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Hunchy bunch on stepGood Day to You – and just to say we are even more excited about our 2nd Video Blog – since the huge, huge response of support – and gorgeous messages about our first one.
ENJOY the 2nd One- ‘Staying in the Picture!
     And – if you missed the first one – It’s Here – because this one will make sense of the strategy I explore with you in this our 2nd video.

I am also totally excited about the Oliver James piece in the Daily Mail. I promise you it is well worth a read. Oliver is in a position to write in the media about what I ‘Rant’ about!
Oliver says:
“Working as a psychotherapist, I rarely encounter patients who haven’t been subjected to CBT, which failed to help them.
The problem with CBT is that no attempt is made to understand the causes of depression and anxiety. Proper therapy – such as psychodynamic therapy, which looks at why we behave as we do – can treat the causes.
The causes themselves are one of the best-kept secrets of modern science. They do not include your genes. The latest evidence strongly suggests that mental illness is not genetic.”
Indeed, in a remarkable recent admission: Robert Plomin: Britain’s top gene psychologist, stated that: ‘I’ve been looking for these genes [for mental illness] for 15 years and I don’t have any!
What a Brilliant fellow he truly is.
And I’m thrilled and privileged to be corresponding with Oliver – and have gained his interest in my kind of Therapeutic Work.

I think we got over excited with our first video blog – and said our offer on our Boxed Sets of 5 CD Courses would be available until January 2014!!!
Ooops!! Sorry!
The offer of course is available until January 2015
Because we also really, really want to help with those New Year Resolutions – the important ones that not only will Permanently Resolve difficulties such as Stress, Fears, Nervousness, Over Eating – Lack of Confidence………. will also assist the Freeing of your ‘self’ to be your ‘self.’
The offer of £20.00 off the normal retail price of the Boxed Set of 5 CD’s Rapha Audio Courses is only available from my web site:
Enter the word – video – at the check out for the discount to be applied.
Here’s wishing you Freedom to be your ‘self’



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