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Monday, August 10th, 2015

So: we’re winding up and summarizing my ‘Seven Golden Keys Series’ for you to empower your self by putting an end to ‘Negative Inner Dialogues’ in my last video of this Series.

Those internal monologues which stop you from taking those steps in your life for you to feel happy, fulfilled and comfortable with your self.
Ending the rigmarole of that negative ‘ground hog day’ cycling and replacing them with positive self affirming inner dialogues – that resonate with and within you.

A Quick Summary:

• My ‘Golden Keys’ are unique – no other Therapy is using them! And, they take only minutes of your time each day.

1. You have been making a space in your mind, with my first brief exercise, so that you can begin to take charge, take control, of those negative inner dialogues that have been holding you back.

2. You have been differentiating ‘where’ those dialogues came from. Some came originally from others and some will have come from your self.

3. You have been deconstructing and energetically dismissing those that came from others.

4. Those that came from your self – originally had the intention to keep you ‘safe’.

5. You have been carefully negotiating how you can change these particular dialogues that came from your self.

6. You then made a start to replace the negative with self-validating inner dialogues.

7. And you have then been ‘making steps across the page’ to more and more positive inner dialogues.

These – my ‘7 Golden Keys’ are a life changer – they do, I promise you begin to unlock & release your potential, freeing you to be happier in your own ‘skin’.

So to conclude this particular series – on this latest video I have a few more wise ideas to share with you!

Here is something for you to consider!

Think of someone who you believe is happier more successful and fulfilled than you currently are!

Do you think they’re twice as smart as you? Do they have more years of experience than you? Do you believe they were ‘born lucky’!

Of course it depends on who exactly you are thinking about –
however – we now have plenty of great solid medical research and studies to show us – that successful people are happy or optimistic a large, – very large, percentage of their time.

So, for you to take your own steps to achieve what you want – successfully – you will learn to be happier and more optimistic with my ‘7 Golden Keys’, which will end the negative inner  mind chatter, the self-bullying, and the negative predictions, leading you towards more happiness and optimism.

All the eight videos in this Inner Dialogue Series are grouped together here in case you missed any.

The good news is, brain research has been able to prove that you have the ability to rewire your brain and bypass the self-limiting thoughts, habits, patterns and beliefs that keep you stuck.

We really want to make this journey for you to achieve what you want easy – so go and look at my Have Harmonious Relations Rapha Audio Therapy Course.

And when you purchase that course as MP3 or the 5 CD Boxed Set, we want to give you a second course on MP3 download as a gift.

Once you’ve purchased Have Harmonious Relationships – simply email us let us know which course you would like as a gift on MP3 and we will get it to you.

One last thought for you:
“Tell me, what do you plan for your one precious wild life?”
Wishing you the freedom to be your self and celebrate your life………