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Monday, November 17th, 2014
Rapha Therapy

Rapha Hypnosis Therapy

Meet Adam: Cured of his Anxiety with Rapha Therapy:

And may I ask you – how is the outside weather for you today?
Here in the Lakes outside – it’s Glorious – calm and mellow, azure blue skies – autumn leaves, wearing their gowns of fiery colours – fly and dance through the air.
And my inside weather is just the same!

Mellow along with feelings of excitement, like the flight and dancing of the leaves……….
I’d like you to meet Adam on this short video. He is 32 years old – and rarely, since he was 19, has his inside ‘weather’ matched that of ‘mellow’ glorious Lake District days.
Outside would be wonderful – (We Lakes folk can be quite boring – in that we like, even enjoy, rain and snow and mud!!)

– and Adam’s ‘inside weather’, at the very thought of going out, going somewhere new – would overwhelm him with anxiety.
Adam – at the very young age of just nine – had a Heart Transplant. I feel we are really privileged that he has come along to talk to us.
If you’ve seen my two videos ‘Keep Your Self in the Picture’ and – ‘Staying in the Picture’, what I’m about to say will make total, total sense.
If you haven’t seen them – please, please do go and watch.
It was not the Trauma of such profound, life saving surgery that ‘caused’ Adam’s anxiety to trigger up and overwhelm him when he was aged 19.

It was the ‘fragment of his young self’ age nine – prior to his life saving surgery – ‘who’ got ‘stuck’ in time with anxiety and panic.
I hope you feel awed, as I do, by Adam – as you watch and listen to him.
And now that he is Free of anxiety and panic and is really growing in Confidence – thanks only to RAPHA – my Heart is full of delight for him that he can now thoroughly celebrate his life – a life that he fought so hard for.
Adam doesn’t just want to help transplant patients – he wants to help you too – so please email him in confidence any questions via my private email:
He will be back to talk to us again.

Soon: I will be making a series of short video blogs – to tell you exactly how RAPHA works to permanently Cure – mind-emotional problems. I’m very excited about doing those videos.

Oh! and our offer – (£20.00 OFF all Boxed Sets of 5 CD courses) available until end of January 2015 only from our website: 

Type the word – video – at the check out and the discount will automatically be applied.
Do please email me  if you’re uncertain which one is right for you, or for your Auntie, or your teenager or friend.
Wishing you inner Freedom to happily be your self…….

Sally Stubbs
Rapha Therapy  – ‘Cures that Endure’



Monday, August 11th, 2014

Catbells in FebruaryI have a truly Authentic feeling that this particular letter to you – is Wow! Awesome!

A lovely young man contacted me recently – questioning one of my letters – saying:

“I don’t know how to find my self!  It’s hiding!”

Indeed the lovely young man was right – one of our protective mechanisms when we’ve had a few “Ouches!” that hurt – and the “OUCHES!!” like a sum – add up and get big and more painful – our self will go into ‘hiding’.

I’ll just generalize here – so what I’m about to say may not resonate fully with you – as of course we are all Unique. I’ll generalize by calling the important fragment of our self that goes into hiding as a protection from more “Ouches!!” is our ‘sensitive self’.
Absolutely our ‘sensitive’ self wants and needs to withdraw and go into hiding – However – the point is – that eventually – or sooner or later – our ‘sensitive’ self has a kind of ambiguity about hiding away. Our ‘sensitive’ self wants to stay there in hiding – it’s safer here – and it also wants to be found & freed – to live life. Yet it is fearful to be Free – it may get loads more “Ouches!!”

The ambiguity causes our ‘sensitive’ self to produce our symptoms – such as our ‘Ground Hog Day’ – nervousness, our worrying, our not saying “NO!!” to people, to food – our not sleeping – our anxiety – our stressing……..
In the ‘hiding place’ time moves in a circle – time is ‘stuck’ hence the replaying day after day of the same old same old symptoms.

OF COURSE YOU WANT RID OF THE SYMPTOMS – they’re ruining your life!

