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Strategy 2 – Deconstructing Negative Inner Dialogue

Monday, May 18th, 2015

inner power
Remember my BIG NEWS! – was my live Broadcast for Dr. Tranquility Dr. Series Radio broadcast on 5th May – and it was Brilliant!
Here’s the link for you – just click and enjoy

We had a phone-in during the broadcast from a lovely girl with a beautiful name – she’s called Sally!

I just have to tell you that Dr. Tranquility, she is Dr. Lydia Belton, is truly Amazing.
She is achieving so, so much in the world’s needs for Healing by bringing together, from all around the globe the Greatest Healers of our time. And – hey – guess what – I’m there with them………… Awesome.
Lydia is a veritable Power House.

She likens me to a cross between Mary Poppins & Liz Hurley! Thank You Lydia:)

And I liken Lydia to a Peregrine Falcon – powerful, streamlined and focused.

So: please support her in her Quest & Vision – which, like mine – is to bring healing to wherever it is needed – click the link.  Thank You.

Once you’ve enjoyed listening to Dr Lydia & I – here for you is my next video Top Tip.

Strategy 2 in Deconstructing Negative Inner Dialogue.
The most powerful thing that you can achieve for your self on your quest, your journey to successfully achieving your goal – is to deconstruct negative inner dialogue. And this is what I’m teaching you on these short videos.

Whether you are aware of it or not – it’s there in your inner mind – playing on and on – the same damn negative thoughts over and over again thus creating blocks to your success.

You cannot override this negative dialogue – (such as the “I can’t,- nothing will work for me – I’m a failure…..”) with positive thinking and positive affirmations. Those behaviours or strategies just ‘paper over the cracks’ – the cracks are still there and will ‘show up’ sooner or later. And your goal will still be on the horizon.

Wishing  you inner freedom to know and to experience your own beautiful future and have a Great Harmonious Life.

Please email me privately I’d love to hear from you



Rapha Hypnosis Therapy – ‘Cures that Endure’

How Rapha Works – Deconstruct Negative Beliefs

Monday, March 23rd, 2015
Sally Stubbs

Sally Stubbs

Rapha Therapy System Video 4 – Deconstruct Negative Beliefs

Now is the time to BELIEVE in your ‘self’…… Enjoy my short ‘tasty bite’ fourth video clip – an overview of how you will learn with my RAPHA audio Therapy Courses – that you can truly BELIEVE in your ‘self’.
And – you can – BELIEVE in your ‘self’ – believe that your ‘self’, can – and will successfully – achieve the Goal that you want for you.
Your Goal, that maybe for quite some time – or even a long time, seems to have been floating in the grey mists on some future horizon – chimera like – almost unattainable, almost an illusion – despite all your courageous and determined efforts to ‘get there’.
What stops us?

What ‘blocks’ our onward journey to achieving our useful and beautiful Goal?

– even though we thoroughly know what our Goal is –  and we are top motivated to ‘get there’ – permanently.!

We can give an overview title to what stops us – and that is:
Our Unconscious negative self beliefs.
Negative self beliefs that we are maybe only vaguely Conscious of!
We develop within our Unconscious mind a Matrix of self beliefs in our first 7 to 14 years of life.
The negative ones do not ‘serve’ us in our life. However ‘some’ of those negative self beliefs will have had a purpose, and basically that was to keep us ‘safe’.
A very simple example; someone says: “I’m really shy! I nearly always hold myself back”.
The: “I’m shy” belief could well have been ‘formed’ within the Unconscious mind – because as a youngster, a child, this person was really out going – and the adults informed them that they must be quiet!
So the child, unconsciously, developed a state called: “Shy,” to ensure that they did not speak up or be noisy – as it was probably not ‘safe’ to upset or annoy adults!
These kinds of unconscious beliefs that originally developed to keep us safe – need a careful and also easy method to deconstruct.
This, and other negative belief deconstruction is the third assignment on my half an hour a day for 40 days RAPHA Audio Therapy Courses.
It’s a very, very important assignment. You see, this ‘negative stuff’ contained within our Unconscious Matrix – if it’s ‘not cleaned’ up, and replaced with a new self validating belief system – the negative ‘stuff’ will keep on and on projecting ‘itself’ into our future and our success will always continue to ‘float like grey mist’ on our horizon – unattainable.
On this short (7.5 min) video I explain the significance of Deconstructing Negative Beliefs. And whichever of my audio courses addresses your particular problem, I will teach you how to do just that!.
Please do get in touch with me privately I’ll be delighted to hear your thoughts and answer your questions.
Wishing you inner freedom to move on into your own beautiful future…………

