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Wednesday, May 16th, 2012

The Great David Grove

Hi Everyone,
You know fun does place our psychological – emotional problems in a perilous state! We can forget our problem for an hour or a day or even a week of fun…….
But, our problems, like the cracks that have been papered over, are still there.
Like the cracks, our problem reappears.

I did my resolution Work with the great David Grove in the mid 1980’s. Yes, I do consider myself to be very, very lucky.
Or was it luck?
Actually I believe it was because I was ‘dogged’, rather than lucky! I made that Effort.
I’d already worked, entirely unsuccessfully, with four other therapists before I ‘found’ David……

“We must be the ever vigilant guardian of our inner space.” Do you know who said this?
I can’t remember and it’s an absolutely brilliant quote because it’s absolutely true…..
This is what we’ve been considering together as you have been ‘listening’ for any objecting thoughts/beliefs to your reasons and purposes for you achieving your Goal.
The objections do not ‘go away’ through our attempts at ‘positive thinking’ positive affirmations, deep breathing exercises, behavioural changes… oh, and Tap, Tap Tapping our body as we sing summat like Happy Birthday……… None of these strategies achieve cure.
So, we can begin to cure some of our objecting negative thoughts and beliefs with the fun of Pattern Interruption once we have established that the objection has come from somewhere external to our self………
Here’s one of mine to give you an example.
During my Work with David I was at home one day and I dropped a mug.
I felt in my stomach a life long familiar anxiety.
But, this time I stopped everything that I was doing, which was mopping up split coffee and shards of a broken mug!
Vigilant to my inner space, I ‘heard’ in my thoughts: For Goodness Sake Sally!
An injunction which had been repeated to me by my Mum when I was a kid.
She’d add to the “For Goodness Sake Sally” ….. ” Stop being so Clumsy.”
I developed a belief that I was generally a Clumsy person. I lived with it!!
You see, my Mum didn’t have enough money in her limited weekly house keeping for me to drop, spill, or break any thing. She’d get anxious and cross, and I’d get anxious.
Anyway that day that I broke the mug I did a Pattern Interruption.
I danced around the kitchen singing in my loudest voice, a top performance  “For Goodness Sake – Do the Hippy, Hippy Shake – Sally………” On and on I sang and danced………..
A couple of weeks later, I broke something else, a glass I think – and I did my second and also final, farewell performance of “For Goodness Sake – Do the Hippy, Hippy Shake – Sally………” The injunction from my Mum vanished for good! No more anxiety. No more believing I’m a clumsy person!!
Since then, if, I break or spill or knock something over, it’s simply an accident!!
Once you discover any of your objections to successfully achieving your Goal are sourced ‘out side’ of you, like mine, which came from my Mum’s anxiety, you can have such fun Interrupting the Pattern.
How you need to do it is with loads of energy. Yeah, really loads of energy. Whatever you can think of dance, sing, run around, star jumps, pillow fight,  – get into it.
You can do it by deliberately and consciously bringing up the objecting thoughts or beliefs. And a great, great strategy is, if your objection has a feeling with it in your body, like for me, I felt anxiety in my stomach, let the feeling come up, don’t let the feeling escape.

If your objections to successfully achieving your Goal are coming from an experience of hurt or ‘pain’ then come and find out about my audio courses/treatments to resolve, free and really cure………. Or come and visit anyway, my audio courses/treatments really are top of the tree……….
Thinking of you warmly