But the Symptoms will not be banished – they will Permanently Resolve – once we discover our ‘self’ who is hiding away – and free our self to be our self!
Our Symptoms – will safely and comfortably guide and lead us on a journey of discovery – to find and discover our hiding or lost self.

And – that is exactly what my Work does – on CD & MP3 -and flash drive. Half an hour a day for 40 days.

As Gary keeps on saying “It’s a fun journey” It’s unlike any other Therapeutic Work – it does not ‘get rid of symptoms’ – The Symptoms Permanently Resolve when we find heal & free our hiding or lost self – and in doing so we reclaim:
our Amazing Mo-Jo……………..




Monday, August 4th, 2014


Sally Stubbs

Sally Stubbs

Found Your Mo-Jo?
How is your Mo-Jo? I really hope you’re close to finding it, because when we’ve rediscovered our Mo-Jo – it means we’ve ‘freed’ our self so we can happily be our self.

You may have read some of what I want to talk about today in one of my previous letters. Sorry, but I believe its worthy of repeating!

Thanks for your patience with my ‘doggedness’!

You Want to be Happier
We all want to be even happier, it is part of our human need to grow into our potential for happiness and success, and our potential is massive, our potential is immeasurable, our potential is way, way beyond our limiting beliefs…….

Countless people are suffering, really suffering, emotionally and psychologically.

Personal freedom is important to all of us. I don’t mean the lack of freedom which so many of us suffer in those countries where we are the victims of the vagaries of government, which is disgraceful and horrific of course, but this is not my expertise.

My expertise: my full on energy: is to put an end to our emotional and psychological suffering, and for us all to have, to experience, and to celebrate, the freedom to be our ‘self’.

Finding & Freeing Your ‘Self’

Nearly all of us got ‘stuck’ somewhere in our life, in trauma, in crisis, or in a feeling of ‘catastrophe’ and that ‘stuck’ place put an end to our freedom to be our self, because of fear. Fear that the ‘next moment’ in time will become worse, or even be dangerous & destructive to our self.

Whilst part of our self is ‘stuck’ we are not wholly free, free to be our self! Part of our self got lost in some horrid emotional ‘prison’ of stinky, toxic self beliefs and dodgy, often painful feelings.

Let me speak to you again about more of this, because emotional and psychological suffering is huge amongst us humans and is truly a huge subject for us all to consider.

Next time I’d like to talk with you about ‘Why?’ we got ‘stuck’ in time and then about: how we can move towards true and real freedom, to be our self. Happy in our ‘own skin’ and free to grow in our potential……..
How to Find & Free Your Self & be Fully Happy ‘in your own skin’

A little bit more on the ‘why’ we got stuck next week – PLUS plenty for you on ‘how’ to be ‘unstuck’ AND free!

Thinking of you warmly


Monday, June 30th, 2014
Borrowdale Valley: Keswick

Borrowdale Valley: Keswick

You Might Be Wondering……..

How you can relate in a way that will be truly positive and useful to you – or to someone you dearly care about; to ‘Sarah’s’ Story of her ‘Lost Hope’. Well: whatever it is you may have ‘lost’ during your life’s experiences it is likely that you will need that lost something to really achieve Your Authentic, Valid, Real, Beautiful Dream.

Maybe you also ‘lost’ your hope, or was it your enthusiasm, or your own self belief – or something similar?

Ask Your Self this Simple Question
This question will help you Find – what it is you ‘lost’ that you need to recover in order to achieve your Authentic Beautiful Dream:

And – when I lost my (hope, enthusiasm, self belief whatever it was….) whereabouts did I ‘lose’ it?
Whereabouts could it be?”

‘Sarah’ answered “I ‘lost’ all my hope in the kitchen that day…..when my husband was yelling & shrieking………”

Whatever it was for you it may not have all got’ lost’ at once – it may have fragmented – and ‘gone away’ during a number of experiences for you. Let the question help you find the fragments.