Sally Stubbs
Rapha Therapy  – ‘Cures that Endure’

The Loss of Several Cows!

Monday, March 10th, 2014
outstanding energy


How about going for this statement:

We will get our selves – plenty of Outstanding Energy – & move forwards to Successfully achieving our Goal!
We can & we will do this – & – I’m Wondering if – You will agree with me! I can – ask this of us – can I not!

I can ask – & then together – as you will agree – with me – we can begin to Explore the how we can achieve Outstanding Energy to Successfully Achieve Our own Goal.

Yeah – the absolutely all important HOW. We can all say stuff like: I really, really, really, really want to – Fix my computer! Build an amazing house…….. Bake a delicious cake…….. Anything………… (Here’s a rare ‘but’ from me!) But – for all things that we want to ‘fix ‘we need to know how!

(I wrote a Great Book – & called it “The ‘Soul’ Fixer” – the how to fix the ‘Soul’ or ‘Spirit’ or ‘Self’ – (another ‘but’!) But – the ‘Soul’, ‘Spirit’, ‘Self’ doesn’t actually need ‘fixing’; IT didn’t get ‘broken’ – IT – (let’s say for now) ‘went into hiding’ Which is a whole other subject for us another time. Any way my Book is now called:


So, let’s say: We really, really, really, really want to change our thoughts our feelings & our negative invalidating beliefs.

My chosen subject for nearly 40 years has been – the how to do this – to live life problem free – free to be content, happy, free to be – our self – free to support & cherish others – accept our ‘down’ – sad days – have a bit of a ‘grumpy’ day – and continue to grow in our own happiness.

We’re talking here about what I’ll call – simple symptoms’ – which to you & to others aren’t simple – they’re debilitating. They can be seriously awful – I know it – I’ve been there – such as: I can’t say NO! – I’m stressed – I’m worried witless – I can’t sleep – I’m anxious – I’m worthless – I’m so fearful……….. people don’t ‘get me’………. People hate me…………… I’m so lonely………………..

We’re not insane! Though I know the endless mind-emotional ‘Ground Hog Day’ – (same ‘damn’ thing over & over again…… same old negative unwelcome thoughts – same old stomach churning – same old feeling worthless – same old saying ‘yes’ instead of a true No……..) – can make us feel like we’re going crazy. We got ‘Frayed at our Edges’ during all kinds of experiences in life.

In the mid eighteen hundreds – the pioneers were doing their best to treat ‘mind’ problems. They developed a multiplicity of diagnoses. In the old books causes of ‘mind problems’ were divided into two main categories. The first category being called Moral; this included diagnosis such as: ‘loss of several cows’ and ‘getting over excited at the Great Exhibition!’

Valiant attempts were made to treat many of these ‘mind problems’ in buildings called Asylums – from the Latin ‘A’ meaning NO – & ‘sylum’ meaning CURE.

Places of No Cure. My Heart Aches……….

I am only interested in Cure – Permanent Cure of our: I can’t say NO! – I’m stressed – I’m worried witless – I can’t sleep – I’m anxious – I’m worthless – I’m so fearful……….. people don’t ‘get me’………. People hate me…………… I’m so lonely………………..

The How:
Maybe you have been drawing and Working with your Metaphors these past couple of weeks?
Maybe you said what most of us are prone to say: ‘Yeah – all right – when I’ve time” or “Sally’s crazy!” (Yeah – well I do revel in my respite times in Bonkerdom – I visit there most days!)

