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YOU CAN ……….

Wednesday, April 30th, 2014


Henry Ford

Henry Ford

 ‘Whether you think you can or you think you can’t – you’re right’ Henry Ford

When You Think You Can – You Can!
So how about we pause – just a few seconds for you to Wonder – upon your Beautiful Dream – Authentic Valid & Real.

As we’ve been discussing you ‘journeying across your page’ to Achieve what you want – for You – how come we so often don’t achieve, fully achieve, our Beautiful Dream – when we’re saying here: When You Think You Can – You Can!
So: what’s the problem? Because it seems if we ‘think’ – “I can achieve my Beautiful Dream – today – in an Authentic, Valid, Real – lasting way” then you can.

You can think your Dream – for example:
To stop being anxious, nervous, frightened…….
To stop having no, or little, self confidence.
To stop stressing and stop constantly ruminating.
To sleep well every night.
To say “NO!” and mean “NO!” – to too much food – to someone who ‘door mats’ me………
When You Think Your Beautiful Dream – You (have to) Think It Consciously!
We might think it – however, rarely do we pay the Right attention to our Unconscious Response.

I’ve ‘been there’! Before I ‘journeyed across my page’ I would get anxious about all kind of occasions, for example going to a party. Not the ‘sex drugs rock ‘n roll’ type!! Just something fun & enjoyable.
So, I’d consciously think, there’s no need to be anxious. I’d consciously think my Beautiful Dream: “I’ll have a Great time! I’ll meet someone ‘drop dead’ gorgeous & have an Amazing time. Oh Yeah!”
I’d arrive at the party & have a brutal time – and end up ‘wall flowering’ myself! Because……….
Our Unconscious Mind is ‘Thinking’ something Entirely Different!

We ignore our Unconscious Minds at our peril.
Our Unconscious Mind absolutely is the driving force behind our feelings, therefore our Behaviours. (A behaviour, for example ‘wall flowering’ our self!)

I’ve discovered – it’s taken me over 30 years to do so – the how to Communicate with our Unconscious Mind – elegantly, lastingly & easily. You too can do it.
Communicate with Your Unconscious Mind to Create Lasting Results of Your Beautiful Dream
You can Effortlessly Work with this Unconscious Communication Strategy:
(by the way we’re still Working ‘across your page’)

Take a few minutes – that’s all you need, to write again – ‘Your Beautiful Dream’. To be honest, at this stage we can’t write it too often! So let’s take my example: “I will go to the party.. I will meet someone ‘drop dead gorgeous’. I will have an Amazing time”
Once you’ve got your words for your Beautiful Dream, speak them slowly & out loud. The deal here is – you need to listen, with the wonderful sensitivity that I know you have, to your very next thoughts.
These very next thoughts are a huge ‘Key’ to you achieving ‘Your Beautiful Dream’. Your very next thoughts are Unconscious thoughts – and they will basically be responding with: “I can’t!!

You may well ‘go the party’ (as I did) – then ‘withdraw’. You may well say “NO!” to the food or to the person who has been ‘door matting’ you. You may sleep well for a few nights.

However the “I can’t!!” will eventually ‘block’ – again.

Next week we are going to explore, easily together, what is contained in your:
“I can’t” and how you can differentiate and Resolve your: “I can’t!!”
All the therapeutic audio courses I have recorded use the knowledge I have gained in how to communicate with the unconscious to bring about permanent resolution to problems.


Rapha Therapy System – ‘Cures that Endure’



I Can See Clearly NOW…………

Thursday, April 17th, 2014

see clearly Good day to you.
I’ve got a few Gorgeous stories for you. Here are just a couple to nourish your heart:
I spoke to Susie on Tuesday afternoon – we talked through the value of ‘Pattern Interruption’. Susie is a wondrously strong, intelligent & kind person. Late last year, bless her, she experienced ‘Catastrophe’ – which is ‘the last straw that breaks the camel’s back’.
That ‘last straw’ for all of us, will cause us to ‘buckle’ and Susie thoroughly withdrew from life.
She’s been ‘journeying across her page’ – and on Tuesday, we came to ‘the point’ of the blocks of imposed destructive beliefs. And we went through the ‘Fast Track Shock Strategy’ of Pattern Interruption.
On Wednesday morning – at 6.24am – I received this email:
Dear Sally a big THANK YOU once again for your precious time and for listening to me yesterday. I can see clearly now (song in there……..) Brilliant – that has made me very, very happy and I shall commence the day in happiness
With love Susie. X”
Yea Hah! That’s not just ‘fast’ Susie, that’s Rapid!
By the way – this is one of my favourite songs. So I immediately sent Susie the You Tube link: here for you too.
I’ve got this Great, Whacky Idea that there’s a whole crowd of us today singing along with Jimmy Cliff – “its gonna be a bright, bright sun shiny day. Yes I can make it now… its gonna be a bright, bright sun shiny day……….”
And the other story – a feast of a ‘sweet’ delicacy for us:
A young Mother phoned me. She said she’d been working well with ‘Pattern Interruption’, along with other strategies I’ve explored with her, that she’s been working with ‘across her page’, she’d had a real breakthrough.
However the point of this story is, she said that her baby loves it, loves watching her doing ‘Pattern Interruption’.
Her baby just laughs & laughs! How sweet is that! I’m so enjoying that – picture of baby laughing & laughing. I wonder what baby is thinking: ‘Hey Hey, Hey – way to go Mum.’

If any of your negative, self-invalidating beliefs, which you’ve been working to deconstruct, still have ‘a sting’ here is a second Fast Track strategy for you.

FAST TRACK STRATEGY TWO (As promised last week): – Confusion
Deliberately think to yourself of a negative belief from your list. (Take them one at a time).
Let’s use an example: “Oh god – I am such a failure.”
On day one, speak ‘it’, as your conscious choice, in your mind – or out loud – with loads of energy – really loudly! “Oh god – I am such a failure.”
This is your Conscious choice, so rather than ‘it’ jumping up to ‘sting you’ you are taking control over ‘it’.
Speak it 3 or 5 times on day one. Then jumble the words, write them down, this example becomes like this:
‘Eruliaf a hcus ma I dog ho’
(Would you believe spell check does not like eruliaf!!)
Next, speak out loud, several times a day for three or four days, with loads of energy & enjoyment, your jumbled words:
‘eruliaf a hcus ma I dog ho’
During the few minutes you are doing this ‘Confusion’ exercise –speak only the jumbled words:‘eruliaf a hcus ma I dog ho.’
I so hope you can laugh already. Do let me know how you get on:
By the way I will always ask your permission to tell a story as I did with Susie & the young Mother.

So why are we doing this Fast Track “Pattern Interruption” exercise?
We are achieving something absolutely spectacular. We are deliberately creating confusion in the mind-brain.
Confusion will very soon make it impossible for the mind-brain to access this particular negative belief.
What is really important in ‘journeying’ to achieve your Beautiful Dream is that you take the right steps.
In my Rapha Therapy Audio Courses I ‘walk’ alongside you ensuring the ‘journey’ is comfortable as you learn, and take the right ‘steps’ for you, to make your Beautiful Dream authentic, valid and real.
Authentic, Valid & Real. Not just a Beautiful Dream somewhere on the horizon, drifting without substance, not attainable.

All together now with Jimmy Cliff– “I can see clearly now…….”

Thinking of you positively…….

Sally Stubbs