Ask your ‘self’ – “And – what could it be like when it got ‘lost’? You’ll discover your own metaphor – and connect with what you’ve ‘lost’ through it.

Like ‘Sarah’:

Q:And – when your hope was ‘lost’ in the kitchen that day – what could your hope be like?”
A: “It’s like a mist floating around.”

Q: (you can just keep asking a few times And – what else could there be about….?) “And – what else could there be about a mist that’s floating around?
A: “It’s green & shimmering.”

Q:And – what else could there be about your hope that’s a mist that’s green & shimmering?”
A: “It’s like green shimmering sparkly gossamer –  I want to wear it again.”

‘Sarah’ wears her hope once again – like green shimmering gossamer.

Truly it can be that easy.

And that’s one of the reasons that ‘Sarah’ is now – and will continue to be sparkly – instead of depressed.

Reuniting with what you ‘lost’ – enables you to achieve Your Authentic Beautiful Dream – My easy to learn Audio Courses – Guide you to do this.

I was going to talk this week about the ‘psycho-physical’ aspect of my RAPHA System to Successfully & Permanently Achieve your Beautiful Dream.

I got carried away today with my Mission to Guide you to Find what you ‘lost’! Next week hey!

Wishing you reunited with what you ‘lost’ that you need to Achieve Your Own Beautiful Dream’.
Oh and the 20% discount off all my courses finishes at the end of June: check them out here.


‘Cures that Endure’


Your Self Esteem…….Believe in Your ‘Self’

Thursday, May 30th, 2013

Sally with fish

Let’s talk some more about my friend the Little Girl and what she has to say.
Because, whatever problem any of us may be suffering – her wisdom is wondrously universal. Her wisdom will assist any of us to gain insights as to how we can return to be our pristine, resourceful, happy ‘self’.

So my friend the Little Girl, you may remember I’ve spoken of her a few times before. She has been talking to me about what she calls ‘blind spots’.
She said: “You can have blind spots about your self and about other people and situations. Blind spots happen when you have an ‘Ouch’ sometimes a huge ‘Ouch’. Some ‘Ouches’ are small and they can add up, like a sum, to a big ‘Ouch’ Blind spots are made of horrid stuff – that’s not real Tho’ they feel real until you see thru’ them.”
Bear with me please – this is such pure information, and can make for such huge valuable & really important changes.
She and I talked for a couple of hours about ‘blind spots’ and I’m about to have the great impudence to précis our talk!!
OK – examples are the simplest way to précis.
Your parent, parents, teacher, friend, sibling communicates to your ‘self’:
“Your (self is) stupid – ugly – useless – a failure – unacceptable…………. A waste of space.” You know these communications hey? You can add to my list if you like!
Hearing this stinky stuff – or sometimes seeing it in a glare from an eye – Your self feels ‘Ouch’
Add a few ‘Ouches’ together, and like a sum, there is a big ‘Ouch’ and your ‘self’ – your real beautiful bright useful acceptable ‘self’ goes into hiding, withdraws.
And your ‘self’ often takes your MoJo with it – into hiding. Your MoJo – becomes hidden unavailable. Why would our ‘self’ hide our MoJo? Simplistically, we hide our MoJo as an attempt to protect our self from more ‘Ouches’
The ‘blind spot’ pitches up so you no longer see your real beautiful bright useful acceptable ‘self’.
The ‘blind spot’ was created out of a non real, non true substance from a wrong communication, which caused an ‘Ouch’, from parent, teacher, friend, sibling.
By the way, seeing thru’ the wrong communication does not take away the good parts from your Mum, Dad, friend, teacher……. We can know the truth: “this person, these people, were wrong – AND – they have good qualities & intentions.
So why would you bother to restore your self to ‘it’s’ rightful place and state of harmony, by you discovering how to do this? So that your ‘self’ can and will experience a fulfilled life
Because when our ‘self’ is withdrawn, holding back, in hiding we are living a half life.
So how can you begin to restore your self to ‘its’ rightful place of being safe, acceptable, beautiful, and therefore successful?

