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Tuesday, July 3rd, 2012

Sally Stubbs

Hi Everyone
As our Dear David Groves used to say after every lecture and as we filed out the class room – to go get our coffee and cakes!!: “Metaphors Be with You…..” in his best Star Trekky voice!!!
I ‘took’ to David’s Work like the proverbial ‘Duck to water’ – which I can verify as each spring time, this year, every year, that we’ve been lucky to live by ‘our’ river, we watch, with soppy type sentimental grins on our faces, the teeny weeny fluffy baby ducklings take to the water of the River Greta flowing merrily past our back door.
I mean we’ve heard a rumour that Greta is one of the fastest flowing rivers in the UK – some may dispute the rumour! But hey, the water is fast and there are these little groups of minute ducklings confidently making their way in the full force……. Awesome!
It was, is, like that for me with Metaphors and David’s genius Work. Awesome!
Sometimes our conscious mind wants to make sense of the Epistemological Metaphors.
So let’s just remember for a few moments Stella. She did not say she wanted her skin to be clear of Psoriasis – (which did happen within a few weeks of her Work with me….) she said she wanted to stop feeling almost utterly helpless and she wanted to feel strong.
Epistemology did this for her! This is what is awesome for us to reflect upon. We as unique individuals know how we know the truth of our own thoughts and feelings of an experience, and therefore we as individuals know how to discover the solutions and resolutions to our psychological and emotional problems.
Epistemology is the branch of philosophy that serves to answer the question: How do you know what you know?
I asked Stella: “And when you don’t feel strong and you feel almost utterly helpless, how do you know you don’t feel strong and you feel almost utterly helpless?
Stella’s unique knowing was like a heavy feeling in the whole of her chest, and from her knowing, with clean language, we developed the metaphor of a bee, and her 13 year old self, trapped in a heavy metal cage, from which there was a glimpse of some lovely hills in the distance.
Let’s just briefly consider the wonder of Stella’s Epistemological Metaphors.
The ‘bee’ showed her the way to her freedom to – BE – herself, to ‘move on and journey’ through her life to BE – OK – to know where to go, with strength and loveliness to ‘weather the storms’ (the lovely hills!) Awesome isn’t it!!!
My audio treatments/courses Work with generalised metaphors – in such a way as every unique individual mind will respond with the metaphors of the stories that I’ve written and recorded for you, in the right way for each persons needs. And that’s awesome too!!!
Here is something that you can do to gain your own WOW moments of how you know what you know, safely.
Ask the Epistemological question!!
Don’t ask the Epistemological question of your own needs, for now; ask the question of a few friends or family. Make it a simple question, your friend or family member will feel comfortable I promise.
Ask of four different people: (start with the word And*, only if YOU feel comfortable): “And, when you feel unhappy, how do you know that you feel unhappy?”
If you feel that asking this particular question is too invasive of your friends privacy – then simply, instead of asking: How do you know that you feel UNHAPPY – Ask: “How do you know that you feel HAPPY when you feel HAPPY?”
You will receive as many entirely different answers as the entirely different number of people you ask the question…..
And this is why Therapy cannot have suppositions, presuppositions, analysis and so on……….. about any individual’s problem.

• *“And” is a Clean Language conduit. It provides a natural bridge between the question and where the person’s information is sourced.
• “And” also allows two experiences to co-exist. (e.g. I loved my mum AND I hated the way she … )
Oh and please do let me know what you think about our new site you will be most welcomed. Thank you

Thinking of you warmly

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