So – let’s ‘back track’ with the how:
Start by giving your Goal attention for a few minutes a day for the coming week. Write it down chew your pen – hone your Goal.

If you’ve got several Goals like: I want to sleep well – I want to feel confident – I want to say NO and mean NO! Take one Goal at a time.

Start to draft your Goal in the positive. Like this (let’s take sleep as an example); instead of stating I want to stop tossing & turning at night; I want to stop waking at 3 or 4pm most mornings – State: I want to sleep well throughout the night.

The next how:
Over the next few days – a few minutes every day, write a list of your reasons & purposes to achieve your goal.

You might reasonably be thinking, it’s obvious, I want to sleep well!
But add the why component to the mix:
• I’m drowsy through the day but don’t sleep well at night!
• I seem to just get off to sleep and my alarm goes off
• My work isn’t up to scratch because I’m tired all the time
• I want enough energy for work and fun
These are my examples, be sure to list your own specific reasons and purposes.

Reasons are mostly about logic and purposes are mostly about ‘passions’. You’ll have loads on your list once


Here’s my gift to you with my love – Let the Breeze Blow In.
Listen to it every day for the coming days – and as you listen: once you begin to feel that you are ‘in the zone’ with my voice guiding you – ignore my voice – and focus your inner attention on your reasons & purposes.
None of us will ever move towards something – even the Great Something – without reasons & purposes.

Well-meaning folks can interrupt our move toward Outstanding Energy – by saying stuff like: “Oh I’ve read you’ll never sleep properly once you’ve been a bad sleeper……….” So probably wise not to share too much of Your Goal your Reasons & Purposes at this stage.


Sally Stubbs
‘Cures that Endure’


Monday, February 10th, 2014
Sally Stubbs

Sally Stubbs

I have been in many places, but I’ve never been in Kahoots.

Apparently, you can’t go alone. You have to be in Kahoots with someone.
I’ve also never been in Cognito. I hear no one recognizes you there.

I have, however, been in Sane. They don’t have an airport; you have to be driven. I have made several trips there, thanks to some stinky childhood stuff, then my relationships, then my children, friends, family and work, my history, the weather!!!
Since 1984 – I don’t go there anymore – after realising you don’t need to once you’re in Truth. Once you’re in Truth – you cannot be in Sane – & definitely not in Determinate: too vague there!
Tho’ Mike often notices I’m happy in Bonkers!

I would like to go to Conclusions, but you have to jump, and I’m not too much on the jumping types of physical activity.

I have also been in Doubt. That is a sad place to go, and I try not to visit there too often.

I’ve been in Flexible, but only when it was very important to stand firm.

Sometimes I’m in Capable!

One of my favourite places to be is in Suspense! And in Tense! It really gets the adrenalin flowing and pumps up the Amazing heart! Happy heart – is a happy heart…… Being in Tense shows the heart a wondrous future.

You can do your bit by remembering to send this to at least one person, who might be in Determinate – or a similar place. My job to reside in Truth is done! Polishing Truth, being an ever vigilant guardian – dusting off anything ‘stinky’ that attempts to visit in Truth is a daily job… maintain it well!

Life is too short for negative drama and petty things.

So laugh uproariously, love truly and forgive quickly!
Well that forgiveness part is up to you – except do give the gift of forgiveness to YOU – I KNOW you did your best!!!
From one vigilant, polishing person to another… I hope ‘everyone’, every part of you in your mind, is happy about getting happy in your head.
We’re all doing pretty well in mine!
So Now – “Carpe Diem” – today.

