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Monday, July 23rd, 2012

Rapha Hypnosis Therapy

Here I am again with Top Tips! Blimey…. Someone out there please help me out here with a more ‘educated’ or a funky phrase would be good!!!
But, first of all – the red squirrels are in Top Form! Through my window here I can see the old ‘trip trap’ bridge over the river Greta – in fact we’re kind of partly built into this wonderful old bridge.
(‘Trip Trap’ bridge from the folklore story The Three Billy Goats Gruff!)
So this morning, guess what, I looked up from typing, and there’s a red squirrel, on the bridge parapet which is practically attached to our window ledge, as plumped up with itself as you like looking straight in at me. Giving me a kind of what the ‘heck’ are you doing look!! How cool is that eye contact with a red squirrel!
Let’s talk about affirmations:
Positive affirmations are short statements designed to replace negative thoughts, with positive nurturing thoughts.
Affirmations as such do not work!
And loads of therapists use them in their therapy work. The Muppets! Which is an ironically affectionate, and yet weary, (of Muppetdom in therapy), term!
Positive affirmations are like ‘papering over the cracks’; the negative thoughts are still there, ‘the cracks’, and they, the negative thoughts will keep on reappearing.
Briefly here’s how affirmations go:
Positive affirmation: “I’m going to be really, really calm!” said times a hundred a day.
Objecting negative thought: “I can’t possibly be calm, I’m terrified!”
Positive affirmation: “I am brilliant!”
Objecting negative thought: “I’m not!!”
Positive affirmation: “I’m going to live on lettuce all week and lose my weight gain!” said times a hundred a day.
Objecting negative thought: “I can’t possibly do that – I’ll feel empty and lonely if I do that!”
The objections will win!
However, the secret is: The objection can and will be resolved once we give the ‘objection’ the exact right attention that the ‘objection’ needs. What I’ve just said is truly vitally important for our mind-body strength, vigour, vitality, stability………..
We’ve been talking together about achieving ‘get up and go’. If you’re ready, with some ‘get up and go’ let’s go and add something new and different now.
Set yourself a goal, now that you’ve got some ‘get up and go’.
I’ve talked about goal setting with you before.
Goal setting is vital, it’s like if we don’t know ‘where we’re going’ it’s unlikely we’ll ever get there! Even though we’ve now got some ‘get up and go’ to set off, we may not even set off – if we don’t plan where we’re going!
The mind needs to know where it’s ‘going’ therefore needs a goal. Even if you leave your home to go for a totally aimless ramble, your mind will need a goal like: “I’ll see something new around the corner.” “I’ll have an adventure….” “I want to just get away from it all for a while …..”
A small goal to begin with, a ‘first steps’ type goal.
A simple example, you may want more self esteem, or as dear Jonny on my video says: “Liking and respecting myself….”
Taking the ‘more self esteem’ as an example.
Take a ‘small step’ to begin with, rather than ‘I want self esteem enough to take on the world’, have a goal like: ‘I want self esteem to tell my boss, (daughter, neighbour….) that they are out of order when they keep putting me down’
Now, add to your goal not an affirmation as such but a truism.
When you listen to my metaphorical stories, like my free download, and all my stories on my CD and MP3 courses, you will find them loaded with truisms. These were one of Dr Milton Erickson consummate skills, in his extraordinary successes in resolving psychological and emotional problems for his patients.
By truisms I don’t mean simply an obvious statement, I mean a statement that the conscious mind and unconscious mind cannot object too, which in my Therapy provides a clear space for the unconscious to Work to resolutions.
Let’s take my examples of positive affirmations and turn them into truisms:
Positive affirmation: “I’m going to be really, really calm!”
Truism: “It is healthy and also nice to be calm.”
Positive affirmation: “I am brilliant!”
Truism: “Brilliance in life is enjoyable.”
Positive affirmation: “I’m going to live on lettuce all week and lose my weight.”
Truism: “Healthy food is really healthy”
Find your own truism which connects with your goal, what you want to achieve for your self. Repeat your truism to yourself morning and night, and every now and again during the day of course! Enjoy.
Thinking of you warmly
Cures that Endure