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Tuesday, May 8th, 2012

Hi Everyone,
Is there a place for placebos in our human society? Yes, of course there is!
The truly acclaimed wonderful Dr Ernest Rossi, one of my amazing teachers, who is both a neuroscientist and a top hypnotherapist, wrote about the story of The Likeable Mr. Wright.
An awesome story of the marvel of and the value of the placebo effect. Any of you who know this story please forgive me for paraphrasing from memory, rather than transcribing the entire story for you.
The Likeable Mr. Wright had serious cancer and had been given only hours, maybe two days, to live.
Mr. Wright had heard that the new drug Krebeozen was available in the hospital where he was, and that Krebeozen was highly effective for his type of tumours, but was only available for patients with a life expectancy of several months.
Mr. Wright pleaded and pleaded with his doctors, to be treated with this new wonder drug, and finally he won!
48 hours later, Mr. Wright was up and serving breakfasts to his fellow patients.
Of his tumours it was stated: ‘They vanished as like snowballs melting on a stove’
Mr. Wright went home.
Around about 18 months later it came out in the news that Krebeozen, had been found to be inert, having no healing properties.
Mr. Wright’s tumours reappeared over night, and back he went into hospital.
This is not the end of the story by any means!
His doctors got together, and after detailed discussions, they told Mr. Wright that they had now got a brand new drug, Krebeozen 2, which had been thoroughly tested. As no such drug existed, his doctors congruently gave Mr. Wright injections of saline, salt water.
Mr. Wright’s tumours vanished, and as Krebeozen 2 did not exist, he would never hear reports about it in the news!
The Likeable Mr. Wright continued his life…….

In our discussions through my letters to you, and I will be totally delighted to hear from you with any thoughts that you have, we are focusing our attention on psychological and emotional problems and suffering.
And my Goal is cure, as you know, not masking, managing or controlling – my focus is on cures that will endure!
So the diets and the pharmaceutical companies ‘mind altering’ products are placebos.
When we Work and cure our own problems through our ‘clean’ appropriate communication with our unconscious mind – we empower our self.
We are not controlled by the placebo effect. We become stronger, we release inner resources, and we have an inner sense of stability, harmony and balance.
So for you, with whatever psychological and emotional problem that you may be suffering, wanting to resolve and cure, finally – finito – we need that ‘roll your sleeves up’ Effort.

First if we just recap on Goal setting.
Why, you may (or may not!!) be wondering, do I say for you to state your goal, and the details of your Goal in the positive?
Most of us kind of know this one, but it really is worth reminding our self.
Well it is this, and it really is important. For example, we so often state our Goal as:
“I want to stop eating chocolate. I won’t eat any more chocolate. I don’t eat chocolate any more!”
Your brain is right now thinking about chocolate, your brain can’t help it, your brain has heard chocolate, eat chocolate, and off you go to the shop! Bewailing, why am I eating this chocolate!
Have a go! Apply it to anything you like. Example: “I don’t want to be angry!” your brain has heard “I want to be angry!” The ‘don’t’ word has vanished.
We say to our children: “Don’t touch that!”
Invariably our child touches ‘that’ and we feel pretty miffed at apparently being ignored! And our child, not only feels that they are now in trouble, they can also be pretty bewildered, they do know that the adults tone of voice is warning them off touching ‘that’ and yet their brain cannot always ignore the instinctive ‘touch that’
So how about not only checking your written Goal for any lurking negatives, but also use a Top Strategy gift from me to you, to regularly check throughout the day your habituated thoughts that can still be carrying on with the same old, same old: “I want to stop eating chocolate. I won’t eat any more chocolate. I don’t eat chocolate any more!”
Change it! Change in your thoughts throughout the day to whatever really resonates with you, like: “Today I will thoroughly enjoy lots of fruit, fresh vibrant salad, succulent fresh fish….”
And one more absolute Top Strategy from me to you, as you are dropping off to sleep at night, state your Goal, silently and congruently and with lots energy to yourself: “Tomorrow, I will thoroughly enjoy lots of fruit, fresh vibrant salad, succulent fresh fish….yummy. Good night”

warmest thoughts & wishes