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Wednesday, March 20th, 2013

Catbells in FebruaryStormy Weather?

I recently read this Quote on Twitter: “Everyone can navigate in fine weather”.
It makes you think doesn’t it!
I replied to this Tweet.” I bet you’re not surprised!!!”
Writing what I wanted to say with a maximum of 140 characters was a heck of a challenge!
I replied: “The problem with the weather is that we get stuck with our inner ‘storms’ in our unconscious mind”.
This Tweet “Everyone can navigate in fine weather” was a great opportunity for me, as I continuously use the metaphor of ‘the weather’ in my Work.
And the problems that I see everywhere, from social media to the press, are that there are so many similar statements to this mild Tweet. Everywhere, so manypeople totally neglect to consider, discuss and enquire into the driving force in all our lives: The unconscious mind…..
Our unconscious mind is so often driving inner ‘stormy weather’ that navigating our lives can be difficult, or can sometimes feel downright dangerous.
How it works, how it ‘drives’ our inner pain and turmoil, how our unconscious paradoxically has the solutions, resolutions and resources to cure our suffering once and for all.
I talk with you about how to communicate with our unconscious.
How cure of our problem states is not a ten minute ‘fast food’ therapy.(FFT) Nor is it years and years of learning control and management and learning why we have these sufferings.
Forty days of effort, the right kind of effort, the exact right kind of communication with our unconscious, once a day for around half an hour for forty days, for most of our problems will bring about an enduring cure using my Rapha Hypnosis techniques.
As I’m writing this, I am reminded of a friend who I met in the late 1980’s
He had his dream career, his dream home in London,cars, money, travel, really good friends, and a hugely glamorous social life.
And yet he was very, very lonely; he longed for a close lasting relationship with a woman.
But relationships never worked for him.
When I met him he had been in therapy pretty much once a week for fifteen years! (I Groan with exasperation…)
He told me that the therapy had enabled him to know why he had depression and uncontrollable outbursts of anger (that seemed to come from that place called nowhere…) since he’d been a teenager.
But: He still had depression and uncontrollable outbursts of anger.
That is a huge BUT isn’t it! Poor bloke, I hear these all too often, makes me feel utterly sad.
I suggested he change his therapist, not easy after nearly fifteen years, and go and Work with a colleague of mine in London, Julie, we studied together with the great David Grove in Missouri.
My friend did go to do some Work with Julie. Three months later he was cured. A month after that he met Nancy.
He and Nancy have been happily married for over 20 years.
I cannot count the number of folks who over the past 30 years have said to me: “This is ridiculous that I have a problem….. the sleeplessness, anxiety, fears, nervousness, stress…… edgy relationships…. Feeling angry….. can’t stop eating….. inner turmoil…no self esteem……. When my life is fine.
I have a lovely home, my job is OK, I’m pretty successful….. my dog is gorgeous…….”
In other words:
The outer weather is fine. Sunny from time to time. The odd showers and winds. It could be better ‘weather’, but I can’t really complain!
The inner weather: Blows up turmoil and becomes stormy….. “When I’m around my boss, around food……. Have to present at a meeting……… so many things make me want to ‘run away and hide myself’”
The ‘outer’ triggers that stir up the inner ‘storms’
My metaphor ‘stands up’ when we now consider, bringing calm and CURE to the inner ‘storms’.
We can Work with our unconscious in a correct, right, safe, comfortable way, time moves on and ‘the storms’ are over.
We safely enable the inner ‘storms’ to complete them selves… to no longer be ‘stuck’ in time as a continuous whirling around in circles turmoil….. to no longer experience disturbance and distress in our inner emotional and psychological ‘land scapes’
So, do come visit me and find out more or vist just type in Sally Stubbs and examples of my work will appear.

Please do not hesitate to contact me: I would love to hear from you.

Thinking of you warmly…..


Monday, May 28th, 2012

But I am not the only one…… So are you, you too are a dreamer!
You are a dreamer, whatever that might be for you. I reckon we will always have dreams to fulfil.
Our dream could be of the great career, to be accomplished in an art – painter, writer, dancer, musician; to be a top athlete…..
Or to be successful in business, have loads of money and so on…….
The ‘bottom line’ foundation dream of all our dreams is to be happy and peaceful within our self.
I believe that we will always be working towards more of that dream. I know lots of really successful celebrities, and top successful business owners who, sadly, are not
Pretty much all of us will always have a dream, for others as well as for our self, so it’s a top worthy subject for us to discuss.
John Lennon’s dream was that:
Imagine all the people living life in peace…..
Great dream. Some dreams take time John……
I have a couple of top dreams.
One that I have focused on now for more than 30 years, as you may know, to Cure all emotional and psychological suffering….. Together we can do it
Where we have inner suffering we lack ‘stable’ inner peace.
We are strong, we do have courage and we do accomplish so much like the top job, we work diligently for our family, at our art, our sport….. We achieve and yet mostly we are still suffering.
Top Dream: Cure, once and for all, end of, emotional and psychological suffering.

But let us go back now to honing our Goal: (Goals are Dreams with ‘legs on’ says Marc Allen founder of New World Libraries)
The first question goes to you, meaning the question is sourced in the present:
“And what would you like to have happen?”
This is question in an unusual language and so will elicit a non usual response.
The “you” in the question can go to the ‘you’ in the present. And it can go to the original ‘owner’ of the unwanted problem. The original ‘owner’ could be, let’s say, age 6.
The answer can be what you, or the younger ‘you’ does not have, for example “I want to feel at peace with myself……”
Or, what you, or the younger ‘you’ does have, for example: “I want to stop feeling anxious and frightened.”
These simple examples of answers to the question: “And what do you want to have happen?” will incorporate the symptom, such as:
• I want to feel at peace with myself
• To relate in harmony with myself
• In my relationship.
• About food and what I eat
• To be able to sleep well
• In situations where I feel stressed
• In experiences where my stomach get all nervous
• Where I am always frightened (spiders, people, crowds…. And so on)
• When I’d normally get into a rage of anger
• At those times and events when I never have self confidence.
What I want for you – and one day that – ‘all the people – to be living life in peace’ ……within their ‘own skin’ – and with each other. Top Dream hey!
This was, and is a purpose and a reason of mine for working my ‘butt off’ for 30 years on my 40 day courses!
All of that Work in my courses ensures that you do not ‘go through’ your difficulties in any of your history. However, all my courses, for every symptom, honours and respects the difficulties within you that you have suffered – In exactly the right way for you. A vital step on your journey to cure the symptom…….
And then – my courses ‘pull back’ time to your pristine self. Reactivating the knowledge of being ‘at peace with your self…’ and brings your pristine knowledge into the present and for your future.
My heart continues to grow massively with all the great feedback I receive about all the successes of my courses…….
Please do go and have a look at them here, and there is other treatment information available on our development site
Oh, and whilst your there, do me, and yourself a favour and have a joyful minute and a half listening to our lovely niece singing on my ‘Cure Insomnia’ treatment.

My courses are communicating cleanly, safely and elegantly with the inner strengths and resources of your wise unconscious mind.
Here’s an offer for you! Your money back guaranteed if you do not gain massive successes from my course of your choice…..
5 CDs, 15 tracks to treat and cure your problem, not to listen to endlessly to manage your problem!
Thinking of you warmly