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How Rapha Works – Building Positive Beliefs

Monday, March 30th, 2015
Sally Stubbs

Sally Stubbs

Rapha Therapy System Video 5 – Building Positive Beliefs

ENJOY my video – another short ‘tasty bite’: a ‘wondrous aroma’ to ‘whet your appetite’ to join me on my RAPHA – inner journey –
on one of my 12 Audio Therapy Courses – your Goal being now – Present!
Just one important point to make here – as I have been asked this loads of times:
“What if I want to lose 6 stone of weight? I won’t do that in 40 days?”
Correct! No! You won’t and it would be horribly unhealthy if you attempted this! To lose around 6 stone in weight will take around 120 days – healthily and carefully.
However – a hugely different however – after the 40 days my people who want to lose more than 9 to 12 pounds – (9 to 12 pounds in 40 days is a healthy weight loss) will know by 40 days that they will –and that their Successful Goal will be ‘in reach’
No more mind whirling cogitations of the fears and ‘What if’s’ and ‘Yeah but’s’! The mind will be as clear and certain as with a simple task – think of one that suits you – such as you know you can tie your shoe laces!

This is the only one of my half an hour a day for 40 days – that will need to continue a while longer to the actual weight loss. And, by the way – without dieting!

So: this short video is episode five of my first series – (I’ve another series to come – like we’re waiting for “Breaking Bad” or your favourite series!) This clip today is a brief overview of how my fourth RAPHA assignment – which I thoroughly teach on my Audio Therapy Courses – wonderfully brings your Goal right into your present – no longer ‘floating like a grey chimera mist on your horizon’ – alive and in your present.
What a gift hey!
Wishing you inner freedom to know and to experience your own beautiful future…………… now present.

Please email me privately any time I’d love to hear from you


Sally Stubbs
Rapha Therapy – ‘Cures that Endure’


Wednesday, May 7th, 2014

Once Your Unconscious Thinks – You Can – You’re Right – You Can!

 So: let’s really ‘get on’ and attentively discuss; Paying the Right Attention to the Unconscious – from where we were last week with the: “I Can!”
You see: Your Unconscious Responses to your “I Can!” Are Unique to you – Unique to your vast, exclusive to you, life’s experiences.
The DSM* – cannot categorize your, mine, or anyone else’s ‘problem’ state accurately – because our Problem States ‘reside’ in our Unique Unconscious Mind. So it is up to us – to individually ‘explore’ our own inimitable Unconscious Responses. Which is what my Courses do, they guide you to take your Unique Steps across Your Page.

So: because in the past couple of weeks – Judith, Mike & I have felt, particularly, so ‘alive’ Buzzing with Buzz of Spring Life Flourishing – here where the Banks of the River Greta are drenched in colour, bird song, baby creatures springing alive – we want everyone to have that ‘Spring in their step’ to ‘Spring across the page’ we have taken 20% off all My Courses on CD & MP3 – Oh and soon to be on a Gorgeous Useful Flash Drive. That’s exciting – the new Flash Drives!

*DSM:(The Diagnostic & Statistical Manual – of psychological illnesses)

By the way, I am very respectful of the need & use of the DSM – to mental health professionals.

I’m at present in discussion with a GP – who is specializing in Mental Well Being with a special interest in ADHD. He became interested in me – because he said he liked my invitation to “Provocative tea parties!” Here is part of a mail I received from him today:

“Medicine now is done by protocol, and over reliance on rigid diagnostic categories. Too often these categories become a Procrustean Bed – and we find ourselves metaphorically amputating parts of our patients in a desperate attempt to make them fit into one of our protocols – just so we can have the comfort of being seen to practice “evidence based idiocy”……..”

And, he continues:

“So, my “off time hobby” has become throwing a few provocative tea parties of my own – in an attempt to stir up some original thought!”

Hope you find his mail – as strongly provocative, challenging, stimulating as I certainly do!

 I Only Use Affirmations to Check on Any – Possible – Unconscious Resistance!

 You see, once we’ve Noted the Resistance – then we can do something to Resolve it.

 It’s Serious Work – not Quick Fix – however it is Rapid – compared to the massive amount of time our Symptoms take up in our amazing lives.

 Affirm – out loud – again – ‘Your Beautiful Dream’ – And as you speak out loud – Note with Great care & attention your very next thoughts & feelings – which may be your ‘blocks’, your Unconscious resistance to successfully achieving your Beautiful Dream.

 Note the details of your own “I Can’t!” Make a list – there are likely to be more than one!

