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Strategy 4 – Deconstructing Negative Inner Dialogue

Monday, June 8th, 2015
Sally Stubbs

Sally Stubbs

So: here is my next Top Tip Video – Number Four in this Special Series of powerful strategies to deconstruct those negative inner dialogues.

Here I am again! – back with you for a few important, incalculably valuable minutes.

Here’s another Top Tip – for your consideration – and for you to act upon – I can honestly tell you that my Top Tips ‘Rock’!

I’ve had a ‘Scratchy’ feeling for a while now that ‘Tops Tips’ is a lame, not worthy, description for these
Strategies – because, I promise you, give them the time & they will ‘turn your life around’ in a most empowering, freeing and beautiful way for your self.

Hey! I got it! – the description – I ‘got it’ in a Trance State of course!

These empowering of you strategies are actually called ‘Golden Keys’.
They ‘unlock’ your immeasurable potential to enjoy celebrating your life – They ‘open the door to the prison’ where the constant inner negative chatter & ‘bullying’ of your self has had you confined and ‘caged’.

These ‘Golden Keys’ Free you to be your self – secure and happy in your skin. I’ve been working on them for you in such a way as they will not be time consuming.

You know – I’m quite a strange person!!!
I rigorously validate any strategy for Freedom and Healing.
And – choose to believe in a Great Mysterious Universal Intelligence.

I choose to believe in Master of Wisdom – in Angles – blimey I like to believe in Santa Claus!

What I fully believe in, is you – your Great Intelligence and Wisdom – inherent within you to Free & Heal your Self.

So; get going TODAY – here’s my video with the ‘Golden Key’ that this series of videos has been leading up to …………….


These ‘Golden Keys’ to your Freedom – they are Exclusive – no other Therapy has them.

Please – go and visit the Amazing, Brilliant, Famous, Dr Tranquility – support her in her Awesome efforsts to bring True Healing to us all.

She is also Great Fun, upbeat – and full of valuable ideas and advice for you. She always has Hope in her voice.

Thank You.

Wishing you inner freedom to experience your own beautiful future ………………..

Please email me privately any time, I love receiving your emails.


Sally Stubbs
Rapha Therapy ‘Cures that Endure’


Monday, August 4th, 2014


Sally Stubbs

Sally Stubbs

Found Your Mo-Jo?
How is your Mo-Jo? I really hope you’re close to finding it, because when we’ve rediscovered our Mo-Jo – it means we’ve ‘freed’ our self so we can happily be our self.

You may have read some of what I want to talk about today in one of my previous letters. Sorry, but I believe its worthy of repeating!

Thanks for your patience with my ‘doggedness’!

You Want to be Happier
We all want to be even happier, it is part of our human need to grow into our potential for happiness and success, and our potential is massive, our potential is immeasurable, our potential is way, way beyond our limiting beliefs…….

Countless people are suffering, really suffering, emotionally and psychologically.

Personal freedom is important to all of us. I don’t mean the lack of freedom which so many of us suffer in those countries where we are the victims of the vagaries of government, which is disgraceful and horrific of course, but this is not my expertise.

My expertise: my full on energy: is to put an end to our emotional and psychological suffering, and for us all to have, to experience, and to celebrate, the freedom to be our ‘self’.

Finding & Freeing Your ‘Self’

Nearly all of us got ‘stuck’ somewhere in our life, in trauma, in crisis, or in a feeling of ‘catastrophe’ and that ‘stuck’ place put an end to our freedom to be our self, because of fear. Fear that the ‘next moment’ in time will become worse, or even be dangerous & destructive to our self.

Whilst part of our self is ‘stuck’ we are not wholly free, free to be our self! Part of our self got lost in some horrid emotional ‘prison’ of stinky, toxic self beliefs and dodgy, often painful feelings.

Let me speak to you again about more of this, because emotional and psychological suffering is huge amongst us humans and is truly a huge subject for us all to consider.

Next time I’d like to talk with you about ‘Why?’ we got ‘stuck’ in time and then about: how we can move towards true and real freedom, to be our self. Happy in our ‘own skin’ and free to grow in our potential……..
How to Find & Free Your Self & be Fully Happy ‘in your own skin’

A little bit more on the ‘why’ we got stuck next week – PLUS plenty for you on ‘how’ to be ‘unstuck’ AND free!

Thinking of you warmly

I Have a Problem with Most Therapy!

Monday, March 24th, 2014
Sally Stubbs

Sally Stubbs

I am going to be really Controversial here! So, ‘Yeah’ what’s new!