I’m going to discuss you drawing! Drawing some of your “Yeah but(s)…”
That’s right pens & inks on paper!
Novel idea? Yikes!
You’ll ‘catch on’!
Investigate taking your hands & fingers off your iPad screens, smart phones & computer – for a while of worthwhile time – with pens inks & paper!
A lovely lady approached me recently with her problems. When I said to her ‘Draw’ – she responded: ‘I can’t draw for toffee’ I replied:
“I understand the ‘I can’t draw for toffee……..’ Loads of clients say this! I used to say it! However my teacher & personal Genius therapist David Grove – MADE me draw!! I promise you I am still gaining in strengths & resources – & Happiness & inner contentment from my own drawings!!
So, I urge you to DRAW. Take your time. Tho’ some drawings will just flow – some we need to ‘chew our pen’ & return to them. One of my own drawings – which, at its core, is about my ‘inner’ resourcefulness I have been working with & developing for over three years.
Because of my ‘mile stone’ Therapy Work with David Grove in the 1980’s & seamless personal Therapy Work with my esteemed teacher – Dr Ernest Rossi – I am a consummately happy contented human ‘soul’ – I had LOADS of ‘baggage’
Due to Traumas’ in my life – I had panic, shoulder & neck pains – fear, anxieties…sleeplessness, I could never speak up for myself…All was Resolved for me.
Through David’s Work & Rossi’s Work I found, Freed & healed Me to be ME………
HOWEVER – I have my personal belief that inner Work for ‘improvement’ of our potential & Consciousness continues on a daily basis – which is what I do, the vigilance & the ‘polishing’!!
I am saying all this because I truly care – & so I wish to URGE you to do your drawings – As you Work with your drawings – put them one at a time in a different space in your room – walk round them as you would a vase of flowers – seeing them from different points of view & keep on & on asking your self the question: ‘What else do I know about that?’ AND ask the unusual question: ‘What does it know that it can let me know?’ Write down & wonder on the answers as the answers will GIVE you more & more solutions. Your drawings are a vital part of inner Work – which is called: Differentiation. Healing does not take place when information & inner knowing is compacted (like a ball of different coloured wools is useless when it’s all tangled!) Your Drawings make a vital difference to the untangling & differentiating – a movement for you towards your own ‘Light Bulb’ moments – your ‘Epiphanies’
Inner Work in not a ‘bandage’ or a ‘sticking plaster over a wound’ Inner Work safely comfortably ‘cleans the wounds’ Your drawings will guide ‘your self’ safely to be found & freed.
Did you notice I always spell Work – with a cap. W? That’s because it’s WORK to be taken seriously!!!”

Sally Stubbs
Cures that Endure

10 Top Tips To Get Happy Now!

Thursday, March 7th, 2013

Be Happy1. Choose to Change:-     What stops us being happy, no matter what is happening in our life, are our ‘inner’ thoughts and beliefs.

2. Consider a Formula for Change:-    Every hour and a half throughout your day, pause for a few seconds and say, “I can change my thoughts and beliefs which do not celebrate my life”. The brain is in rest phase and the mind is ready to learn something new.

3.  Identify Your Desired State:-     Take time and write down your goal, your desired state. Focus throughout the day and plan your most important journey of your life – to happiness.

4.  Keep A Notebook:-    Carry your notebook and make lists – be ready to write down anything that will make you happier.

5.  Remind Yourself Why You Need Change:-    Get fully motivated towards reaching your destination. Imagine yourself with a serene or smiley face: hear your voice, strong, certain or calmn and notice the change.

6.  Keep Your Saboteurs In Check:-    Say your Mum had been a constant worrier – consistantly scared for your safety and wellbeing. Chronic worrying is a waste of time and life. You can say to yourself “I am going to have clear thoughts with loads of energy for my brain to respond with new and happier thought patterns.”

7.  Reflect:-    Take time to reflect on your percetions and response and discover you have the choice to change your peceptions and therefore your responses. Your mind and brain can now begin to have safe responses rather than her habituated fear responses.

8.  Pay Attention To Your Thoughts:-    Interrupt your patterns of ‘down’ thinking. So do something fast, really different like splashing your face with cold water and you will train yourself to interrupt your negative thought patterns.

9.  Find Your Space:-    Choose a time every day  say 15 – 20 minutes for time and space just for you. Choose to think things that make you feel good. You will soon discover that it is entirely up to you. You will then see how you will begin to feel ‘up’ and happier for longer and longer periods of time.

