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Ericksonian Language…………

Wednesday, July 10th, 2013


Sally Stubbs

Sally Stubbs

Want to listen to me on the blogtalkradio station?

Sorry I’ve been off ‘the radar’ for a couple of weeks! I’m just wondering, (wondering is so cool!)
Now, that’s an Ericksonian language skill: “I’m just wondering, (wondering is so cool!) if – you did miss me!”
Erickson is thee ‘grandfather’ of Hypnotherapy – world wide. His language skills are indirectly – directive! It’s Erickson’s language skills that I Work with on all my CD and MP3 courses. Please go and have a listen on my You Tube Channel.

I’m listening to a particular story right now as I write to you – & I tell you what, I can feel the positive expansive influence taking place in my unconscious mind. You see my stories in the language of Erickson are communicating with the unconscious mind in a clean and right way – for every individual .

This Story of mine is called “Chew on Something Different” and the Goal of the entire course is to Gain Self Esteem. Enjoy
As we were planning to talk today about the ‘how’ to find & free our self from a ‘handicap’ state that is causing us problems – Well – this is one of the ‘how’ to.

Next time I write to you – we can explore other ‘how’s’ to free our self!

I’ve been off the ‘radar’ because I’ve been away. I’ve been Working with a Client in Florida. It was awesomely Great Work.

Then I got back to an invitation from Dr Michael Harris to do a radio broadcast with him on on blogtalkradio – TEXAS! How about that! A very exciting experience.
My (chosen!) subject for the broadcast was:

‘Why we are not Free to be our ‘self ‘and how we can be’.
Dr. Harris is a great presenter & interviewer and he gave me masses of free reign.

You’re most welcome to sit back & have a listen on this link.
I’ll be delighted to hear from you with any comments or questions. It is you – who teaches me.
Thinking of you warmly



Thursday, February 28th, 2013
budding crocus!

budding crocus!

Hello : a beautiful gorgoeus sunny day here in the Lakes:
Life is abounding with Great Opportunities for us all. Which, as we’ve discussed, is really hard if not at times impossible for our mind to even contemplate ‘seeing and hearing’, let alone acting upon, when we are ‘suffering’ a mind – emotional problem.
A client said something really awesome to me; it stopped me in my stride! Which, actually clients always do stop me in ‘my stride’ every day – because I learn so much that is new and valuable from them.
What do I learn?
Well, I learn about Consciousness. I learn about: ‘To boldly go where no man has been before’ (quote from Star Trek – for those non Trekky’’s amongst us!)
I am ‘bold’ enough to reframe this quote, with all respect to Gene Rodenberry who developed Star Trek in 1964, that we are to boldly ‘go’ and explore ‘inner space’, explore the as yet unexplored boundless, freeing Consciousness.
I absolutely know that as we explore & expand our Consciousness we Free ourselves from mind & emotional problems & suffering which ‘stagnate’ us & ‘control’ us.
We Free our self into peace, inner stability, inner resourcefulness, inner & outer harmony & well being.
Anyway, I was talking with you about my client who was working on a problem he had (of course he was – no one comes to me to Work because they are full on happy!)
His problem was about the painful hurt he was suffering in a close and important relationship.
I asked him: “What do you want to achieve?”
He replied; “I want to have meekness.”
I never ever make suppositions about any of my Work either in my recorded CD/Mp3 courses, or my 1:1 Work. But I was struck surprised by his word ‘meekness’. I asked him what he meant by meekness? He said that: “Meekness is the ability to see clearly and to not mind….. “
In other words – to be in a place and space in our mind to no longer be responding from ‘pain’ and hurt, and therefore to not respond inappropriately by either ‘withdrawing into a bleak hiding mood’ or getting into a ‘fury’ – or turning to food – feeling frightened, nervous – stressing, tossing and turning all night……….that endless circle of not knowing whether to blame them (or blame something, the weather, the government, the price of fuel…..) or take the blame our self.
Considering ‘meekness’ as a response is not me or my client being naïve! It is about seeing clearly – not minding – and having time to respond appropriately. By appropriately that means from a ‘clean’ clear place that is in the present free of hurt or ‘pain’ from our past.
So, I think his take on ‘meekness’ is truly awesome.

How can we begin to do this? And meekness may of course not be your preferred response. How can we respond to the ‘stinky’ stuff from a ‘clean’ resourceful place.

Here’s a Tip Top Tip from me – for you to work with:
Pause for a few moments, even though you’re hurting, and ask: “Does this hurt of mine belong to this moment or some earlier life experience?”
You’ll know if it belongs to a younger life experience because you’ll have had the feelings & thoughts before, the feelings & thoughts won’t be brand new, there will be a familiar ‘knotting’ of ‘pain’ in your stomach, chest, heart, throat….A churning…. an emptiness…… a pounding….. a tightening…….. a pressure…… a heaviness……. a numbing & a withdrawing………..
Once you realise this is familiar ‘pain’ the strategy is to acknowledge it by saying convincingly to yourself:
“That’s Right! That really did hurt me …when I was aged about…….(You’ll know about how old you were…) So, in ‘honouring’ your past ‘pain’ you help your self not to hide and withdraw into a mood or get angry with them, or angry with whatever is going on for you in the present – and you also help to ease, and even begin to resolve, a past ‘pain’ with which you got ‘stuck’
And – what you will be doing with my Tip top Tip – is: ‘To boldly go where no man has been before’ – You will journey boldly & also totally safely – you will I promise, gain some Amazing results for your self.
How do I know that my Tip Top Tip is safe for you to ‘Enterprisingly’ journey in your Consciousness? I know because for over 30 years I’ve studied, diligently the Clean Language of the Unconsciousness mind. And the question: “Does this hurt of mine belong to this moment or some earlier life experience?” is exactly that: Clean. It does not give (import), advice, suppositions, suggestion or analysis.
ENJOY your boldness & ENJOY your amazing results