Get started on my half an hour a day for forty days courses on Cd or MP3 download. Money back guarantee. Have a look at the website:  Is this a sales pitch? Absolutely it is! Why? Because I have a dream to end all emotional suffering and we can achieve this by restoring the right & rightful control back to the ‘self’.
There’s a sample track: from Gain Self Esteem as a delicious ‘taster’ for you: on You Tube. This is one track of 15 of the whole course.
I did ‘the course’ nearly 30 years ago. I know how my ‘self’ suffered when ‘it’ was hiding. Why 40 days, why half an hour a day? – this is not fast food therapy – this is lasting – your ‘self’ needs real nourishment to feel safe to be free – to be your self.
You will comfortably find and restore your self. Your self has your MoJo which once you’ve found it enables you to be and do what you want.
I’ve mentioned Jon before: Jon contacted me; he wanted to do one of my courses and did not know which one. He said: “My problem is I’m really stupid.” Although he is a successful business man, and he has two university Degrees, nice family and second home in France, he believed he was really stupid. I said: “I understand you believe you are stupid.” This was Jon’s belief. Beliefs are not the truth – they control us from inside – The belief took Jon half an hour a day for 10 days of the 40 day course to untangle, differentiate, and then resolve and change. We cannot change the density of a self belief by suddenly saying every day: “I’m really clever & I’m really bright” The belief “I’m stupid” is still there churning away
He did my 40 day CD course Gain Self Esteem. He found his ‘self’!
Please feel free to contact me if you would like my advice:  I am here to help.
Once we find and restore our self to ‘it’s’ rightful place, we easily become the ‘ever vigilant guardian of our ‘inner’ space – meaning the ‘Ouches’ from others no longer can enter our ‘inner space’ Just as we do not allow others to enter our home and dump their ‘muck’ in our living room!!
Thinking of you warmly

Sally Stubbs
Cures that Endure

Lets Make & Keep The Changes

Wednesday, May 2nd, 2012


I once heard a therapist, Tony Robbins, have you heard of him, talking about motivation. I liked what he had to say a lot. But, not totally!

He did say: ‘Never treat a client for free, as payment is part of the motivation!’

What I did like was Robbins saying that if we put in good effort we get bad, mediocre results.

If we put in outstanding effort we get great results. Effort gets born out of our energy, and energy comes from our ‘nailed down’ reasons and purpose to make the change.

We know all this stuff in terms of  a sports coach. The coach does not sit behind their newspaper with a cuppa and a ciggie saying languidly: “yeah, if you want, do another rep……”

The coach is out there with us jumping around ‘barking’ commands. The coach knows their reasons inside out, the coach wants a winner. What else does the coach know?  They want the satisfaction of having a winner, they want the accolades, they want people to be proud of their achievements (there wouldn’t be a winner without the greatness of the coach) they want their family to be proud of them, they want promotion, they want………. Loads more reasons………… Their reasons could be entirely altruistic, maybe they do not want to be in the ‘lime light’, their reasons could well be that their athlete/team have suffered as the ‘underdog’ and the coach wants their athletes to prove that the world was wrong! Proving ‘the world wrong’ is a mighty reason to achieve

. But, when we suffer an emotional or psychological problem, we pretty much have to be our own coach. No matter how encouraging our friends, colleagues, family may be, we’ve got to find our own energy from within.

That’s where I come in; I am an outstandingly good coach. I assist you to discover and feel and utilise your energy inside of you to be motivated to achieve.

My audio courses spend 10 minutes, or so, a day for 10 days, really getting into the details of reasons to make the changes from a problem state to a lasting goal state. You can make a start, whatever problem you choose to resolve, you can make a start on getting your energy ‘up’ to achieve the results you want. Write down your reasons to achieve your goal. Your reason could well be wholly or partly private. It’s always good to keep your writing private to begin with at least.

A great tip is to ask: What are my reasons to achieve ‘this’ my goal? Not: Why do I want to achieve ‘this’ my goal? Why questions tend to go around in circles when we are considering psychological and emotional problems.