10.  Smile Every Day:-    Smiling instantly lifts your mood: If Life Gives You Lemons – How 10 Seconds a Day Will Bring You Happiness.


Enjoy my top tips: comments welcome






Thursday, September 13th, 2012

Reason & Purpose

Our latest red squirrel news is that our lovely & ‘wickedly naughty’ daughter Emma has named one of them Mohican! Yeah, because the wide and high fluff of its tail perched on top of its head, is black!
Mike will get some videos for you to see the red squirrels soon – it would be brilliant if Mohican pitches up for the camera!
I watched a few minutes of a video on ‘Ted Talks’ yesterday of Tony Robbins.
Do you know him? (Robbins that is)
He started out in his career of becoming a ‘coach’ by taking a course on NLP and he has ‘flown’ with these strategies in his world of ‘coaching’.
I admire that Robbins has changed his M.O. since I last saw him on video about 6 years ago.
And I enjoy him, in that he is a riveting, charismatic presenter, and he’s kind of good looking if you like that ‘big’ all round smiley American look!
One of Robbins ideas really resonated with me, when I saw him 6 years or so ago.
He stated that:
If you do a good job – you get bad results!
If you do a great job – you get good results!
If you do an outstanding job – you get great results!
Let’s think for a moment, or for several moments! about the amazing Olympic athletes – from both the Olympic Games and the Paralympics Games. Did they do a good job? No they did an outstanding job.
Being successful as all the Olympians were truly successful even to be competing in the Games in the first place – was and is, massively emotionally and psychologically driven. Their success has to be how they individually think and feel and believe in the first place for any of them to ever get up off their bums and get going.
What you and I discuss and explore together is all about resolving – successfully and finally – psychological and emotional problems.
We need our goal to get us up off our bums and achieve successfully and finally our own resolution, just as the athletes had a goal to compete in the Games and to win a medal. The athletes will have kept their goal continuously, day by day, hour by hour, and through their gruelling hours of training fully in their sight.
I have talked a few times already about our motivation to be successful. And that two of the things which drive our motivation to really succeed are our reasons and our purposes.
Encarta Dictionary: reason – an explanation or justification for something.
Encarta Dictionary: purpose – the desire and the resolve necessary to accomplish a goal.
I’ve added dictionary definitions of reason and purpose, to help you focus on the terms.
You have a problem, we all have a problem. The problem can become like the untidy, messy cupboard!
Whatever the problem you have, (the one which you are thinking of right now) – let’s say the problem is for example: feeling nervous in certain situations, being fearful in some situations, lack of sleeping well, stressed, disturbed in a relationship – whatever your problem part of the lack of motivation to ‘get up off your bum’ is you’ve learnt to live with it!
Like the untidy cupboard, which we cannot really shut the door on, but we adjust to, learn to live with it, and yet it claims our attention maybe daily, calling out: Tidy Me!
As Laura, (name changed) who lost her hair with what was diagnosed as Androgenetic Alopecia, (an incurable disease she was told) and has now grown her own hair and grown her own way through her Work with me said:
“….You see, I had learnt to live with a wounded soul and I was so afraid to have any expectation for myself to heal – in case I could never be healed.
I once heard someone say something like: ‘If you’ve got to know the devil, it’s better than a god you may never know…’ These words kind of made sense as I’d made the ‘devil’, or maybe more accurately what ‘bedevilled’ me work for me, or so I believed!”
So maybe you will enjoy my Golden Bullets on reasons and purposes:
• Separate out your reasons to resolve your problem from your purposes to resolve your problem
• Your reasons will be explainable e.g. A reason for me to sleep well is that it’s healthier.
• Your purposes will be your desires e.g. A purpose for me to sleep well is I want energy to run with the winds and jump around for joy…..
• Keep working on your two equally important lists of reasons and purposes for you to resolve your problem. This will help to grow your motivation to Olympic athlete size!
• And all the time keep your eye firmly on your goal! Just like an Olympian…
Thinking of you warmly
Sally Stubbs
Cures that Endure

