Milton Erickson has been responsible for shaping the modern view of Hypnosis. His great contribution came from his ability to locate an individuals inner resources for coping creatively with the real problems of every day life.” (Rossi and Ryan)

Erickson himself endured two bouts of polio and was in a wheelchair for much of his later life. He learned to use the healing methods of self-hypnosis and uncovered ways of experiencing living at more profound levels.

Jungian Techniques
Sally studied Jungian work with the eminent Dr Ernest Rossi and Dr Stephen Gilligan
Particularly relating to Jung’s work on individuation, simplistically; The development of the self achieved by resolving the conflicts arising at life’s transitional stages, in particular the transitions from childhood to teenager, and from teenager to adulthood.

Clean Language – David Groove
“I used to watch other therapists work. I wondered, why did they ask that question? I started analysing the questions major therapists used; people like Virginia Satir and Carl Rogers. To begin with I thought it was because they had this huge vast experience. After a while I twigged that, jeepers, they were coming out of their own hallucinations, their, the therapists model of the world. Take Carl Rogers, who I thought would be really ‘Rogerian’! I found his language wasn’t clean in the sense that he kept shifting people. He would use past tense in the present, and then use the future tense and move them back to the present.

So he was often redefining verbally whatever anybody said. He would amplify or redefine the words the client used. Well, when you do that it robs the client of some of their experience. I wanted to know the questions you can ask that don’t have any presuppositions.
So I came up with a set of basic questions and strategies which are neutral and do not interfere with a client’s process. They all start with the conjunction ‘and’… and what that does is facilitate a trance. So the use of clean language is very trance inducing without a traditional induction. It’s a natural induction because the questions don’t pull the client out of their experience. The questions are aimed at the metaphoric part of their experience so they don’t go through normal cognitive processes.”

Of Dr Rossi’s book “The Psychobiology of Gene Expression” Jeffrey Zeig PhD Director of the Milton H. Erickson Foundation writes: “This book is a contribution for the ages. It shows in practical terms how the inter-twined genetic genius of the brain and body can be unlocked.

Ernest Rossi an internationally renowned psychotherapist, hypnotherapist and neuroscientist has discovered fascinating keys to better health and better living. “No chemistry required it is all within.”
Rossi says: “The new understanding of the relationships between gene expression and human experience emerging from the Human Genome Project is setting the stage for a profound expansion of our understanding of life. The new neuroscience discoveries about enriching life experiences, neurogenisis and gene expression, are poised to profoundly expand our understanding of psychotherapy…..”

Sally Stubbs
Rapha Hypnosis  is the application of Sally’s  accumulated knowledge, whether gained from text books, studying with acknowledged field leaders or through experience.
Sally:- “I make no presuppositions in my Rapha audio treatments! If I did, that would be my hallucination about your needs! (David Grove) I do not know your way to a happy stable, well balanced inner ‘home’  but I know that you  know the way. I set you on the path, and I journey beside you. Your unconscious mind is driving your problem state, paradoxically your unconscious, not me,  knows the way out “.(Erickson)
Sally continues; “Rapha Hypnosis does not use any direct suggestion! Direct suggestion does not work to effect change within the unconscious. If it did work our hairdresser or best friend could tell us to relax and suggest we stop eating too much food and lose weight, or be calm and confident or whatever it is we need, and we would not need the genius of those pioneering therapists and me! If I simply tell you by suggestion when you are in a relaxed or hypnotic state to: Be calm, be confident, an unconscious part of you will certainly, sooner or later object and resist! If I tell you by suggestion when you are in a relaxed hypnotic state to: Stop eating so much food, your mind is instantly thinking of food and off you go to the fridge, larder, cake box!”
“There are many, many more ‘nourishing of your inner growth ingredients’ in Rapha Hypnosis – cures that endure!

If you have read all of this article, then that’s quite a lot to digest right now, so I’ll explain more another time”
Thanks for reading



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