And I hope that what I’m about to say – will spread like ‘a wild fire’ throughout the Internet – and provoke loads of argument. I’m ‘up & fighting’ and fully ready for the arguments!

It really, really, really upsets me – that the largest percentage of Therapies – ‘out there’ Do Not Work – to effect permanent lasting Cure of mind-emotional suffering.

It’s taken me years & years to put all this together.
Where the mind ‘blocks’ us from successfully and permanently achieving Resolution, is what most therapies ignore – ‘cover up’ – ‘plaster over the cracks’ or as a Great friend recently said to me: “It’s like planting roses on top of a pile of pooh!”
My discoveries are so meaningful, so powerful – this isn’t the ‘quick fix’ woo.woo land. This is effective & permanent – it isn’t Magic -but it does have Magical results!
We’d love the instant ‘fix’. AND – we’d love someone else to do it for us! We want the Therapists, the ger-zillion ‘self help’ books – the programmes – the courses to ‘click the fingers’ & Gerzam – ‘just like that’ – we’re Fixed! Of course we do! Wouldn’t it be lovely!

Most well meaning Therapies have ‘bought into’ this old Paradigm – Give the Control over to someone else or to something else to Fix our mind-emotional problems.

IF these Therapeutic Strategies really Worked we’d all be Happy & Fixed – decades ago. Not Lah-Lah Land Happy! – We’d still have sad days, downish days, grumpy days – then we’d move on. We would know we can choose to move on and be’ in Tense’ – that’s a good place for the Heart to visit every now & again. Or be ‘in Suspense’ – an adventurous place to be several times in the year, enjoying the tingles of adrenalin……. Or – simply be in Calm Places. Or. Spend a few hours alongside me in Bonkerdom!

And never visit ‘in Determinate’ – or be ‘in Doubt’ (about successfully achieving our Goal) ever again.

About two weeks ago we were considering this:
“We will get our selves – plenty of Outstanding Energy – & move forwards to Successfully achieving our Goal!”

So: we’ve been doing that by listing our reasons and our purposes to achieve what we want. We are now like an Olympic Athlete fired up with Outstanding Energy: on the starting blocks – to move away from our problem state and journey towards our Goal state.

Get a page of paper right now – and on the left side write the problem state: such as: I can’t say NO! – I’m stressed – I’m worried witless – I can’t sleep – I’m anxious – I’m worthless – I’m so fearful………..I get so angry I could explode…….. People don’t ‘get me’………. People hate me…………… I’m so lonely……………….. Your words – you know what the problem state is.

Then opposite on the right of your page write your Goal State. State your Goal in the positive: such as “I will say NO!” and “I will be really calm…”

You’re ready to move from your problem to your Goal – you’ve got the motivation, the Outstanding Energy from all your reasons & purposes…………

The Truth here is – it is not a straight line (across the page) Look at the line like a journey – along that line – there are dips – where our mind blocks us. These dips or blocks, or holes that we ‘fall down into’ are the “Yeah But(s)…..” that we’ve began to explore already together this year.

A ‘how’ to discover your own “Yeah But(s)……..” is for you to speak out loud – your Goal. And instantly ‘listen’ to your very next thoughts or feelings in your body – Feelings such as a churning in the stomach – a tightness in the chest – a pounding in the heart – And thoughts such as: ‘I’ve tried everything – I always fail……’

These “Yeah But(s)…..” blocks, dips or holes in your journey across ‘the page’ were originally either learnt invalidating self beliefs – or were originally learnt as an unsuccessful safe mechanism.
Example: “the pounding in my Heart – stops me from speaking my mind – As long as I stay quiet and I don’t speak up I won’t get into trouble I’ll be OK”

List all your “Yeah But(s)…..” There will be more than one or two.

Differentiate them into ‘invalidating self beliefs’ and ‘original protective mechanisms’

Each “Yeah But….” Needs individual attention.

Get going with your lists. It isn’t hard – your results and your journey will be Magical.
We’ll talk more about what to do with your dips or blocks or holes in your journey across your ‘page’ next time.

Let the Breeze Blow In – will safely guide you to discover your “Yeah But(s)….” Because one of the problems is that some of these invalidating self beliefs & protective mechanism are Unconscious – we don’t even consciously know we have them. Get in ‘the zone’ with my voice – then ignore my voice and say to your ‘self’ for the 20 minutes of my Story: “I want my Unconscious mind to comfortably tell me my “Yeah But(s)….”

Sally Stubbs
Rapha Therapy System – Cures that Endure