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Monday, July 23rd, 2012

Rapha Hypnosis Therapy

Here I am again with Top Tips! Blimey…. Someone out there please help me out here with a more ‘educated’ or a funky phrase would be good!!!
But, first of all – the red squirrels are in Top Form! Through my window here I can see the old ‘trip trap’ bridge over the river Greta – in fact we’re kind of partly built into this wonderful old bridge.
(‘Trip Trap’ bridge from the folklore story The Three Billy Goats Gruff!)
So this morning, guess what, I looked up from typing, and there’s a red squirrel, on the bridge parapet which is practically attached to our window ledge, as plumped up with itself as you like looking straight in at me. Giving me a kind of what the ‘heck’ are you doing look!! How cool is that eye contact with a red squirrel!
Let’s talk about affirmations:
Positive affirmations are short statements designed to replace negative thoughts, with positive nurturing thoughts.
Affirmations as such do not work!
And loads of therapists use them in their therapy work. The Muppets! Which is an ironically affectionate, and yet weary, (of Muppetdom in therapy), term!
Positive affirmations are like ‘papering over the cracks’; the negative thoughts are still there, ‘the cracks’, and they, the negative thoughts will keep on reappearing.
Briefly here’s how affirmations go:
Positive affirmation: “I’m going to be really, really calm!” said times a hundred a day.
Objecting negative thought: “I can’t possibly be calm, I’m terrified!”
Positive affirmation: “I am brilliant!”
Objecting negative thought: “I’m not!!”
Positive affirmation: “I’m going to live on lettuce all week and lose my weight gain!” said times a hundred a day.
Objecting negative thought: “I can’t possibly do that – I’ll feel empty and lonely if I do that!”
The objections will win!
However, the secret is: The objection can and will be resolved once we give the ‘objection’ the exact right attention that the ‘objection’ needs. What I’ve just said is truly vitally important for our mind-body strength, vigour, vitality, stability………..
We’ve been talking together about achieving ‘get up and go’. If you’re ready, with some ‘get up and go’ let’s go and add something new and different now.
Set yourself a goal, now that you’ve got some ‘get up and go’.
I’ve talked about goal setting with you before.
Goal setting is vital, it’s like if we don’t know ‘where we’re going’ it’s unlikely we’ll ever get there! Even though we’ve now got some ‘get up and go’ to set off, we may not even set off – if we don’t plan where we’re going!
The mind needs to know where it’s ‘going’ therefore needs a goal. Even if you leave your home to go for a totally aimless ramble, your mind will need a goal like: “I’ll see something new around the corner.” “I’ll have an adventure….” “I want to just get away from it all for a while …..”
A small goal to begin with, a ‘first steps’ type goal.
A simple example, you may want more self esteem, or as dear Jonny on my video says: “Liking and respecting myself….”
Taking the ‘more self esteem’ as an example.
Take a ‘small step’ to begin with, rather than ‘I want self esteem enough to take on the world’, have a goal like: ‘I want self esteem to tell my boss, (daughter, neighbour….) that they are out of order when they keep putting me down’
Now, add to your goal not an affirmation as such but a truism.
When you listen to my metaphorical stories, like my free download, and all my stories on my CD and MP3 courses, you will find them loaded with truisms. These were one of Dr Milton Erickson consummate skills, in his extraordinary successes in resolving psychological and emotional problems for his patients.
By truisms I don’t mean simply an obvious statement, I mean a statement that the conscious mind and unconscious mind cannot object too, which in my Therapy provides a clear space for the unconscious to Work to resolutions.
Let’s take my examples of positive affirmations and turn them into truisms:
Positive affirmation: “I’m going to be really, really calm!”
Truism: “It is healthy and also nice to be calm.”
Positive affirmation: “I am brilliant!”
Truism: “Brilliance in life is enjoyable.”
Positive affirmation: “I’m going to live on lettuce all week and lose my weight.”
Truism: “Healthy food is really healthy”
Find your own truism which connects with your goal, what you want to achieve for your self. Repeat your truism to yourself morning and night, and every now and again during the day of course! Enjoy.
Thinking of you warmly
Cures that Endure