 We cannot Resolve our “I Can’t’(s)!” with positive affirmations or visualisations. We need to take each “I Can’t!” one at a time – and ask that Question: “Where could that – one – have come from?” Exploring it – and finally being able to de-construct it.
Email me if you get ‘stuck’ – sorry no pun intended! I’ll be delighted to email you back and help you.

 This extract from one of many emails I’ve received recently – I hope – will give you lots of inspiration:

 “Hi Sally:

 Forty days ago I started a” fabulous journey” with you to unravel a deeply entrenched problem with insomnia. I had sought treatment with a hypnotherapist here where I live and had listened to various other recordings but all were designed to be listened to just before going to bed. Although I don’t rely on this awareness as much as I should I do realize the potential of the unconscious mind. It was my feeling that I should address this problem through hypnosis during the day and not at bedtime. This lead me to youtube where I listened to your sample track to deal with insomnia. I slept soundly that very night.

 I have enjoyed the process you’ve taken me through and have had a great result. So good in fact that I have been using some of the techniques I’ve learned and applying them to another problem.

  I have so appreciated your stories.

  All the best to you Sally and thank you so much.”

 You can see the details of my Cure Insomnia Course here.

Thinking of You Warmly

Rapha Therapy System – ‘Cures that Endure’


Wednesday, January 30th, 2013
getting out of a rut!

getting out of a rut!

Are you stuck in a rut?

Remember the two frogs in our story?

One of them is hopping around, in circles, in a deep rut made by heavy passing traffic. The thing is, the frog hid in the rut when the passing heavy traffic got too much, too scary.
The other frog shouts down to him: “Hey, why don’t you come up here, it’s much nicer and there’s plenty of food.” The frog down below looks up: “I can’t get out.” “I’ll give you a hand,” says the other frog. “Leave me alone, I’m fine, I find food down here.” “OK,” says the second frog, “But there’s much more space up here to explore and see and hear different things, and feel the sun and the breeze. And good food not the garbage you’ve got down there. And you’ll sleep better out here.” “I’ve got everything I need down here.” says the hopping around in his lonely hole frog.
“What about companionship with other frogs?” “Oh friends pass by above me and I see them distantly for a while.”
The second frog heaves a frog sigh and bounces off.
When we are stuck in a ‘rut’ – and by ‘a rut’ I mean the symptoms which cause us emotional ‘pain’ such as:
• being disconnected from our self and from others
• of relating badly to our food,
• of being afraid,
• feeling nervous
• panicky
• stressed
• of not sleeping well
– and so on – our wonderful well meaning friends will ask of us, with great concern: Why don’t you think happy thoughts? Why don’t you just go out and socialise? Why don’t you learn about which are the healthy foods?
Because our friends’ are wonderful and caring and what they ask of us makes perfect sense – we maybe try the happy thoughts or the socialising for a while. None of it is lasting, because part of us is still ‘stuck’.
Unlike our first frog – we do not want to wait for a major crisis coming along in our life to make us move out of ‘where we are stuck’.
The ‘Why’ questions do not work to help us to really move out of our ‘stuck state’.
Let’s try as an example: – “Why don’t you think happy thoughts?”
“Because I’ve tried that and failed, it doesn’t last. Because I don’t actually feel happy when I make myself have happy thoughts!”
Conversely the goal setting question does work – it is the beginning point to be able to move ‘out of the stuck’ place
Our goal gives us a place to go to – otherwise we won’t move. We would never get out of our chair unless we had a goal – even to go and make a hot drink!
I have talked about this question before; it’s well worth another viewing!
Here it is, ask yourself:
“And – what do I want to have happen?” (Mark this because it’s the Golden Bullet of this letter)
Because this is an unusual question – you will get unusual responses from yourself.
Go for it! Write it down. Be spontaneous. Have a flow of consciousness – or ‘nail it’ straight away.
I am talking here about emotional and psychological goals, such as:
“I want to stop feeling depressed, angry, lonely, misunderstood. I want to be myself – I want to know myself, find myself. I want to be free to be me. I want to sleep well. I want to be happy in my own skin……..”

Write it down. Ponder on your goal. We can all do this goal setting regularly. It is part of our humanness to want to ‘move on’ in our immeasurable potential!
Next – you need your purposes and reasons for wanting your goal – without these our mind will not make the move to change. Write them down.
We would not get out of our chair to make a hot drink – unless we had reasons – the obvious – “I’m thirsty!” “I need a break from my chair!!”

