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Wednesday, November 2nd, 2011

Friendship, and the closeness and support that it gives to us, and also provides us with the freedom of giving closeness and support, is vitally important to our human psychological wellbeing and emotional Happiness.
We humans are inherently ‘pack animals’, we have needed community with others since our early ancestors were around on the earth to be able to literally, survive.
We humans are not naturally hermits, though we honour those of us who need their isolation. We actually only need, physically and psychologically a ‘remoteness’ for twenty minutes three or four times a day.
As our minds and brains have grown and developed over the past thousands of years we need the kind of support that we receive from friendship. Friends give us the space and opportunity to feel safe to be our selves, to laugh, to dance to be quirky, to have a good old moan and to give us new and unthought of angles and solutions to problems and every day worries.
All of these experiences and sharing with friends uplifts our mood and ‘Enhances Our Happiness’.

What happens physically?
When we are stuck in a problem state we are using up our Serotonin, and therein lies our problem, we need that Serotonin to find solutions to problems and to feel up!
Once we feel uplifted, once we stop worrying and ruminating round and round over a problem, our brain is able to produce more reserves of Serotonin.
There we have it in a nutshell – all that antidepressant medications do is replicate Serotonin – and absolutely our friends can give us that boost without the prescription.
Go on, call a friend today, get out and about and lift your mood!