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Tuesday, June 10th, 2014
Sally Stubbs

Sally Stubbs

You Can Fully Resolve What is Stopping You – Being Your Extraordinary ‘Self’

Let us recap together:

So: what is it exactly that stops us being the Extraordinary Self we were Born to Be?

What stops us are the ‘stains’ – which really we never wanted or needed that have ‘invaded’ our ‘Pristine Mansion’
‘Stains’ – that create the ‘stink’ of the ‘painful’ lack of self esteem, the nervousness & fears, the not sleeping, the ‘ground hog day’ of worrying & stressing, the ‘I can’t say “No!”, the horrid anger that explodes onto others & implodes into our heart, our guts…..the painful isolation, the ‘no-one gets me’, & so on & so on…………

The ‘Pain’ makes us so alone.
The isolation of the ‘Pain’.
The dread of the ‘Pain’ being there – on & on…….
So alone.
Remote – even from our Self.
The hope of swallowing that ‘pill’ – that will make us feel better about our self.
The hope of thinking positive – breathing to be free of it all.
Feel better in our skin.
The hope we’ll speak up – say “No!” – sleep peacefully – join in – know we are welcomed – wake up to a new life…….
Then the despair – because we keep on waiting for the freedom to begin.
Whilst waiting – we cannot truly give – we cannot truly withhold.

You Can Engage Your Impassioned, Heartfelt Life!

I cannot ‘Polish’ your Amazing ‘Mansion’ for you!
Nor would I!

Some Therapists believe they can! They are Oh, so well meaning! “I’ll do it for you” they say. They want to help – of course they do but it is YOU who must work at changing your ‘self’.

Only you have rightful dominion in your ‘Mansion’ – your wondrous Unconscious mind.

I Guide you – You do the ‘Polishing’ and You restore your self to your rightful ‘Pristine’ state. And – You feel Empowered.

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Sally Stubbs
‘Cures that Endure’


Thursday, February 14th, 2013


Sally Stubbs

Sally Stubbs

No More Pussy Footing Around


Great, we’re ‘getting off the fence’ as regards suffering! Real horrific suffering.
Pain, can also be the distress and anguish of our ‘collective unconscious’
Dr. John Sarno calls it ‘The Epidemic of Mind Body Disorders.’
This is a story about Debbie (not her real name).
I’m off the ‘fence’ and ‘shooting from the hip here’!
Debbie is 28 years old; she was diagnosed ten years ago with depression and prescribed anti depressants.
Three of her friends have been clients of mine, and all three have been urging Debbie to come and see me, which she did.
I have total respect for Debbie, in that she had to make a journey of over two hours driving to get to Keswick. Getting out of bed in the morning is an absolute ‘nightmare’ because her body, she said ‘weighs a ton’. She does not want to wake up.
Debbie’s pretty face and eyes are like a solid, frozen ‘mask’
Debbie had already told me on the phone that she had completely lost her “me”, and she constantly feels totally numb.
In my ‘world’ Debbie’s problem is not depression. Her problem is clearly that she lost her “me”, which is more than likely the cause of her feeling constantly totally numb.
Because of the mammoth effort she made to get to Keswick I said I wanted to ‘shoot from the hip’ Debbie nodded her head in agreement.
So I asked what happened about ten years ago.
“My Mum died” said Debbie, telling that she was very, very close to her Mum.
Still ‘shooting from the hip’ (I would normally go around the edges of a problem state, and never ask for a memory) I asked: “What is your last memory of your Mum?”
Debbie: “I am sitting beside my Mum, she is lying in the bed and she is dying.”
Believe me, I personally totally understand such great, great loss. And it is absolutely necessary for us to grieve for the sake of our heart and mind.
But the loss of “me” and chronic numbness is not a part of grief.
Debbie is in a “T Minus One” This is the moment that Debbie ‘Froze’ in an unsuccessful attempt to stop the next moment – of her Dear Mum’s death.
This is the moment that Debbie lost her “me” and went into feeling numb.
Simplistically Debbie’s “me” is still, as her memory tells us, sitting by her dying Mum’s bed………
Our Work together for me and Debbie, would be to very carefully assist her “me” to ‘leave’ that chair where her “me” is still sitting………
And she could have done this with one of my audio courses/treatments. But she now needs a bit of me as she believes that her numbness has, over the years, become too dense for her self to make the effort.
I believe that Debbie’s story will make sense to you.
I believe her story will somehow help you.
So, here’s my ‘shoot from the hip’ thought: Wouldn’t it be perfect if our well meaning well intentioned doctors would say, instead of: “You’re depressed, here is your medication.”
“You are in “T Minus One” I’ll phone a therapist for you who Works this way…..”
Ten years of such suffering for Debbie, and others, it’s heart wrenching………..please visit you will be warmly welcomed.
Thinking of you Warmly

My personal and private e mail: please feel free to contact me:


Wednesday, March 7th, 2012

Here comes Spring and life is abounding with great good opportunities for us all, but this is really hard, if not at times impossible, for our mind to even contemplate seeing and hearing, let alone acting upon, when we are suffering a problem.

Last week a client said something really awesome to me; it stopped me in my stride! My client was working on a problem he had about the painful hurt he was suffering in a close and important relationship. I asked him: “What do you want to achieve?” He replied; “I want to have meekness.”

I never ever make suppositions about any of my work either in my recorded treatments or my 1:1 work. But I was struck by his word ‘meekness’. I asked him what he meant by meekness? He said that: Meekness is the ability to see clearly and to not mind ..”


In other words – to be in a place and space in our mind to no longer be responding from ‘pain’ and hurt, and therefore to not respond inappropriately by either ‘withdrawing into a bleak hiding mood’ or getting into a ‘fury’ – turning to food – feeling frightened, nervous – tossing and turning all night……….that endless circle of not knowing whether to blame them, (or blame something) or take the blame our self.

Considering ‘meekness’ as a response is not me or my client being naïve! It is about seeing clearly – not minding – and having time to respond appropriately. By appropriately that means from a ‘clean’ clear place that is in the present free of hurt or ‘pain’ from our past.
So, I think his take on ‘meekness’ is truly awesome.

How can we begin to do this? Here’s a strategy for you to work with: Pause for a few moments, even though you’re hurting, and ask does this hurt of mine belong to this moment or some earlier life experience? (You’ll know if it belongs to a younger life experience because you’ll have had the feelings before, the feelings won’t be brand new, there will be a familiar ‘knot’ of ‘pain’ in your stomach, chest, heart, throat….)

Once you realise this is familiar ‘pain’ the strategy is to acknowledge it by saying convincingly to yourself “That’s Right! That really did hurt me …when I was aged about…… “(You’ll know about how old you were…) So, in ‘honouring’ your past ‘pain’ you help yourself not to hide and withdraw into a mood or get angry with them, or angry with whatever is going on for you in the present – and you also help to ease, and even begin to resolve, a past ‘pain’ with which you got ‘stuck’.

You’ll be a very welcome visitor to

Thinking of you warmlySally