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How Rapha Works – Deconstruct Negative Beliefs

Monday, March 23rd, 2015
Sally Stubbs

Sally Stubbs

Rapha Therapy System Video 4 – Deconstruct Negative Beliefs

Now is the time to BELIEVE in your ‘self’…… Enjoy my short ‘tasty bite’ fourth video clip – an overview of how you will learn with my RAPHA audio Therapy Courses – that you can truly BELIEVE in your ‘self’.
And – you can – BELIEVE in your ‘self’ – believe that your ‘self’, can – and will successfully – achieve the Goal that you want for you.
Your Goal, that maybe for quite some time – or even a long time, seems to have been floating in the grey mists on some future horizon – chimera like – almost unattainable, almost an illusion – despite all your courageous and determined efforts to ‘get there’.
What stops us?

What ‘blocks’ our onward journey to achieving our useful and beautiful Goal?

– even though we thoroughly know what our Goal is –  and we are top motivated to ‘get there’ – permanently.!

We can give an overview title to what stops us – and that is:
Our Unconscious negative self beliefs.
Negative self beliefs that we are maybe only vaguely Conscious of!
We develop within our Unconscious mind a Matrix of self beliefs in our first 7 to 14 years of life.
The negative ones do not ‘serve’ us in our life. However ‘some’ of those negative self beliefs will have had a purpose, and basically that was to keep us ‘safe’.
A very simple example; someone says: “I’m really shy! I nearly always hold myself back”.
The: “I’m shy” belief could well have been ‘formed’ within the Unconscious mind – because as a youngster, a child, this person was really out going – and the adults informed them that they must be quiet!
So the child, unconsciously, developed a state called: “Shy,” to ensure that they did not speak up or be noisy – as it was probably not ‘safe’ to upset or annoy adults!
These kinds of unconscious beliefs that originally developed to keep us safe – need a careful and also easy method to deconstruct.
This, and other negative belief deconstruction is the third assignment on my half an hour a day for 40 days RAPHA Audio Therapy Courses.
It’s a very, very important assignment. You see, this ‘negative stuff’ contained within our Unconscious Matrix – if it’s ‘not cleaned’ up, and replaced with a new self validating belief system – the negative ‘stuff’ will keep on and on projecting ‘itself’ into our future and our success will always continue to ‘float like grey mist’ on our horizon – unattainable.
On this short (7.5 min) video I explain the significance of Deconstructing Negative Beliefs. And whichever of my audio courses addresses your particular problem, I will teach you how to do just that!.
Please do get in touch with me privately I’ll be delighted to hear your thoughts and answer your questions.
Wishing you inner freedom to move on into your own beautiful future…………

Sally Stubbs
Rapha Therapy  – ‘Cures that Endure’


Thursday, September 13th, 2012

Reason & Purpose

Our latest red squirrel news is that our lovely & ‘wickedly naughty’ daughter Emma has named one of them Mohican! Yeah, because the wide and high fluff of its tail perched on top of its head, is black!
Mike will get some videos for you to see the red squirrels soon – it would be brilliant if Mohican pitches up for the camera!
I watched a few minutes of a video on ‘Ted Talks’ yesterday of Tony Robbins.
Do you know him? (Robbins that is)
He started out in his career of becoming a ‘coach’ by taking a course on NLP and he has ‘flown’ with these strategies in his world of ‘coaching’.
I admire that Robbins has changed his M.O. since I last saw him on video about 6 years ago.
And I enjoy him, in that he is a riveting, charismatic presenter, and he’s kind of good looking if you like that ‘big’ all round smiley American look!
One of Robbins ideas really resonated with me, when I saw him 6 years or so ago.
He stated that:
If you do a good job – you get bad results!
If you do a great job – you get good results!
If you do an outstanding job – you get great results!
Let’s think for a moment, or for several moments! about the amazing Olympic athletes – from both the Olympic Games and the Paralympics Games. Did they do a good job? No they did an outstanding job.
Being successful as all the Olympians were truly successful even to be competing in the Games in the first place – was and is, massively emotionally and psychologically driven. Their success has to be how they individually think and feel and believe in the first place for any of them to ever get up off their bums and get going.
What you and I discuss and explore together is all about resolving – successfully and finally – psychological and emotional problems.
We need our goal to get us up off our bums and achieve successfully and finally our own resolution, just as the athletes had a goal to compete in the Games and to win a medal. The athletes will have kept their goal continuously, day by day, hour by hour, and through their gruelling hours of training fully in their sight.
I have talked a few times already about our motivation to be successful. And that two of the things which drive our motivation to really succeed are our reasons and our purposes.
Encarta Dictionary: reason – an explanation or justification for something.
Encarta Dictionary: purpose – the desire and the resolve necessary to accomplish a goal.
I’ve added dictionary definitions of reason and purpose, to help you focus on the terms.
You have a problem, we all have a problem. The problem can become like the untidy, messy cupboard!
Whatever the problem you have, (the one which you are thinking of right now) – let’s say the problem is for example: feeling nervous in certain situations, being fearful in some situations, lack of sleeping well, stressed, disturbed in a relationship – whatever your problem part of the lack of motivation to ‘get up off your bum’ is you’ve learnt to live with it!
Like the untidy cupboard, which we cannot really shut the door on, but we adjust to, learn to live with it, and yet it claims our attention maybe daily, calling out: Tidy Me!
As Laura, (name changed) who lost her hair with what was diagnosed as Androgenetic Alopecia, (an incurable disease she was told) and has now grown her own hair and grown her own way through her Work with me said:
“….You see, I had learnt to live with a wounded soul and I was so afraid to have any expectation for myself to heal – in case I could never be healed.
I once heard someone say something like: ‘If you’ve got to know the devil, it’s better than a god you may never know…’ These words kind of made sense as I’d made the ‘devil’, or maybe more accurately what ‘bedevilled’ me work for me, or so I believed!”
So maybe you will enjoy my Golden Bullets on reasons and purposes:
• Separate out your reasons to resolve your problem from your purposes to resolve your problem
• Your reasons will be explainable e.g. A reason for me to sleep well is that it’s healthier.
• Your purposes will be your desires e.g. A purpose for me to sleep well is I want energy to run with the winds and jump around for joy…..
• Keep working on your two equally important lists of reasons and purposes for you to resolve your problem. This will help to grow your motivation to Olympic athlete size!
• And all the time keep your eye firmly on your goal! Just like an Olympian…
Thinking of you warmly
Sally Stubbs
Cures that Endure