Wednesday, May 9th, 2012

Sally Stubbs

Hi Everyone
Over a year ago Mike came up with this great simples example, which so explained what I’d been banging on about into his oh so ‘patient with me’ ear.
Differentiation was the thing.
You see we were off to Work at the Vitality Show at Earls Court, London, expecting 35,000 visitors! Blimey, that’s a lot of people in one barn of a room.
I presented a Workshop, and then a presentation in a theatre.
I felt like a proverbial ‘fish out of water’, which is really funny as the theatre was like a ‘gold fish bowl’
A very peculiar set up, the theatre had no walls, and so was totally open to the 30,000 people, who, not interested in differentiation were all milling around the potions and body creams and self help book stalls!
As a ‘fish out of water ‘you’d think I’d have a hard time. Not so. I loved it.
I love a challenge!
So “T Minus One” experiences and our learnt negative beliefs about ourselves and the world of others around us can all get condensed in the unconscious mind, or undifferentiated.
The “T Minus One” experiences such as the emotional pain and hurt and fears, and also the negative beliefs that do not validate ourselves, and do not celebrate our life and sometimes invalidate others (for example the ‘crazy belief’: All men are cruel! When the truth here is of course: Some of us humans can be cruel) all this needs to be differentiated out.
Before the Vitality Show I reckon I’d ‘bent’ Mike’s ear for hours about this.
Then he comes up with this pearler:
The pain, hurt, fears and negative self beliefs are like several balls of coloured wool, all tangled and knotted. All the colours have merged so you’re hardly able to recognise what’s what!
I ask: Do we have the ‘balls’ to untangle the wool? Yes of course we do! I did! So anyone can!
And so many people have with me 1:1 and with my audio courses/treatments.
Many of these people had problems which had been diagnosed as incurable, and they cured their problem.
Many of these people themselves believed their problem was intractable, too knotted to ever be untangled. Many like Laura who had lost her voice and had lost her hair, have cured their problems.
And the untangling process is comfortable; simplistically the process is comfortable because it does not actually go through “T”
It is far far better to untangle the balls of wool, than to live our lives with a knotted up mind………
First of all state your Goal. Example: “I want to stop running away from a close relationship”
First change your Goal to the positive polarity, for example: “I want to be comfortable and to have a really close relationship.”
Write in your notebook every day for a few days, adding to your Goal. (The potential of your imagination for your Goal is massive, way beyond anything that you’ve ever thought about)
For example: “In my relationship, I want to be understood, therefore I want to be really open about myself………”
Next day; “And I want to feel safe in my relationship to have loads of playfulness…”
Next day: “I want to be free in my relationship to be full on passionate…..”
As you carry on with your Goal (and this is no one else’s business but yours, so keep it private for now!) you will likely start to hear your objecting thoughts, like:
“Being passionate cannot be safe for me…”
These objecting thoughts are like ‘gold’, savour them, write them down, and ponder on them; wondering: where could these objections have come from?
Whatever Goal you have, you did not have these objections when you were an infant. They came from somewhere……..Keep making notes.
Why on earth would I be saying that any objections that you consciously begin to notice and then give attention to are like ‘gold’?
Because the objections you discover are your tangled negative beliefs, and unless they are given your thoughtful attention and then made different these negative beliefs will always get in the way of you fully and successfully achieving your Goal.
You know a zillion times easier way for you to differentiate, untangle and change what you need, to achieve your Goal, is to journey with me on one of my Audio courses/ treatments. You will be most welcome to check them out on our web site.
I do receive outstanding feedback about the success of my courses.
I personally love them.
Do visit me and have a look.
Thinking of you warmly


