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If Life gives you Lemons… listen to Sally on Radio Cumbria!

Wednesday, March 16th, 2011

Listen to Sally Stubbs on Radio Cumbria talking about her highly anticipated book “If Life Gives You Lemons”


Book Launch: If Life Gives You Lemons PART 3

Tuesday, March 15th, 2011

So there you go – my book, “If Life Gives You Lemons…” will be available on Wednesday or Thursday of this week! Fantastic. Selected W H Smith’s shops, also, Amazon, ASDA and Waterstones online.

What is my book about? There a lots of “IF….” quotes from our great minds through history and present day, from our ‘treasure’ William Shakespeare, to the Dalai Lama, who is compassion personified to wisdom from Michael Jordon.

I have five categories of quotes to uplift your mood in moments for your mind and thoughts, for your ‘heart’, for your inner stability the ‘bones’ of who you are, for the expansiveness of your creativity and humour and fun, and for the purpose and permanence of your ‘soul’ of who you really are.

I have five tips for you to work with for these five aspects of yourself, my tips can take you ten minutes or so a day to practice and accomplish a wholesome inner happiness or contentment and optimism. And I have written some real life stories of really inspiring achievement. As you read these stories you will be able to identify with any ‘parallel’ problem you are dealing with and discover your own unique solutions.

I believe that every one of us, unless we are violating others, have a real right to happiness. And we can achieve it. How? By realising that it is mostly our thoughts and beliefs that are driving our feeling and then our behaviour. We need to know the simple truth we can change our thoughts and beliefs that are not supporting our state of happiness. We can change or resolve our feelings and our behaviours to ones that support our life, our happiness contentment and optimism.

So, let’s carry on with my Tips for you to achieve your Dream come True.

I mentioned to you last time I wrote to you that your mind and brain need to know your really deep inner purposes for you achieving your Dream. You may be asking: Why? I’ll explain. You may also be thinking: That’s ridiculous; I full well know my purpose!

Nearly our entire life and behaviours is unconsciously driven. If we give the mind a simple purpose to achieve our Dream, simple example: I want to make a lot of money, this is my dream. The mind is questioning and possibly holding us back with: What’s the purpose of making a lot of money? You may know: My purpose is to be successful, educate my children, and assist an important charity.

However – the unconscious mind is still questioning: What is my purpose in achieving these three things? So, my Tip is, keep on asking: what is my purpose from all your answers, one at a time.

You will come to deeper and deeper purposes and you will come to your own values around your Dream Coming True.

Knowing the true depths of your purposes will give you massive energy and drive to achieve.

Next time I want to talk with you about beliefs. Our unconscious beliefs powerfully drive or stagnate our behaviour.

Enjoy your discoveries for Your purpose to make Your Dream come True…..

Book Launch If Life Gives You Lemons

Tuesday, March 8th, 2011

And so my dream comes true my first book “If Life Gives You Lemons…” will be published this month and available to buy from Amazon on the 17th of March

This is so great to be speaking to you. Thank you…..

My Dads family are from the South of Ireland. They are a sentimental, loving, contrary, quirky – happy family of story tellers. Stories, about all and everything, abounded when I was little. I always wrote, filling tiny note books and scraps of paper, kept safe under my pillow, in my school bag in a drawer in my room, secure under my untidy stuff. I was never invited to speak them; this was for the adults to do.

In January 1997, living in Singapore, I started to write my first book. It came to me in an extraordinary Epiphany in a dream, that I must write a book. I can tell you about the dream some time if you’d be interested? Let me know if you’re interested on my Face Book page from the website.

It took me two years to write my first book whilst we were in Singapore. I started to find my voice. And my voice is the voice of the eighteen year old me, that part of me made a very clear decision that I want to stop emotional suffering. I believed and still do clearly believe that we all have a right to happiness.

I will continue my story on my next Blog in a few days…..