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Strategy 3 – Deconstructing Negative Inner Dialogue

Sally Stubbs

Sally Stubbs

Hello Again:

So here is my next Top Tip Video – Number Three in this Special Series of powerful strategies, to deconstruct those negative inner dialogues.

Many of those negative dialogues which so hold us up on our journey in life – we don’t even consciously hear!  On and On they play over and over again – ‘chattering’ within our Unconscious Mind – our self ‘Bullying’ our self!!

These dialogues can be ‘dangerous’ in that so often we don’t hear them – but we feel the fear – in our body – which is being driven by this deep inner self ‘Bullying’.

Maybe you’ll remember a truly powerful story of my own?

I met Mike back in 1992 – I fell in love. I was going to Africa to spend a couple of months in the bush with him. A dream come true for me. Not everyone’s dream perhaps!

The night before my intended flight to Cape Town I felt a churning anxiety in my stomach.

I nearly, OMG – oh so nearly cancelled the trip. BUT I had the wisdom to ‘go into trance’ and then I ‘heard’ what was driving the feeling of anxiety within me.

My Mother and my Grandmother’s injunction: “You can’t have your cake and eat it.”
This injunction had imported deep within my unconscious mind when I was a little kid.

I’m sure their intention was to protect me from disappointment!

I had had cake before I met Mike – but – hey I’d never ‘eaten’ it! How daft is that. Maybe I would never have seen Mike again if I’d cancelled?

That night I spent 15 minutes deconstructing that inner chatter and went to Africa. Had the time of my life!

And I’ve lived ever since with my best friend, ‘Soul mate’ & now husband.

Life with Mike Truly Rocks!
I often tell this story – because it is a powerful teaching tale for us all.

The most powerful thing you can achieve for your self on your quest, your journey to successfully
achieving your goal – is to deconstruct negative inner dialogue.

And this is what I’m teaching you on these short videos.

Whether you are aware of it or not – it’s there in your inner mind – playing on and on –

‘the same damn negative things over and over again…….’ This negative ‘chatter’ is creating fears – blocks to your success.

Here’s my next short video – Stage Three   the next step for you in deconstructing your negative inner ‘Bullying’ chatter. My hand is on my Heart – as I say – I really want this for you – your Freedom to be your self – celebrating your life and the lives of others.

Perhaps you remember my BIG NEWS I mentioned in my last letter to you – my live Broadcast for Dr. Tranquility, Dr Lydia Belton, Dr. Series Radio broadcast on 5th May – and it was Brilliant!
In case you didn’t catch it yet here’s the link for you – just click and enjoy.

Lydia is a veritable Power House! Please – let’s really support her in her immeasurable efforts to bring Healing to all of us who suffer with mind-body – mind emotional problems.

Wishing you inner freedom to know and to experience your own beautiful future and have a Great Harmonious Life.

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