Here’s a simple example: I want to sleep well What are my reasons to sleep well? (Go for your reasons, rather than ‘My wife/husband/parents will be happier …’)

• I want more energy.

• I want to have nice looking skin, instead of looking grey and drawn.

• I want to go out and socialise instead of being too exhausted…. I’m losing my friends……. I want to keep my friends……

• I want to stop being grumpy at work…..

• I want to stop being annoyed with my partner………..and so on……….

Next take each reason and ask: What’s my purpose in wanting more energy? A: Oh for goodness sake….. I will feel better!!! (Fair enough I want to feel better) What’s my purpose in wanting nice looking skin? A: Well, I feel more confident and buoyant with nice looking skin. This strategy may seem kindergarten stuff to you. It isn’t! Keep going with it, you’ll be surprised; some very different, deeper important reasons will emerge for you, and really get you ready to ‘roll up your sleeves’ and do something…….

Goal setting and gaining the deep insights into your reasons and purposes for achieving are vital first steps. Part of the next step is achieving the full on belief that you will achieve.

So much of our obstacles to achieving resolutions and permanent cure to problems are these deep unconscious beliefs that block our way to successful cure.

Thinking of you warmly.





How Yoga Can Improve Your Self Confidence

Monday, May 23rd, 2011
Hatha Yoga is good for the soul

Try Hatha Yoga for inner peace and outer calm.

In the early 1980’s I was very fortunate to study Hatha Yoga with a man who had established ‘The Centre for Human Communication’ in England. This gentleman had spent many years in India learning not only Hatha Yoga but also studying Sanskrit, which I loved. I was able, through his teaching of Sanskrit, to gain an understanding of the meaning of the language of yoga. It was then that I began to consider the connection between Yoga, particularly Hatha Yoga, and self confidence.
Along with my studies and practice of hypnotherapy and psychotherapy and the psychology of Hatha Yoga I have developed my remarkable course available as a set of 5 CD’s or as MP3 download from my web site; Gain Self Confidence.
This course, as are all my other courses, is in depth and detailed sufficient to bring about lasting Self Confidence for you.
To achieve this depth and for you to get resolution, you will need to allow 30 minutes a day for 40 days.
Before we go any further we need to remind ourselves of the meaning of the Sanskrit words yoga and Hatha, since this will enable us to begin to learn about the absolute and inspiring connection with self confidence, and our infinite potential.
Yoga means oneness, unity, perfection. And Hatha, meaning the realm of duality, contains two words ha and tha. In Sanskrit ha – is the sun, the noumenal, and tha – is the moon, the phenomenal.
Unity means yoga, and yoga means unity.
The connection between Yoga and self confidence
If like many others, you lack self confidence, then this normally means that there is a lack of unity within yourself that causes the dissension and disharmony with the world around you. Unity needs to be experienced within our self in order to experience yoga, or unity with the world around you.
The question for me therefore from all those years ago was…
“How does our lack of confidence or lack of belief come about and how can we grow to a state of unity, yoga, from a state of duality, Hatha?”
Jung teachings state that the anima (the feminine component, or ha in both males and females) and animus (the masculine component, tha, also in both males and females) act as guides to the unconscious unified self, (yoga) and that forming an awareness and a connection with the anima and animus is one of the most rewarding steps in psychological growth.
This means that the lack of unity between our anima and animus fundamentally contributes to our lack of self confidence – let me give you some examples:
Our animus states: I want to apply for that job; I want to give that performance. Our anima hides with: ‘Oh, I can’t, I can’t….’
Our anima will state: I will make that speech, I will give that presentation. Our animus declares ‘No way….’
Now we are stuck, we have an inner turmoil, which will prevent us from taking our desired action. We feel angry at our failure, or we feel withdrawn so metaphorically speaking we put a bag over our heads, never to be seen again. We feel frightened or anxious and stagnate in the vicious cycle of an inner battle. We believe we are a failure as we have an inner communication breakdown which literally blocks us from taking right action. We have an inner: ‘I want’ battling with an: ‘I can’t’.
So, you may be wondering, “What, has this to do with self confidence?”
The dictionary informs us that confidence is: belief in our abilities.
To achieve complete and inner harmonious confidence about any ability, we need one hundred percent belief in our self. Practically speaking how can we change the: ‘I want – but I can’t’ and bring about inner belief, certainty, harmony and therefore confidence?
In terms of our Hatha Yoga practice we can consider and ponder upon the fact that much of Hatha Yoga practice is designed to free our inner communication blocks.
Hatha yoga is the method by which we can transcend the opposites of our inner life and achieve oneness, no more push, pull, I want, I can’t turmoil. This will mean unity of our mind and therefore a perfect stability of our action. Hatha yoga practices and discipline our Asana’s, (postures and exercises) are to remove communication blocks, to harmonise our personality and to bring about a stillness and certainty of our mind. That being said, we will not gain the self confidence we need in certain aspects of our life through our practice of Asana’s. However, yoga will help you to balance and unify the energies of the mind and remove your communication blocks.
Now you know how to remove your communication blocks. My next blog will look at how my strategies on the Gain Confidence and Self Esteem course will help you clarify your self confidence goal, identify positive reasons to achieve you goal which will help to get you motivated, and thirdly believe that you will succeed.