Tuesday, May 8th, 2012

Hi Everyone,
Is there a place for placebos in our human society? Yes, of course there is!
The truly acclaimed wonderful Dr Ernest Rossi, one of my amazing teachers, who is both a neuroscientist and a top hypnotherapist, wrote about the story of The Likeable Mr. Wright.
An awesome story of the marvel of and the value of the placebo effect. Any of you who know this story please forgive me for paraphrasing from memory, rather than transcribing the entire story for you.
The Likeable Mr. Wright had serious cancer and had been given only hours, maybe two days, to live.
Mr. Wright had heard that the new drug Krebeozen was available in the hospital where he was, and that Krebeozen was highly effective for his type of tumours, but was only available for patients with a life expectancy of several months.
Mr. Wright pleaded and pleaded with his doctors, to be treated with this new wonder drug, and finally he won!
48 hours later, Mr. Wright was up and serving breakfasts to his fellow patients.
Of his tumours it was stated: ‘They vanished as like snowballs melting on a stove’
Mr. Wright went home.
Around about 18 months later it came out in the news that Krebeozen, had been found to be inert, having no healing properties.
Mr. Wright’s tumours reappeared over night, and back he went into hospital.
This is not the end of the story by any means!
His doctors got together, and after detailed discussions, they told Mr. Wright that they had now got a brand new drug, Krebeozen 2, which had been thoroughly tested. As no such drug existed, his doctors congruently gave Mr. Wright injections of saline, salt water.
Mr. Wright’s tumours vanished, and as Krebeozen 2 did not exist, he would never hear reports about it in the news!
The Likeable Mr. Wright continued his life…….

In our discussions through my letters to you, and I will be totally delighted to hear from you with any thoughts that you have, we are focusing our attention on psychological and emotional problems and suffering.
And my Goal is cure, as you know, not masking, managing or controlling – my focus is on cures that will endure!
So the diets and the pharmaceutical companies ‘mind altering’ products are placebos.
When we Work and cure our own problems through our ‘clean’ appropriate communication with our unconscious mind – we empower our self.
We are not controlled by the placebo effect. We become stronger, we release inner resources, and we have an inner sense of stability, harmony and balance.
So for you, with whatever psychological and emotional problem that you may be suffering, wanting to resolve and cure, finally – finito – we need that ‘roll your sleeves up’ Effort.

First if we just recap on Goal setting.
Why, you may (or may not!!) be wondering, do I say for you to state your goal, and the details of your Goal in the positive?
Most of us kind of know this one, but it really is worth reminding our self.
Well it is this, and it really is important. For example, we so often state our Goal as:
“I want to stop eating chocolate. I won’t eat any more chocolate. I don’t eat chocolate any more!”
Your brain is right now thinking about chocolate, your brain can’t help it, your brain has heard chocolate, eat chocolate, and off you go to the shop! Bewailing, why am I eating this chocolate!
Have a go! Apply it to anything you like. Example: “I don’t want to be angry!” your brain has heard “I want to be angry!” The ‘don’t’ word has vanished.
We say to our children: “Don’t touch that!”
Invariably our child touches ‘that’ and we feel pretty miffed at apparently being ignored! And our child, not only feels that they are now in trouble, they can also be pretty bewildered, they do know that the adults tone of voice is warning them off touching ‘that’ and yet their brain cannot always ignore the instinctive ‘touch that’
So how about not only checking your written Goal for any lurking negatives, but also use a Top Strategy gift from me to you, to regularly check throughout the day your habituated thoughts that can still be carrying on with the same old, same old: “I want to stop eating chocolate. I won’t eat any more chocolate. I don’t eat chocolate any more!”
Change it! Change in your thoughts throughout the day to whatever really resonates with you, like: “Today I will thoroughly enjoy lots of fruit, fresh vibrant salad, succulent fresh fish….”
And one more absolute Top Strategy from me to you, as you are dropping off to sleep at night, state your Goal, silently and congruently and with lots energy to yourself: “Tomorrow, I will thoroughly enjoy lots of fruit, fresh vibrant salad, succulent fresh fish….yummy. Good night”

warmest thoughts & wishes