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Monday, October 22nd, 2012


David Grove

The First Ode to And

So, Tom the Invincible responded to our last letter “Ode to And” – with:

“To follow this up, worth pointing out in future newsletters, that to avoid making an inadvertent inflammatory statement that a full stop works well also (rather than but) as in:
John, you are a great dentist. I wonder if…… as opposed to John you are a great dentist, but…. (no you’re not)
Also how and what works well too, as in:
blah blah, how do you think we could……, or
blah blah, what might be some ways we could……”
Nice one, thank you, Tom the Invincible.
Tom the Invincible and The Grover (David Grove) would ‘walk hand in hand’ (as do I!) in their exquisite mastery of elegant, clean, respectful communications skills.
How and What are two of David’s major Clean Language questions.
Recently I received an e mail with a question I’ve been asked loads of times, which is: “What if I can’t be hypnotised?” (Full stop here!!)
I’ll talk with you about this question soon, because I’m ‘on a roll’ now, buzzing with thoughts about Tom the Invincible’s point about ‘how’ and ‘what’.
Clean Language creates a successful environment for you to achieve triumphant change. Not quick fixes that deconstruct come next month! Everlasting solid and triumphant change.
Here is an overview of the process of change.
You are in a space with a problem state. The problem is in the space where you are. In a second space there is your Goal, what ever your goal may be, and we all of us have a goal or goals, which are in another space from where you are.
In between your problem space and your goal space, is another space – for you to journey into.
OK – to make clearer sense of this, simply take a piece of paper and write down your goal – and I am today talking about a recognised psychological or emotional goal rather than the:
I want a date with my super hero!!
I want to own an Aston Martin!!
(Though these types of goals are in a true essence driven by our psychology and our emotions!)
To help you to write your goal, answer the question:
“And – what do I want to have happen?” (This non ordinary question invites a non ordinary response)
When you have written your answer on your paper you are in a space that we will call A – your goal in a space that we will call B and there is a space between you and your goal we will call C. In the C space is your journey to your discovery of solutions and resolutions to your problem in the A space.
The C space will have loads of What and How questions filling it.
Here is a simple example, and if you’d like more in depth examples just ask me.
Q: And what do I want to have happen?
A: I want to be slim and regain my figure and my health.
Q: And – what could be the first thing that can happen so that I can be slim and regain my figure and my health?
A: I need the confidence in myself so that I will know I can do it
Q: And when I need the confidence in myself so that I will know I can do it – how can I have the confidence……
A: I really need to stop putting myself down
Q: And what could be the first thing that can happen so that I can stop putting myself down……
I promise you it will so valuable for you to journey into your C space with your own what and how questions.

Thanks again to Tom the Invincible…….
Thinking of you warmly,
Sally Stubbs
Cures that Endure
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Friday, May 18th, 2012

Hi Everyone,
Well, today, what I want is to really, really, truly inspire you.
I’m wondering if:
You will allow me to inspire you……
First, I’m giving myself a few moments to allow my own ‘flow of consciousness’ to pour from me with just the exact right words for you…..
My Dad, Paddy Monaghan, writes poetry and poetic prose. He once described what I’m probably about to do for you as:
“My words are simply pouring from me…… maybe in a jumbly way… like happy scattered children on a ramble……..”
So, as I’m preparing for my happy scattered children on a ramble words for you, I gaze out of the window to see an abundance of red squirrels in the ‘café’ that Mike built for them by the river.
Hazelnuts and black sunflower heart seeds are this morning breakfast speciality.
‘Red Squirrel Café’ had become a bit full… so would you believe it a couple of the red squirrels are sitting on our wooden garden chairs, eating! How cool is that……
Can you see the nut in their teeny hands, the fluff of gold red tail rests on their heads?
I mean, I read a great Tweet early this morning, (before the rush for hazelnut & sun flower seed delight), from a woman ‘somewhere’ in America. She said in her Tweet: I’m watching the humming birds rolling on the air…..
Now, I could see the humming birds rolling on the air, and my smile spread from here to there…….
Here goes!
For a number of days I’ve been silently singing this song: “The air is hummin’ and something Great is coming …for meeeeeee………. Could it be – yes it could……it’s gonna be GREAT…….” (Oh yeah, and I have been singing it out loud sometimes!!)
So last week we got an ‘out of the clear blue air’ an email from the Great Stephen Richards. (We had never heard of him…)
He told us he’d put on the site an author profile for me, for the one reason that he said he wants the world to know about Sally Stubbs.
That generosity is awesome! And really, I recommend you go check out Stephen. I have never seen work as good and great and mighty as his……….
I’ve got this entire ‘air is humming…’ going on for me, and then there is the lady from America with her humming birds rolling on the air Tweet….. Then this message from Stephen to me…..
“Like the gentle swaying of a butterfly’s wings against the unseen air gives it the lift it needs to fly, we are connected to that energy that makes such a happening possible.”
Here I am ‘Flying….’ with all of this. What happens Next!
I read this morning this comment from Stephen on, and I soar and I am humbled at the same time:
how Sally has devoted“I have the utmost respect for the way Sally Stubbs, an extraordinary psychotherapist and hypnotherapist, has given herself so passionately to a life of working to help others. Perhaps some have given a few years to the cause of serving their therapeutic profession, but when you consider  more than 30 years to her calling then it is astounding that she still has such an appetite in continuing her work and at the same time having a consistent success rate.
When I think of Sally, the phrase “Many are called few are chosen” springs to mind. Sally has, indeed, made a huge difference to the lives of those she has helped. A relentless passion for helping people shines through in the way she has total self-belief in her abilities.
I wholeheartedly support Sally’s work through her organization and would recommend that you spread the word.” Stephen Richards.
This is my plan:
I plan in my life time to see an end to all psychological emotional and of course psychosomatic suffering – in my life time……
Some may call me naïve! In which case I respect all opinion but those ‘some’ are entirely wrong. We can…………………
Thinking of you Warmly
PS: We have no commercial links with or with Stephen Richards