Please enjoy my gift to you which I have posted on You Tube called –’ It’s a Breeze’ – This 20 minute story I recorded to really help you clear your mind – freeing your mind to think clearly and be focused on your goal and your reasons and purposes to want to achieve your goal.
It’s a Breeze helps you communicate with the ‘latent’ wisdom and resources of your unconscious mind, assisting you to move towards your goal.
Also for those of you who are not familiar with my Work which can be 1:1 – or my half an hour a day for 40 day CD / MP3 audio courses, please check out my life changing material here.


Thinking of You Warmly

Sally Stubbs
Cures that Endure

Eat Grasshopper Therapy!

Friday, May 4th, 2012

You want to lose weight, eat grasshoppers!
You want to cure a problem – insomnia, anger, stress, nervousness, fearfulness…….cure anything else, eat grasshoppers!
This just bobbed up into my conscious mind – and where ‘on earth’ did that come from!!
We could say stuff like:
Lord knows…..
It just came from (that place called) nowhere!!
Where did it actually come from, like anything else, it came from my unconscious mind of course.
However, I’ve sat here looking out across the river, admired a couple of bounding around bouncy red squirrels, wondering: What is that about, the, you want to lose weight eat grasshoppers, you want to cure any problem eat grasshoppers?
I’ve had such a laugh thinking: eat grasshoppers, stir in eye of a newt, add powdered chicken bones, bang a drum and cure your problems!!
But, humour aside, the answers coming from my unconscious to my question: What is that all about, are awesome, they are blowing me away.
Such simple answers, and that’s the beauty of it, the pure simplicity.
I’ve got an idea here, to ask you to let me know what you think that is about?
That would be great to hear your thoughts…..
At first I thought, whoa, my unconscious is playing around, a bit of a light hearted prank! Fair enough…….
Not so!
Sorry, to be harping on, as my Mum would say to me, but I think this is really awesomely ‘sexy’ – so strap in, ready?
Simples: It’s a belief! It’s a belief!
We buy into masses and masses of ludicrous beliefs – like: diets cure our problematical relationship with food, no they don’t – our unconscious mind does that not diets.
Like – (oops here it is – ‘a Sally Soap Box Moment’)….. the pharmaceutical companies products will cure our insomnia, fears, panic, numbness, anxieties……. It’s bunkum!
I guess I won’t be popular with the pharmaceutical companies then!
Do I care?
Yes actually I do, I care that so, so many of us are totally well meaning but we bought into The Emperor’s new Clothes! And that is truly sad.

Along with around 1,000 other people last summer Mike & I watched: The Acclaimed Therapist’, (TAT), of stage & TV screen, doing, on stage, an EFT demonstration to cure a young woman of a phobia!
Tap, Tap, Tap he went – asking her to sing loudly Happy Birthday at the same time as he tapped, tapped, tapped her gorgeous body (quite saucy really!!)
Are you cured now, he repeatedly asked.
Are You Cured Now? TAT was getting het up, Tapping increased in vigour!
“No!” she said, her pleading voice telling him several times about her “T minus one” (which she didn’t actually realise she was ‘stuck in time)’ But she was not buying into this EFT belief system, despite TAT’s world renown fame.
Finally he told her to go on to his website and buy his I Will Cure Your Phobia CDs.
(TAT., TAT…..what makes you believe you’re so powerful that YOU can cure people? No you can’t, people cure themselves with the right, clean strategies… You Muppet!)
TAT is charismatic, well meaning I believe – but wake up TAT really!!
Wake up.

I nearly ran onto that stage like the little kid in the legend and said; You’re not wearing any clothes!! I reckon politeness held me back – I regret the lost opportunity….
Any way, 998 people loudly applauded TAT’s performance. We all then meandered off for coffee – and as Mike & I were hanging out with the 998 people they were all whispering: He ain’t wearing any clothes.
Mike and I said: Bu***r – lost opportunity there.
Beliefs do not cure us. Beliefs (like these) can & do mask or hold back the problem. The problem is still there, ‘humming’ away deep in the unconscious mind looking for another ‘way out’.
This is not an ‘armchair’ theory; this is 30 years of keen observation and rigourous study.
I’ll add to this ‘beliefs do not cure us’ another time
Changing our negative beliefs which block us from the truth that we can be cured opens the door for us to then access within our unconscious what our unconscious needs or needs to have happen, needs to know or understand needs to resolve and heal to then move time and finally be free of the problem……
And you know, talking with you, I’ve realised that it was not politeness that kept me off that stage!
You see, if 998 people believed TAT was wearing Grand New Clothes, it would have got really messy for me……
Today I would just do it!

Sally Stubbs
e mail: