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I am on a mission!  4,000 hours to ourself? (30mins per day x 40 days) = 3,980 + amazing results

I loved sums, I still do. ‘They’ used to laugh when I was little, ‘they’ said I was useless, at add ups and take aways!!
Five red squirrels this morning for breakfast, in and out of the ‘café’ that Mike built for them. Yeah five of them. I can count!
Anyway Earl Nightingale saved me the trouble and did this sum for me!
I haven’t actually checked if he’s totally accurate. It’s not like I’m marking Earl’s homework! So I apologise if Earl’s sums aren’t ‘bob on’
Here’s the maths:
We have 6,000 waking hours a year.
We work around 2,000 of those hours a year. (Earl did not add that some of us do work a 1,000 hours a year longer!!)
Therefore we have around 3,000 to 4,000 waking hours a year – for our self.
I only came across this sum recently, and thought why didn’t I work this out ages ago!
Do you think this is quite huge to consider – that we have around three to four thousand hours a year – for our self – to do with what we like – and to be – a human being, for some of this time, or in fact most of this time – instead of the fairly constant, – when we’re not sleeping – human doing!
Don’t you find it interesting that someone somewhere way back in our history in their ‘wisdom’ named us human beings – not human doings!
I might just want to Google later on, who this wise person or group of people were, who named us thus.
In every child there are unique elements of genius. Every child knows how to be. And that state of being is a massive part of every child’s genius.
Most every child will be a spectacular space traveller – will be a brilliant bird soaring over mountains – will be the wise prince – will be the warrior in shining armour – will be the magical princess………………
Most every child will have received an injunction – probably from most well meaning adults to: ‘do this, do that’.
And for so many of us – as a child – our genius to ‘be’ was ‘wounded’ And so into our adult life the ‘wounding’ deep within us causes us pain. We more and more become human doings in an attempt to not feel the ‘pain’ of wounding.
So, here’s what I propose:
Any one you know who is ‘suffering’ either from the negative belief injunctions from well meaning adults when they were youngsters – or received some ‘wounding’ to their identity when they were youngsters – please – tell them that half an hour a day with me – with one of my courses for forty days – will assist them to restore their unique sense of child genius – to be a happy human being. Resolve and cure their wounds – either those wounds of negative self beliefs – or those wounds when at some time in their early life their sense of their identity was ‘questioned’
Look – my courses come with a money back guarantee – because I am on a mission!
I recently received this email – from a wonderful lady who is Working with my Gain Self Esteem and Self Confidence, 40 day course.
How about this:
“Sally Stubbs you are AWESOME and I can’t tell you how delighted I am to have found you 🙂
Day 2 of CD 2, I’m so happy!
I have asked her permission of course to quote her email and share it with you to inspire you.
And you know what – I’m happy! I’m happy that she is re-gaining her happiness.
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