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Alopecia Areata – the trigger ‘loss’

Thursday, December 30th, 2010

My personal and professional understanding and experience of working, with myself and others, to cure Alopecia Areata is that the sufferer of this horrible condition has had a shock, trauma or crisis in their life which involved some kind of ‘loss’

The ‘loss’ can be complex, not simply the awful loss of a loved one, but also, for example, the ‘loss’ of a sense of self, or the loss of a part of our identity.

 So often when we experience an emotional and psychological shock, or trauma, or crisis we unconsciously freeze time in an attempt to protect ourselves from the potential of the next moment becoming worse. Even though that next moment in time maybe did become worse, a part of our persona can remain ‘stuck’ or ‘frozen’ in that protective moment. The ‘stuck’ part of us does not move forward in time, does not ‘grow’, and does not grow any older. We do not of course consciously choose or decide to freeze that moment, as I said this is an unconscious protective mechanism.

But, as we know these kinds of protective mechanism, although at the time of trauma have great wisdom, can and do become a kind of emotional and psychological ‘prison’.

Here is a simple example to explain what I mean. Have you heard those kinds of stories when someone says: “The last thing I remember seeing was a child running out into the road, I know that the car hit the child, but I don’t remember seeing it happen.”

In this very sad and simple example the mind ‘froze’ the moment when the child was still running out into the road. A terrifying moment, but the mind is attempting to keep the child alive. The mind is protecting itself from the next worse moment when the car hits the child.

 I will be talking more about this later, but for now, when we are psychologically and emotionally in a protective state; corresponding communities of cells in our body will go into a rest state, or protective state.  Growth and protective states for the communities of cells in our body are mutually incompatible.  So during this protective state there is no growth. Our hair follicles do not grow.

 (References: Dr Ernest Rossi, Professor Bruce Lipton)