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Sally Stubbs

Sally Stubbs


So here is my next Top Tip Video – Number SIX in this Special Series of powerful strategies to deconstruct those negative inner dialogues.

Here I am again!! – I’m with you all the way particularly on his subject!

Let me repeat, again & again!!!: Truly the TOP most powerful thing you can ever do for your self – is to end the seemingly ‘endless’ negative inner chatter, inner ‘bullying’ of your self – and even the: “They are to blame!” chatter,  and free yourself to be yourself – no more lies about yourself in your head!

The lies we ‘hang onto’, often not even knowing we are telling our self lies about our self, are like a dam. Damming up our natural life force flow! Literally, physiologically!

So what I’m saying here is that a large percentage of our negative inner chatter, inner self ‘bullying’ we don’t even CONSCIOUSLY know we are doing it!

Instead of consciously hearing it, we feel the emotional fear response in our bodies – the churning, pounding, numbing, tightening, the weight pressing down…….. and so on!

We cannot, cannot ‘paper over’ these Unconscious dialogues with the – frankly stupid – positive thoughts, positive affirmations – breathing and relaxing, the work out, the going for a breath of fresh air……..

No other Therapeutic Work is achieving this. These other Therapeutic Strategies – are an unsuccessful attempt to just mask these ‘fears’ – not permanently free you from them.

Why? – Because our Unconscious mind is not Stupid! And my ‘Golden Keys’ in my previous letters and videos to you – unlock what the Unconscious Mind has been attempting to do with this ‘fear’ chatter – and that paradoxically, is to keep us safe!

My other ‘Golden Keys’ have been showing you how easy it is to ‘negotiate’ thoroughly with this ‘fear’ chattering!

So, hey you’re really Lucky to have found me!

Not long ago – a very well respected journalist declared:
“I know what you are! You are a Revolutionary!”

I can tell you I really liked that!

In this short video, number 6 in this series and my video clip number 5 – we are now into creating ‘positive’ inner dialogues – which will resonate with you and remain authentic within you.

If you have just joined me, you can view this series of  my other  ‘Golden Keys’ – which is the process that you need to Finally Resolve the ‘fear’ chatter, do please go and watch them.

They are all on our You Tube Channel: Catch them on this ‘Playlist’.

To make this whole powerful journey easy for you we are making you this Awesome offer – go and get my “Have Harmonious Relationships” Rapha Audio Therapy Course and we will gift you any other MP3 download of your choice – maybe for someone you care about.

Once you’ve downloaded my “Have Harmonious Relationships” (or get it on the boxed set of 5 CD’s), just email us at with the MP3 of your choice & we will send the gift to you.

And if you’re thinking: “Sally this is a Marketing $!” You’re right! It creates a ‘Win Win’ experience – You definitely ‘Win’ – And Sally Stubbs ‘Wins’ so that we can Gift more to those in need.

Wishing you inner freedom to know and to experience your own beautiful future…………

Please email me privately with any thoughts or questions I love getting all your emails


“I don’t think there is any such thing as an ordinary mortal. Everybody has his own possibility of rapture in the experience of life. All he has to do is recognize it and then cultivate it and get going with it. I always feel uncomfortable when people speak about ordinary mortals because I’ve never met an ordinary man, woman, or child.”
― Joseph Campbell, The Power of Myth

I say “here, here …..”




Sally Stubbs

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