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Ericksonian Language…………

Wednesday, July 10th, 2013


Sally Stubbs

Sally Stubbs

Want to listen to me on the blogtalkradio station?

Sorry I’ve been off ‘the radar’ for a couple of weeks! I’m just wondering, (wondering is so cool!)
Now, that’s an Ericksonian language skill: “I’m just wondering, (wondering is so cool!) if – you did miss me!”
Erickson is thee ‘grandfather’ of Hypnotherapy – world wide. His language skills are indirectly – directive! It’s Erickson’s language skills that I Work with on all my CD and MP3 courses. Please go and have a listen on my You Tube Channel.

I’m listening to a particular story right now as I write to you – & I tell you what, I can feel the positive expansive influence taking place in my unconscious mind. You see my stories in the language of Erickson are communicating with the unconscious mind in a clean and right way – for every individual .

This Story of mine is called “Chew on Something Different” and the Goal of the entire course is to Gain Self Esteem. Enjoy
As we were planning to talk today about the ‘how’ to find & free our self from a ‘handicap’ state that is causing us problems – Well – this is one of the ‘how’ to.

Next time I write to you – we can explore other ‘how’s’ to free our self!

I’ve been off the ‘radar’ because I’ve been away. I’ve been Working with a Client in Florida. It was awesomely Great Work.

Then I got back to an invitation from Dr Michael Harris to do a radio broadcast with him on on blogtalkradio – TEXAS! How about that! A very exciting experience.
My (chosen!) subject for the broadcast was:

‘Why we are not Free to be our ‘self ‘and how we can be’.
Dr. Harris is a great presenter & interviewer and he gave me masses of free reign.

You’re most welcome to sit back & have a listen on this link.
I’ll be delighted to hear from you with any comments or questions. It is you – who teaches me.
Thinking of you warmly