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How Rapha Works – Building Positive Beliefs

Monday, March 30th, 2015
Sally Stubbs

Sally Stubbs

Rapha Therapy System Video 5 – Building Positive Beliefs

ENJOY my video – another short ‘tasty bite’: a ‘wondrous aroma’ to ‘whet your appetite’ to join me on my RAPHA – inner journey –
on one of my 12 Audio Therapy Courses – your Goal being now – Present!
Just one important point to make here – as I have been asked this loads of times:
“What if I want to lose 6 stone of weight? I won’t do that in 40 days?”
Correct! No! You won’t and it would be horribly unhealthy if you attempted this! To lose around 6 stone in weight will take around 120 days – healthily and carefully.
However – a hugely different however – after the 40 days my people who want to lose more than 9 to 12 pounds – (9 to 12 pounds in 40 days is a healthy weight loss) will know by 40 days that they will –and that their Successful Goal will be ‘in reach’
No more mind whirling cogitations of the fears and ‘What if’s’ and ‘Yeah but’s’! The mind will be as clear and certain as with a simple task – think of one that suits you – such as you know you can tie your shoe laces!

This is the only one of my half an hour a day for 40 days – that will need to continue a while longer to the actual weight loss. And, by the way – without dieting!

So: this short video is episode five of my first series – (I’ve another series to come – like we’re waiting for “Breaking Bad” or your favourite series!) This clip today is a brief overview of how my fourth RAPHA assignment – which I thoroughly teach on my Audio Therapy Courses – wonderfully brings your Goal right into your present – no longer ‘floating like a grey chimera mist on your horizon’ – alive and in your present.
What a gift hey!
Wishing you inner freedom to know and to experience your own beautiful future…………… now present.

Please email me privately any time I’d love to hear from you


Sally Stubbs
Rapha Therapy – ‘Cures that Endure’


Monday, November 17th, 2014
Rapha Therapy

Rapha Hypnosis Therapy

Meet Adam: Cured of his Anxiety with Rapha Therapy:

And may I ask you – how is the outside weather for you today?
Here in the Lakes outside – it’s Glorious – calm and mellow, azure blue skies – autumn leaves, wearing their gowns of fiery colours – fly and dance through the air.
And my inside weather is just the same!

Mellow along with feelings of excitement, like the flight and dancing of the leaves……….
I’d like you to meet Adam on this short video. He is 32 years old – and rarely, since he was 19, has his inside ‘weather’ matched that of ‘mellow’ glorious Lake District days.
Outside would be wonderful – (We Lakes folk can be quite boring – in that we like, even enjoy, rain and snow and mud!!)

– and Adam’s ‘inside weather’, at the very thought of going out, going somewhere new – would overwhelm him with anxiety.
Adam – at the very young age of just nine – had a Heart Transplant. I feel we are really privileged that he has come along to talk to us.
If you’ve seen my two videos ‘Keep Your Self in the Picture’ and – ‘Staying in the Picture’, what I’m about to say will make total, total sense.
If you haven’t seen them – please, please do go and watch.
It was not the Trauma of such profound, life saving surgery that ‘caused’ Adam’s anxiety to trigger up and overwhelm him when he was aged 19.

It was the ‘fragment of his young self’ age nine – prior to his life saving surgery – ‘who’ got ‘stuck’ in time with anxiety and panic.
I hope you feel awed, as I do, by Adam – as you watch and listen to him.
And now that he is Free of anxiety and panic and is really growing in Confidence – thanks only to RAPHA – my Heart is full of delight for him that he can now thoroughly celebrate his life – a life that he fought so hard for.
Adam doesn’t just want to help transplant patients – he wants to help you too – so please email him in confidence any questions via my private email:
He will be back to talk to us again.

Soon: I will be making a series of short video blogs – to tell you exactly how RAPHA works to permanently Cure – mind-emotional problems. I’m very excited about doing those videos.

Oh! and our offer – (£20.00 OFF all Boxed Sets of 5 CD courses) available until end of January 2015 only from our website: 

Type the word – video – at the check out and the discount will automatically be applied.
Do please email me  if you’re uncertain which one is right for you, or for your Auntie, or your teenager or friend.
Wishing you inner Freedom to happily be your self…….

