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Wednesday, January 9th, 2013


Sally Stubbs

More wisdom from my friend the wise “Little Girl”

I am wishing you every joy, and every happiness not just for the coming New Year – for all the years to come……………………
Let’s talk some more about my friend the “Little Girl” and what she has to say.
Because, whatever problem any of us may be suffering – her wisdom is wondrously universal. Her wisdom will assist any of us to gain insights as to how we can return to our pristine, resourceful, happy self, no matter if we are suffering with sleeplessness, or carrying ‘weight’ – or relating to our self without esteem and respect for our self.
Name it!
And if her insights don’t apply I’ll make another offer to eat my hat!
So my friend the “Little Girl”: She has been talking to me about what she calls ‘blind spots’.
“You can have blind spots about your ‘me’ and about other people and situations. Blind spots happen when you have an ‘Ouch’ sometimes a huge ‘Ouch’. Some ‘Ouches’ are small and they can add up, like a sum, to a big ‘Ouch’ Blind spots are made of horrid stuff – that’s not real though they feel real until you see through them.”
Bear with me please – this is such pure information, and can make for such huge important changes.
She and I talked for a couple of hours about ‘blind spots’ and I’m about to have the impudence to précis our talk!!
OK – examples are the simplest way to précis.
Your parent, parents, teacher, friend, sibling communicates to your ‘me’:
“Your (me is) stupid – ugly – useless – a failure – unacceptable………….”
Your ‘me’ feels ‘Ouch’
Add a few ‘Ouches’ together and your ‘me’ – your real beautiful bright useful acceptable ‘me’ goes into hiding, withdraws.
And your ‘me’ often takes your MoJo with it – into hiding.
The ‘blind spot’ pitches up so you no longer see your real beautiful bright useful acceptable ‘me’.
The ‘blind spot’ was created out of a non real, non true substance from a wrong communication, which caused an ‘Ouch’, from parents, teacher, friend, sibling.
By the way, seeing through the wrong communication does not take away the good parts from your Mum, Dad, friend…….
So why would you bother to restore your ‘me’ to ‘it’s’ rightful place and state of harmony?
Because when our ‘me’ is in hiding we have symptoms such as difficulty relating, sleeplessness, phobias, can’t relate to food in a good way, get nervous, lack self esteem. These and symptoms like them deprive you of a fully happy, harmonious life.
So how can you begin to restore your ‘me’ to ‘its’ rightful place of being safe, acceptable, beautiful, and therefore successful?

Get started on one of my half an hour a day for forty days courses on CD or MP3 download. (Money back guarantee.)
Have a look at the websites and
You will comfortably find and restore your ‘me’.
Your ‘me’ has your MoJo which once you’ve found it enables you to be and do whatever you want.
Jon contacted me; he wanted to do one of my courses and did not know which one. He said: “My problem is I’m really stupid.”
Although he is a successful business man, and he has two uni. Degrees, nice family and second home in France, he believed he was really stupid. I said: “I understand you believe you are stupid.”
He did my 40 day, 30 mins a day CD course Gain Self Esteem. He found his ‘me’!
Contact me if you would like my advice, on my private email
Once we find our ‘me’ and is restored to ‘it’s’ rightful place, like the writing that runs throughout a stick of rock, we easily become the ‘ever vigilant guardian of our ‘inner’ space – meaning the ‘Ouches’ from others no longer can enter our ‘inner space – Just as we do not allow others to enter our home and dump their ‘muck’ in our living room!!
Thinking of you warmly,
Sally Stubbs
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How Yoga Can Improve Your Self Confidence

Monday, May 23rd, 2011
Hatha Yoga is good for the soul

Try Hatha Yoga for inner peace and outer calm.

In the early 1980’s I was very fortunate to study Hatha Yoga with a man who had established ‘The Centre for Human Communication’ in England. This gentleman had spent many years in India learning not only Hatha Yoga but also studying Sanskrit, which I loved. I was able, through his teaching of Sanskrit, to gain an understanding of the meaning of the language of yoga. It was then that I began to consider the connection between Yoga, particularly Hatha Yoga, and self confidence.
Along with my studies and practice of hypnotherapy and psychotherapy and the psychology of Hatha Yoga I have developed my remarkable course available as a set of 5 CD’s or as MP3 download from my web site; Gain Self Confidence.
This course, as are all my other courses, is in depth and detailed sufficient to bring about lasting Self Confidence for you.
To achieve this depth and for you to get resolution, you will need to allow 30 minutes a day for 40 days.
Before we go any further we need to remind ourselves of the meaning of the Sanskrit words yoga and Hatha, since this will enable us to begin to learn about the absolute and inspiring connection with self confidence, and our infinite potential.
Yoga means oneness, unity, perfection. And Hatha, meaning the realm of duality, contains two words ha and tha. In Sanskrit ha – is the sun, the noumenal, and tha – is the moon, the phenomenal.
Unity means yoga, and yoga means unity.
The connection between Yoga and self confidence
If like many others, you lack self confidence, then this normally means that there is a lack of unity within yourself that causes the dissension and disharmony with the world around you. Unity needs to be experienced within our self in order to experience yoga, or unity with the world around you.
The question for me therefore from all those years ago was…
“How does our lack of confidence or lack of belief come about and how can we grow to a state of unity, yoga, from a state of duality, Hatha?”
Jung teachings state that the anima (the feminine component, or ha in both males and females) and animus (the masculine component, tha, also in both males and females) act as guides to the unconscious unified self, (yoga) and that forming an awareness and a connection with the anima and animus is one of the most rewarding steps in psychological growth.
This means that the lack of unity between our anima and animus fundamentally contributes to our lack of self confidence – let me give you some examples:
Our animus states: I want to apply for that job; I want to give that performance. Our anima hides with: ‘Oh, I can’t, I can’t….’
Our anima will state: I will make that speech, I will give that presentation. Our animus declares ‘No way….’
Now we are stuck, we have an inner turmoil, which will prevent us from taking our desired action. We feel angry at our failure, or we feel withdrawn so metaphorically speaking we put a bag over our heads, never to be seen again. We feel frightened or anxious and stagnate in the vicious cycle of an inner battle. We believe we are a failure as we have an inner communication breakdown which literally blocks us from taking right action. We have an inner: ‘I want’ battling with an: ‘I can’t’.
So, you may be wondering, “What, has this to do with self confidence?”
The dictionary informs us that confidence is: belief in our abilities.
To achieve complete and inner harmonious confidence about any ability, we need one hundred percent belief in our self. Practically speaking how can we change the: ‘I want – but I can’t’ and bring about inner belief, certainty, harmony and therefore confidence?
In terms of our Hatha Yoga practice we can consider and ponder upon the fact that much of Hatha Yoga practice is designed to free our inner communication blocks.
Hatha yoga is the method by which we can transcend the opposites of our inner life and achieve oneness, no more push, pull, I want, I can’t turmoil. This will mean unity of our mind and therefore a perfect stability of our action. Hatha yoga practices and discipline our Asana’s, (postures and exercises) are to remove communication blocks, to harmonise our personality and to bring about a stillness and certainty of our mind. That being said, we will not gain the self confidence we need in certain aspects of our life through our practice of Asana’s. However, yoga will help you to balance and unify the energies of the mind and remove your communication blocks.
Now you know how to remove your communication blocks. My next blog will look at how my strategies on the Gain Confidence and Self Esteem course will help you clarify your self confidence goal, identify positive reasons to achieve you goal which will help to get you motivated, and thirdly believe that you will succeed.

Sally  please feel free to contact me direct