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 I woke up this morning wondering what I’d be talking to you about today – and Bingo – in that hypnogogic state, those few moments of waking, when our unconscious is flowing with important information for us I had a great memory.
Dear ole David Grove, in my memory this morning, he’s striding up and down teaching.
He’s wearing khaki shorts a tee shirt and he’s bare foot. David is a Maori on his mother’s side of his family.
As he’s striding up and down he’s using his arms as if he’s firing an arrow from a bow. (he is mixing his Metaphors here – but do I care! No way – the man is a genius with an awesomely huge heart!)
David is saying; “You ‘pull back’ time to before the negative debilitating beliefs and ‘pain’; you ‘pull back’ time to the time of a pristine mind.
And then you fire the magic bullet (the pristine resourceful mind) into the present”.
Well David named the ‘bullet’: magic. And in my last post I named it golden.
My image of the golden bullets is that the ‘gold’ is liquid, flowing into the mind, pristine and pure.
We are ‘pulling back’ time and as we ‘move’ back through time we resolve and change the negative beliefs, until we have a pristine mind.
How to turn a bad day into a good one, like when you wake up feeling there’s a big black cloud hanging over you:
• Stop waking with the ‘dark cloud’ and dream well. What do I mean? How do I do that?
• We dream several times a night, and the main purpose of our rapid eye movement (REM) dreams is to search for solutions to our problems. A difficulty can be that we are dreaming in those last few minutes or so before we awake and we awake with the darkness of a problem still hanging there unresolved.
• To dream well, – as you are dropping off to sleep at night you can clearly instruct your unconscious, that is the part of the mind where dreams come from.
• Tell your mind clearly and with energy: I want my dreams to search comfortably for solutions, and I will awake in the morning feeling clearer and lighter.
• When you give yourself this instruction before falling asleep – do not actually mention a particular problem, until you become more accomplished at your dream work. The unconscious mind will use its own wisdom to search for solutions.
• If your dream work takes a while to really kick in for you in a positive way, and you still awake for a while with the ‘dark cloud’ you can use what we call ‘pattern interruption’ to dispel it. This means: do something very, very different and with as much energy as you can muster.
• Example: Just sit up in bed and shout out loud something like: I am sitting here (Truism) I am breathing (Truism) Brighter days are good! (Truism)
• Sing out loud, very loud, loads of energy, a song that’s maybe funny, daft or upbeat. Then move.
• Einstein said: ‘Nothing can happen until something moves!’ So move, get out of bed, and do something else that is entirely different – like throw ice cold water in your face! Dance!
• Why? Because when we interrupt our patterns of behaviour, and I’m calling the ‘dark cloud’ a behaviour, we need only do this 2 or 3 times, and when we do the interruption with energy the brain stops being able to access the old pattern.
How to turn a bad day into a good one when, let’s say for an example, you walk into the office and find your boss in a vile mood.
• Check your beliefs? Do you believe that their behaviour is about you? Could your belief be wrong? Are they having a hard time from someone else and maybe splurging their hurt feeling around you? If this is what they are doing, you can of course choose to think How sad for them, and shrug it off you. Or you can choose to protect yourself emotionally, by imagining yourself, for example, behind a strong glass shield where their behaviour cannot ‘get to you’.
• Realise that we cannot change another person, unless they ask us for help. We can only change our own responses in a way that is comfortable and strengthening of our self, and also generally respectful of another’s needs.
• We can ‘walk away’ from the situation even if we actually remain right next to the person, we can still ‘walk away’ – knowing this important thing, it is our choice to ‘walk away’ we are not being forced, pushed or controlled by their behaviour.
• Or, we can observe this person and then choose to communicate with them about their vile behaviour, by using their language! To communicate well and achieve a really good out come we need to listen to the language another person uses, and take a step into their emotional world by ‘speaking’ their language with them.

I am still Working rigorously on becoming a truly successful Revolutionary!
Enjoy your ‘gold’

Thinking of you warmly
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