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Lets Make & Keep The Changes

Wednesday, May 2nd, 2012


I once heard a therapist, Tony Robbins, have you heard of him, talking about motivation. I liked what he had to say a lot. But, not totally!

He did say: ‘Never treat a client for free, as payment is part of the motivation!’

What I did like was Robbins saying that if we put in good effort we get bad, mediocre results.

If we put in outstanding effort we get great results. Effort gets born out of our energy, and energy comes from our ‘nailed down’ reasons and purpose to make the change.

We know all this stuff in terms of  a sports coach. The coach does not sit behind their newspaper with a cuppa and a ciggie saying languidly: “yeah, if you want, do another rep……”

The coach is out there with us jumping around ‘barking’ commands. The coach knows their reasons inside out, the coach wants a winner. What else does the coach know?  They want the satisfaction of having a winner, they want the accolades, they want people to be proud of their achievements (there wouldn’t be a winner without the greatness of the coach) they want their family to be proud of them, they want promotion, they want………. Loads more reasons………… Their reasons could be entirely altruistic, maybe they do not want to be in the ‘lime light’, their reasons could well be that their athlete/team have suffered as the ‘underdog’ and the coach wants their athletes to prove that the world was wrong! Proving ‘the world wrong’ is a mighty reason to achieve

. But, when we suffer an emotional or psychological problem, we pretty much have to be our own coach. No matter how encouraging our friends, colleagues, family may be, we’ve got to find our own energy from within.

That’s where I come in; I am an outstandingly good coach. I assist you to discover and feel and utilise your energy inside of you to be motivated to achieve.

My audio courses spend 10 minutes, or so, a day for 10 days, really getting into the details of reasons to make the changes from a problem state to a lasting goal state. You can make a start, whatever problem you choose to resolve, you can make a start on getting your energy ‘up’ to achieve the results you want. Write down your reasons to achieve your goal. Your reason could well be wholly or partly private. It’s always good to keep your writing private to begin with at least.

A great tip is to ask: What are my reasons to achieve ‘this’ my goal? Not: Why do I want to achieve ‘this’ my goal? Why questions tend to go around in circles when we are considering psychological and emotional problems.

Here’s a simple example: I want to sleep well What are my reasons to sleep well? (Go for your reasons, rather than ‘My wife/husband/parents will be happier …’)

• I want more energy.

• I want to have nice looking skin, instead of looking grey and drawn.

• I want to go out and socialise instead of being too exhausted…. I’m losing my friends……. I want to keep my friends……

• I want to stop being grumpy at work…..

• I want to stop being annoyed with my partner………..and so on……….

Next take each reason and ask: What’s my purpose in wanting more energy? A: Oh for goodness sake….. I will feel better!!! (Fair enough I want to feel better) What’s my purpose in wanting nice looking skin? A: Well, I feel more confident and buoyant with nice looking skin. This strategy may seem kindergarten stuff to you. It isn’t! Keep going with it, you’ll be surprised; some very different, deeper important reasons will emerge for you, and really get you ready to ‘roll up your sleeves’ and do something…….

Goal setting and gaining the deep insights into your reasons and purposes for achieving are vital first steps. Part of the next step is achieving the full on belief that you will achieve.

So much of our obstacles to achieving resolutions and permanent cure to problems are these deep unconscious beliefs that block our way to successful cure.

Thinking of you warmly.