Sally Stubbs
Rapha Therapy  – ‘Cures that Endure’



Wednesday, January 9th, 2013


Sally Stubbs

More wisdom from my friend the wise “Little Girl”

I am wishing you every joy, and every happiness not just for the coming New Year – for all the years to come……………………
Let’s talk some more about my friend the “Little Girl” and what she has to say.
Because, whatever problem any of us may be suffering – her wisdom is wondrously universal. Her wisdom will assist any of us to gain insights as to how we can return to our pristine, resourceful, happy self, no matter if we are suffering with sleeplessness, or carrying ‘weight’ – or relating to our self without esteem and respect for our self.
Name it!
And if her insights don’t apply I’ll make another offer to eat my hat!
So my friend the “Little Girl”: She has been talking to me about what she calls ‘blind spots’.
“You can have blind spots about your ‘me’ and about other people and situations. Blind spots happen when you have an ‘Ouch’ sometimes a huge ‘Ouch’. Some ‘Ouches’ are small and they can add up, like a sum, to a big ‘Ouch’ Blind spots are made of horrid stuff – that’s not real though they feel real until you see through them.”
Bear with me please – this is such pure information, and can make for such huge important changes.
She and I talked for a couple of hours about ‘blind spots’ and I’m about to have the impudence to précis our talk!!
OK – examples are the simplest way to précis.
Your parent, parents, teacher, friend, sibling communicates to your ‘me’:
“Your (me is) stupid – ugly – useless – a failure – unacceptable………….”
Your ‘me’ feels ‘Ouch’
Add a few ‘Ouches’ together and your ‘me’ – your real beautiful bright useful acceptable ‘me’ goes into hiding, withdraws.
And your ‘me’ often takes your MoJo with it – into hiding.
The ‘blind spot’ pitches up so you no longer see your real beautiful bright useful acceptable ‘me’.
The ‘blind spot’ was created out of a non real, non true substance from a wrong communication, which caused an ‘Ouch’, from parents, teacher, friend, sibling.
By the way, seeing through the wrong communication does not take away the good parts from your Mum, Dad, friend…….
So why would you bother to restore your ‘me’ to ‘it’s’ rightful place and state of harmony?
Because when our ‘me’ is in hiding we have symptoms such as difficulty relating, sleeplessness, phobias, can’t relate to food in a good way, get nervous, lack self esteem. These and symptoms like them deprive you of a fully happy, harmonious life.
So how can you begin to restore your ‘me’ to ‘its’ rightful place of being safe, acceptable, beautiful, and therefore successful?

Get started on one of my half an hour a day for forty days courses on CD or MP3 download. (Money back guarantee.)
Have a look at the websites and
You will comfortably find and restore your ‘me’.
Your ‘me’ has your MoJo which once you’ve found it enables you to be and do whatever you want.
Jon contacted me; he wanted to do one of my courses and did not know which one. He said: “My problem is I’m really stupid.”
Although he is a successful business man, and he has two uni. Degrees, nice family and second home in France, he believed he was really stupid. I said: “I understand you believe you are stupid.”
He did my 40 day, 30 mins a day CD course Gain Self Esteem. He found his ‘me’!
Contact me if you would like my advice, on my private email
Once we find our ‘me’ and is restored to ‘it’s’ rightful place, like the writing that runs throughout a stick of rock, we easily become the ‘ever vigilant guardian of our ‘inner’ space – meaning the ‘Ouches’ from others no longer can enter our ‘inner space – Just as we do not allow others to enter our home and dump their ‘muck’ in our living room!!
Thinking of you warmly,
Sally Stubbs
Cures that Endure

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Monday, July 9th, 2012

Sally Stubbs

Well, one of the four basic things that you and I have in common and that you and I absolutely need are: air, water, food and we also need emotional stability.
Emotional stability we can talk about for a long, long time. So today let’s talk about food!
I love food – ain’t food great! I also have a really great relationship with food, and with my body, maintaining a stable happy weight for me for nearly thirty years.