You’ll be a very welcome visitor to where there’s loads of great information & also at
My Story “It’s A Breeze Let the New Blow In” will absolutely help you to ‘boldly go’ Have a listen on You Tube.

Thanks for listening
Thinking of You Warmly

Sally comments are very welcome


Friday, June 22nd, 2012

Sally Stubbs

Stella, an elegant, neatly dressed, quiet, gentle woman, in her early fifties came to Work with me to resolve her symptom of Psoriasis. She had endured this skin condition on and off since she was a teenager. However, for the past ten years, since her husband had suffered a severe stroke, from which medically it had been thought he would not recover either his ability to walk or his use of language, Stella’s psoriasis had been continuous, with rare remissions, and had worsened over the years.
At our first session of hypnotherapy Work Stella, hesitantly took off her formal grey blouse and grey tailored trousers, she shyly said she wanted me to see the extent to which her body: back, legs, chest and arms, was covered, around 80%, with red, flaky sore skin.
My heart is always totally with anyone who I am privileged to Work with, and assist to a place of full aliveness, and positive health, but my heart went out to Stella at the sight of her pain showing itself on her body. Although in her every day life the psoriasis was hidden, (there was none on her face, neck or hands,) Stella told me that she felt increasingly embarrassed, frustrated and helpless.
Whenever I Work with anyone, whatever difficulty the person presents is referred to as a symptom.
I consider that the symptom has the solution; the symptom is a sign-post to the problem.
In my hypnotherapy Work, we communicate in the language of the unconscious, we create a safe space to enable the symptom to tell ‘it’s’ story in the way it wants and needs to lead to the right resolutions for my client.
My hypnotherapy Work can therefore seem contradictory to how we have learnt to think, in that we predominantly put effort into getting rid of symptoms.
My Work is respectful of the symptom, enabling the symptom to tell its story which will then provide the information for change, solutions, resolution, inner healing and cure.

More about psoriasis:
Medically the exact causes of psoriasis are not known. It is considered to be a disruption of the auto immune system. Sudden stressful events or continuous daily stress can trigger psoriasis flares.
Stella had been prescribed topical steroid (cream), which damp down immune cell activity through immunosuppressive properties. She wasn’t getting any results and as she did not like the idea of steroids she stopped using the cream.
In a normally functioning immune system white blood cells will produce antibodies to combat foreign invaders such as bacteria and viruses. But with psoriasis, white blood cells called T cells become overactive. These T cells ‘attack’ the skin which sets off a series of events that make the skin cells multiply so fast that they stack up on the surface of the skin.
I always have in the back of mind that symptoms which manifest physically are trying to tell us something about the problem. I never impose this on my client, but keep it as a consideration. So, for example symptoms such as psoriasis and hay fever, because the immune system has been compromised, are maybe letting us know that the person suffering with these has experienced some kind of emotional, psychological or spiritual ‘attack’.

The hypnotherapy language that I use is called Clean Language, which is a series of ‘clean’ questions. Clean Language is the work of my late, great teacher and mentor David Grove and his wife and partner Cei Davies.
It is known as ‘Clean Language’ because it never imports information into a person’s unconscious ‘landscape’, such as analysis or interpretation, assumptions or presuppositions, suggestions or advice, from the therapist.
A brief recap on Clean Language:
• Is the means by which epistemological metaphors are developed. A metaphor is a container of information and epistemology is how an individual uniquely knows, internally, their own unique experience.
• Client one: Q: And, when you’re depressed how do you know you’re depressed? A: I feel heavy in my heart.
• Client two: Q: And when you’re depressed how do you know you’re depressed? A: It’s like I’m in a very dark place…….
• The: heavy in the heart, (Client One) and: The very dark place (Client Two) will contain the unique to the individual, information, to lead to solutions, resolutions and healing.
• It accesses primary processing language such as metaphors, symbols, sounds such as sighing, groaning and movements such as trembling.
• It is the language of the intelligence of the original meaning of an experience.
I promise you it will be so valuable for you to ask yourself this question: How do you know? This question will move you on to ‘light bulb’ information, whereas our usual “Why?” question does not move us on with the answers we get.

Also next time I’d like to tell you the rest of Stella’s Story.
If you’re not amazed I will ‘eat my hat’ which I have not had to do – yet!
You see, if we all consider that Stella cured her psoriasis,  then we can cure our weight, our sleeplessness, our stress, our relationship difficulty, our nervousness………

You’ll be most welcome to have a check on how is progressing and please do let us have your feed back.
Thinking of you warmly

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