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We Got Stuck!

Thursday, March 28th, 2013

Sally - boa flying away!Hello
I hope all is going well for you.
You may have read some of what I want to talk about today in one of my previous letters, but I do believe its worthy of repeating!
Thanks for your patience with my ‘doggedness’!
We all want to be even happier, it is part of our human need to grow into our potential for happiness and success, and our potential is massive, our potential is way, way beyond our limiting beliefs…….
Countless people are suffering, really suffering, emotionally and psychologically.
Personal freedom is important to all of us. I don’t mean the lack of freedom which so many of us suffer in those countries where we are the victims of the vagaries of government, which is disgraceful and horrific of course, but this is not my expertise.
My expertise, my full on energy, is to put an end to our emotional and psychological suffering, and for us all to have, and to experience, and to celebrate the freedom to be ‘our self’.
Nearly all of us got ‘stuck’ somewhere in our life, in trauma, in crisis, or in a feeling of ‘catastrophe’ and that ‘stuck’ place put an end to our freedom to be our self, because of fear. Fear that the ‘next moment’ in time will be dangerous & destructive to our self. Whilst part of our self is ‘stuck’ we are not wholly free, free to be our self! Part of our self got lost in some horrid emotional ‘prison’ of stinky, toxic self beliefs and dodgy, often painful feelings.
Let me speak to you again about more of this, because emotional and psychological suffering is huge amongst us humans and is truly a huge subject for us all to consider.
Next time I’d like to talk with you about ‘Why?’ we got ‘stuck’ in time and then about: how we can move towards true and real freedom, to be our self. Happy in our ‘own skin’ and free to grow in our potential……..
We are at present putting together our ideas to make a film – the title is:” What we are not Free to be be free to be our self. And, how we can be!”
The how we can be free to be our self is vital, and for all my genuine, rigorous searching and researching, no one ‘out there’ in the well intentioned worlds of therapy really & truly have the how.
I am way excited about our film, if you’ve got any ideas for the content – I will be really thrilled to hear from you………….
Do visit’ll be most welcome and there are ‘cakes’ to be had and ‘eaten’! I’ve got ‘cakes’ for you called ‘sound bytes’ delicious little ‘tastes’ for you………. ‘Taste’ of how I Work on my CD/Mp3 therapeutic courses. ENJOY

You will also be a most welcome visitor to you’ll discover lots about our amazing unconscious mind…………..

Thanks for listening
Thinking of You Warmly

Sally Stubbs
Cures that Endure
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