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resilient Let’s talk about – Being ‘Resilient’

What a ‘Top Banana’ Word!

Why bother? You may be asking!

Well: us being Resilient is something special which you, me, our friends & loved ones have in common.

We are all Resilient!
Here’s a few dictionary definitions:
1. Readily recovering from shock, depression etc.
2. Feisty, Buoyant, Quick to recover.
3. Quickly becoming healthy, happy, or strong again.
4. Able to return to original shape. Physics: a substance or object that is resilient and able to return to it’s original shape.

Me too! And our friends & loved ones – we garner our inner strengths to attempt valiantly to ‘bounce back into shape’ and become our ‘buoyant’ self once again – after the ‘stinky’ things that happen and ‘get into’ us.

I am privileged to hear thousands of stories (in my therapy practice) of the great courage we have to be Resilient. And I am truly privileged to hear the stories. From the wounding of ‘a glare from a person’s eyes’, to the ‘powerful’ and sometimes repeated ‘disempowering’ experiences which can result in a deep embedded belief: “I don’t deserve to live. I don’t deserve to be happy”.

All our human stories of ‘pain’ are ‘heart’ breaking. And I have immeasurable respect for our intrepid attempts to be Resilient – to return our self to our original shape.

Sometimes we can be – like the film sequence – when something heavy & ‘crushing’ comes along and ‘batters’ us, knocks us out of shape – we do Resiliently ‘bounce’ back and ‘carry on.’

But – so often we are a different ‘shape’ to what we were ‘born to be’ We ‘carry’ within us – the ‘wound’ from the ‘glare from a person’s eyes’ – we ‘carry’ the ‘burden’ of the belief “I don’t deserve to live. I don’t deserve to be happy” These ‘burdens’ do not belong to us – they are the ‘stains’ – sometimes ‘huge heavy stains’ which enter our ‘Pristine Mansion’ They then manifest in our life as the fears, the anger, the sleeplessness, the stressing and worrying – the ‘not saying “NO!”………….

And also sometimes we leave a part of our self ‘behind’ – where we got ‘crushed’ or ‘battered’ on the ‘road’. We can never be our ‘Pristine shape’ when we – Unconsciously – leave a part of our self behind.

Next week I have ‘Sarah’s’ Story for you – she left a vital part of herself ‘behind’ – She left her ‘hope’ ‘behind’ her ‘on the road’ – her story will resonate poignantly with us all. It ‘broke’ my ‘heart’!

About 12 years ago I was presenting a series of Workshops – Late one winter’s night – I was driving home form a Workshop with a dear friend & colleague. She had been supervising alongside me. She’s such a feisty girl! She Exclaimed: “What do you call this Therapy Work? Do you call it ‘Sally’s healing stew!!’?”

“No – it’s called RAPHA. The Hebrew for Healing. And there needs to be ‘pure’ ingredients added to being Resilient to achieve permanent Authentic Real Valid Results – which is the:

Amalgamation of

Before we can ‘Bounce Back Buoyantly’ to the ‘shape’ we were born to be – we need to Heal the ‘wounds’ from the glare from a person’s eyes – we need to deconstruct the deep ‘driving’ belief “I don’t deserve to live. I don’t deserve to be happy” And we need to find if we have left part of our self ‘behind on the road.’
It is my life’s Work:

We lit the log fire at home that night – then talked ‘til the early hours – of my rigorous development of RAPHA – half an hour a day for 40 days to your Transformation. Transforming back to your ‘born to be’ state of being at one with your self & at one with your inner world.
Have you bounced back? Please let me know, I love reading your stories:


Sally Stubbs
‘Cures that Endure’


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