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Wednesday, December 12th, 2012

Hi Everyone

I am going to discuss with you ‘the walls of Jericho’ – as a truly valuable metaphor, so please forgive me if you are an archeologist or biblical scholar.
So briefly, historically, the Hebrew people were making their way to their home land, and Jericho the walled city presented a huge obstacle. The ‘walls’ of doubt, despair and fear had to go!
As a metaphor the ‘walls of Jericho’ are our doubts, despairs and fears that are preventing us from coming ‘home’ and being ‘at home’ with our self. Preventing us from being happy, safe, in harmonious relationship with our self, secure in ‘our own skin’
‘Home’ with our self where we were intended to be.
Carl Jung’s work called this state; Individuation.

I’m paraphrasing a Jungian here as an overview of Individuation:
‘Besides achieving physical and mental health, people who have advanced towards individuation, become harmonious, mature, responsible, they promote freedom and justice …….’
I like this one that I’m about to tell you.
A couple of years ago a client mentioned Individuation, he was frowning and looked very puzzled, then suddenly a ‘light bulb’ went on, he said to me:
“Oh, that means my Intended Being.”
My hair and skin stood happily ‘on end’ at the awesome beauty and clarity of these words. Being who we are Intended to be, is to be ‘be at Home’ free to be in harmony with ourself.
So the people were journeying home to the Promised Land, their psychological ‘Home’ and the walls of doubts, despair and fears were stopping them.
For ‘seven days and seven nights’ they walked round and round the walls, searching for the solution and resolution.
For some of my clients ‘seven days and seven nights’ has felt like a life time.
‘Who would have though it’ – they blew a trumpet and the walls fell down!
And that’s certainly thinking differently!
That is a top Ingredient of all my Work, to assist thinking really differently.
Absolutely everyone who has Worked with me 1:1 or with my audio courses, tells me, ‘I never would have thought of it like that before…’
That’s it you see, as we think the same old same old ways, even the ways of ‘eye of a newt and powdered chicken bones’! We get the same old same old results.
Maybe I’m ‘mixing my metaphors’!!! But Stephen Richards blew a Trumpet for me!
Stephen is no ‘light weight’ he is seriously successful. He is also exceedingly generous; I’ve called him a Knight Shining Light. You can find Stephen on

My walls around ‘Jericho’ were not of doubts, fear or despair! But were a row of my ‘soap boxes’ of frustration from which I call out: “We can cure psychological emotional and psychosomatic suffering, and keep the cure – and come ‘home’ to be our self….’
Enjoy! Any comments you may have to improve will be gratefully received by us.
Many Thanks
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Wednesday, October 17th, 2012


Sally Stubbs

In a minute we’re going to discuss ‘and’ – with some seriousness – and we’ll have a bit of fun as well! A client recently had this fabulous metaphor for her protector Restrainer. She said it was like she could see herself as an Olympic athlete (emotionally and psychologically that is!) She’s on the starting blocks she’s raring to go!
And her protector Restrainer is like massive bungee cords attached to her back.
Holding her back.
Keeping her safe.
She was thrilled with her metaphor, which may sound strange to you.
What she felt was an immeasurable amount of energy there to be released. And, here’s a great thing, she saw that instead of, once she’s released, there just being a way forward along the prescribed track, there’s an entire stadium and territory beyond the stadium to explore!!
She and I together are in the exciting process of negotiating with the bungee cords – for her imminent release…….
This is her unique epistemological metaphor for her protector Restrainer – your metaphor and your drawing or drawings will be entirely unique to you.

“Ode to And” – is a phrase coined beautifully by Cei Davies, who was the late great David Groves wife and professional partner. Cei worked continuously at David’s side developing Clean Language, Epistemological Metaphor and oh so much more.
Cei says of And: “…….and is an adjunctive for two or more incompatible elements. “……I love him – and – he did that to me…..” ‘And’, allows both experiences to co-exist.”
Let’s consider the serious value of, in day to day communications with others and with our self, replacing some of our ‘but’ words with ‘and’.
‘But’ tends to end something rather than add something!
‘But’ tends to negate something rather than leave another avenue to explore.
“You did a good job – but – you can do better…..”
How does this feel to you?
How about this?
“You did a good job – and – you can also do an even better job……”
“I want to go for a walk – but – its cold rainy weather…….”
“I want to go for a walk – and – its cold rainy weather – and – I can get my water proofs on – and – an umbrella – and – a flask with a hot drink…….”
Worth our consideration – the ‘but’ in our life being replaced, some times, with ‘and’.
Bread – but – no jam
Bread – and – jam!
Cake – but – don’t eat it
Cake – and – eat it!
In relationship with our self – (which by the way is the most important relationship because to gain or regain harmony with our self frees us to have harmony fully in relationship with another) – the ‘and’ word is empowering.
We say to our self: “I think I’m intelligent – but – I make mistakes……” Intelligent and mistakes are not co-existing because of the ‘but’ – so we feel our life is about our mistakes!
What happens when we say to our self: “I think I’m intelligent – and – I make mistakes…..” We now have the potential to explore both worlds of intelligent and of mistakes.
So here’s a bit of fun for us, let me have your story or Ode – to ‘And’ by the 5th November on my private email:
For the best story or Ode to ‘And’ there will be a gift of any one of my 40 Day Courses, on 5 CD’s.
I really look forward to your stories or Ode to ‘And’.
Thinking of you warmly,
Sally Stubbs
Cures that Endure

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