We can go to the gym, we sweat, we’re full on motivated during our workout, determined to burn off some the fat. Then, after all this effort and feeling virtuous, we head home and eat every biscuit in sight! Reward! Biscuits were a reward for many of us in childhood!
We are worried, stressed or upset so we grab several bars of chocolate. We do this because when we were a child and fretful we were likely to be comforted by our parents with something sweet. We believe sweet stuff gives us comfort!
Neuro science tells us that our brains are genetically hard wired to seek emotional security, particularly from affection. As very young infants, one of the important times, for some of us, that we received affection or closeness was when our mother, or father, grandparent held us close and fed us. So, for some, our minds will carry the connection between food and affection or love. Emotional stability!
Our minds and brains store our perceptions and our responses, and so we learn from those early years to associate reward and comfort and emotional closeness with these types of food. These early life patterns of behaviour prevail.
Because of this, it takes psychological and emotional effort to defy our fat and sugar cravings.
As we are growing up through childhood, teens and into adulthood, and we are dealing with worries and problems we discover that fatty foods have a heavy quality to them, after eating these types of foods we feel sluggish and drowsy for a while, and we stop thinking. When we stop thinking we stop worrying and stressing. As a result we learn to believe that fatty foods will ease our worries!
Fat has more than twice the calories than any other nutrient. Calories are units of energy, and nature does not like skinny, nature sees fat as a friend!
If we briefly consider our history; several million years ago we humans had small brains, about the size of a chimpanzees. As we developed our skills our brains grew, and our stomachs shrank, but we still needed los of energy (calories) to run, we were hunters. Where did we get our energy to run? From fat.
Research has shown us that Aboriginal hunters eat the fat from the kill first. In our modern society we no longer need to run to live and survive, but nature is still keen on fat.
We can also consider that so many of us can feel stressed in our modern fast paced lives.
Fatty foods stimulate dopamine and nor-adrenalin, this chemical cocktail gives us the feeling of a ‘happy rush’, and we use this feeling as an unsuccessful attempt to resolve our stress.
Now we can find ourselves in a vicious cycle, the greater amounts of fat we eat the more our brain will produce a protein called galanin. What happens next? We’ve really got a problem, because galanin cause us to crave fat.
Sugar increases tryptophan which our body uses to make serotonin. Serotonin is the wonderful chemical which assists us to feel (temporarily!) in an ‘up’ state, more able to cope with stress and unhappiness.
Also, when we are experiencing long periods of stress in life we are producing a massive amount of unused adrenaline; we can then go into adrenal fatigue. This fatigue causes a sugar craving.
We can realise what a fantastic job our ancient ancestors did for us, they got the energy they needed from fats, they ran, they survived. We are here today because of it, how great is that.
We can understand that the sculptor of our brain and mind is our environment. Our brain and mind depend critically on their wiring and growth from our experiences in our earlier life. The great news is, our brain and mind have the remarkable ability to adapt and to rewire.
How do we do this?
We can know that the fundamental truth about stress is that it comes from our personal perceptions, and our internal communication about an event or situation and our experience. We can choose to change both our perceptions and our internal communication.
I’ll give you a very simple example of what I’m talking about.
Our partner is late getting home. We can have a myriad of perceptions such as:
They are working hard and being really conscientious and loyal to their business.
We communicate internally with a dialogue of pride and make everything cosy and welcoming for them to arrive home.
Or: They have been in an accident. Our internal communications can cripple us with horror and dread. We make images of them lying in a pool of blood. We don’t know what to do, maybe phone their work – phone the hospitals.
Or: They are having an affair. Our internal communication makes those sexy images; we are frozen with fury, or slumped with loss and abandonment.

• First we need to really consider and accept that the ‘happy rush’ we’ve been getting from these ‘bad’ foods is temporary and will never resolve our problems. Next:
• Make a decision to change your perceptions, the ones that are not serving you or celebrating your life.
• Start by slowing time in your mind just a little, you can do this by simply telling yourself: Slow down. This is so that you can observe your own unconscious perceptions of any situation that has been worrying or stressing you. Just be observant to begin with.
• Have a note book and write down a list of your worries or stresses. This is relevent because we can often begin to feel overwhelmed by worry, as if we have thousands of worries. Once we begin to separate them out, we usually discover we have only three or six or seven.
• If you have more than one worry, take each at a time separately and begin to objectively ask: what can I do about this ‘one’? And when you go to bed at night ask your dreams to comfortably give you solutions to this ‘one’. One of the main purposes of our dreams is to give us solutions that we have not even thought of before.
My dream is that we will all live happily in our own skin. And I know we can! Let’s get on with it hey. If you know someone who is struggling in their relationship with food please, please tell them about my course/treatment on CD’s and MP 3 download: Don’t Wait to Be the Right Weight
I never once use the word ‘diet’ on my course. I hope I have illustrated today why diets do not work!
Thinking of you warmly