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Monday, April 14th, 2014
Derwent Water

Derwent Water

OK – so: on the left side of your page you have written the problem that you want to Resolve – the Resolution of which will achieve your Beautiful Dream. We’ve been discussing the ‘how’ to take the right ‘steps’ and journey from left to right across the page to where you have written your Goal, your Beautiful Dream, Successfully Achieved.

Before we go any further in bringing solutions & resolutions to ‘blocks’ to your success, which we might encounter on the trip ‘across the page’, it’s really worth us revisiting these three powerful, focusing of attention, questions:

• What do I really want for my life?

• What would give me fulfilment and meaning?

• What will make me truly happy?

Answering these questions, as a flow of consciousness, is invaluable to helping us on the journey of transforming our lives. Our answers give our mind that clear focus on: “What am I doing this for?” What is really important in ‘journeying’ to achieve your Beautiful Dream is that you take the right steps.

In my Rapha Therapy Audio Courses I ‘walk’ alongside you ensuring the ‘journey’ is comfortable as you learn the right ‘steps’ to take to make your Beautiful Dream authentic, valid & real.

My understanding is that no matter what our Goal – no matter what our Beautiful Dream is, once we do fully Resolve the Problem, the: Not Sleeping – The Nervousness – The Anxiety – The Fears – The Anger – The Worrying & Stress…… we are then free to feel ‘at home’ with our ‘self’. So: we’re on the journey ‘across the page’ of ‘cleaning up’ (thoroughly, once & for all!) the ‘stains’ of imposed negative beliefs, that came to us from others, which have been blocking the ‘path’ to successfully achieving our Beautiful Dream.

I said last week that we would explore a strategy to ‘fast track’ changing and thoroughly deconstructing these types of negative, self invalidating beliefs.  This first ‘Fast Track Strategy’ is elegantly and safely utilising deliberate shock* . Shock to the mind-brain will “Interrupt the Patterns” of unwanted, unproductive ways of thinking/believing. These unwanted thoughts/beliefs will then deconstruct. Do read on -it’s totally safe and amusing. Therapy can be! Not a lot of people know that! “Interrupting the Patterns” is just one of the many, many Strategies that RAPHA Therapy incorporates. *(Ref: Dr. M. Erickson, Dr. E. Rossi: Effective Approaches to Mind-Body Communication)

FAST TRACK STRATEGY ONE (Strategy Two next week) A few people have said to me: ‘This is whacky! but it really works!’. Taking each negative belief (those which impede your journey) one at a time, giving each one three or four days, intentionally speak the belief out loud. Give the words a Grand Whammy, loud, loads of energy – and as you’re speaking the negative belief out loud –  and you’re as loud and energetic as you know you can be – chuck some cold water in your face – then immediately start to jump up & down – and at the same time sing out loud a really daft ridiculous song, or a favourite up-beat song, that has good feelings attached to it. And ‘What?’ you may well ask – are we achieving here? We are safely, deliberately and successfully creating a shock to the mind-brain. It’s like when we’re busy doing something, watching TV, reading – anything and someone (usually a well meaning but thoughtless jerk!) suddenly shouts loudly or chucks cold water at us! We ‘jump’ – however the important point is, when something like that happens, we forget what we were thinking. The mind-brain – forgets. And after you’ve repeated this fun exercise 3-5 times a day for three or four days – your mind-brain will not be able to find this negative belief again. And you, of course, will be delighted. The deal is, after a few days the belief will have deconstructed and should it come into your memory it will ‘sound’ ridiculous; it will have lost it’s ‘sting’ to invalidate you. Enjoy – have fun! Let me know how much you laughed.

The Aim: Is for you to forget, forever, those ridiculous repeating patterns of self invalidating negative beliefs. So  now it’s up to you to enjoy discovering your own new positive self validating beliefs. Then the noise in your mind will be replaced by harmonious sound.

Thinking of you positively…….

Sally Sally Stubbs Rapha Therapy System – Cures that Endure

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Lets Make & Keep The Changes

Wednesday, May 2nd, 2012


I once heard a therapist, Tony Robbins, have you heard of him, talking about motivation. I liked what he had to say a lot. But, not totally!

He did say: ‘Never treat a client for free, as payment is part of the motivation!’

What I did like was Robbins saying that if we put in good effort we get bad, mediocre results.

If we put in outstanding effort we get great results. Effort gets born out of our energy, and energy comes from our ‘nailed down’ reasons and purpose to make the change.

We know all this stuff in terms of  a sports coach. The coach does not sit behind their newspaper with a cuppa and a ciggie saying languidly: “yeah, if you want, do another rep……”

The coach is out there with us jumping around ‘barking’ commands. The coach knows their reasons inside out, the coach wants a winner. What else does the coach know?  They want the satisfaction of having a winner, they want the accolades, they want people to be proud of their achievements (there wouldn’t be a winner without the greatness of the coach) they want their family to be proud of them, they want promotion, they want………. Loads more reasons………… Their reasons could be entirely altruistic, maybe they do not want to be in the ‘lime light’, their reasons could well be that their athlete/team have suffered as the ‘underdog’ and the coach wants their athletes to prove that the world was wrong! Proving ‘the world wrong’ is a mighty reason to achieve

. But, when we suffer an emotional or psychological problem, we pretty much have to be our own coach. No matter how encouraging our friends, colleagues, family may be, we’ve got to find our own energy from within.

That’s where I come in; I am an outstandingly good coach. I assist you to discover and feel and utilise your energy inside of you to be motivated to achieve.

My audio courses spend 10 minutes, or so, a day for 10 days, really getting into the details of reasons to make the changes from a problem state to a lasting goal state. You can make a start, whatever problem you choose to resolve, you can make a start on getting your energy ‘up’ to achieve the results you want. Write down your reasons to achieve your goal. Your reason could well be wholly or partly private. It’s always good to keep your writing private to begin with at least.

A great tip is to ask: What are my reasons to achieve ‘this’ my goal? Not: Why do I want to achieve ‘this’ my goal? Why questions tend to go around in circles when we are considering psychological and emotional problems.

Here’s a simple example: I want to sleep well What are my reasons to sleep well? (Go for your reasons, rather than ‘My wife/husband/parents will be happier …’)

• I want more energy.

• I want to have nice looking skin, instead of looking grey and drawn.

• I want to go out and socialise instead of being too exhausted…. I’m losing my friends……. I want to keep my friends……

• I want to stop being grumpy at work…..

• I want to stop being annoyed with my partner………..and so on……….

Next take each reason and ask: What’s my purpose in wanting more energy? A: Oh for goodness sake….. I will feel better!!! (Fair enough I want to feel better) What’s my purpose in wanting nice looking skin? A: Well, I feel more confident and buoyant with nice looking skin. This strategy may seem kindergarten stuff to you. It isn’t! Keep going with it, you’ll be surprised; some very different, deeper important reasons will emerge for you, and really get you ready to ‘roll up your sleeves’ and do something…….

Goal setting and gaining the deep insights into your reasons and purposes for achieving are vital first steps. Part of the next step is achieving the full on belief that you will achieve.

So much of our obstacles to achieving resolutions and permanent cure to problems are these deep unconscious beliefs that block our way to successful cure.

Thinking of you warmly.