Sally  please feel free to contact me direct

Self Confidence – Recipe for Success

Wednesday, May 18th, 2011

Self Confidence – recipe for success
Successful people ooze self confidence; this probably explains why so much psychological research has been done to identify what it is that all successful people have in common. And by successful, the research ranged from someone wanting to be successful in their home life, family, health, relationships, or creative work, or community work, or to the massive corporate businesses such as Bill Gates Microsoft, Marc Allen New World Library, and Jack Canfield Chicken Soup for the Soul.
I’m going to use this blog to let you into their secret, and help you to apply these positive strategies to your own situation so that you can successfully grow your own unique self confidence.
Here goes… in order to successfully grow your own confidence you need to do three things:
Number 1 – know what you want, this means that you need to set yourself a comprehensive goal.
You may have three goals or a ‘dozen’ goals, you may feel overwhelmed by the number of goals that you want to achieve. You need to take one goal at a time, perhaps a small one to begin with. Write it down; continue to refine your goal as you go along.
Number 2 – know your reasons or purposes to succeed as you need to know this in order to remain fully motivated.
You need to really know your purposes since this will help you to focus on your motivation for achieving your goal. As all behaviour has a purpose, behaviour does not have meaning as such, behaviour has purpose, knowing your own unique purposes to gain self confidence, will really ‘spring board’ you towards achieving your goal successfully.
Number 3 – you must believe that you will succeed.
Once you have these three things you will then have the self confidence to accomplish what you want.
You will need to work to change your negative beliefs. Our beliefs are driving a massive part of our behaviour. If we believe we can, we can. If we believe we can’t, we can’t.

Here are some practical tips on how to accomplish these tasks and use them to improve your self confidence.

Setting your goal
Always write your goal in the positive. Let’s take the example of going for a job interview, to illustrate what I mean, write something like: I will be confidently calm and strong and feel inner harmony when I am communicating with interviewers’ rather than; ‘I won’t be nervous and tongue tied when I am communicating’ Why? Because, simplistically our amazing brain will respond to an instruction to be calm, strong, and have inner harmony. Rather than responding to an instruction to not be nervous and tongue tied.
Our brain is amazing, but it will see and hear, ‘be nervous and tongue tied’. Just as you have done as you have been reading this!
Once you have decided what your goal is you need to speak your goal, out loud, several times. As you speak, the vitally important thing for you to do is to be very aware of any inner objections, (which will be negative beliefs,) either in your feelings or your thoughts. An objection could be something like a knotted stomach, or a negative ‘I can’t do that…’ thought.

Know your purpose
So, this is about you getting really focused and motivated, with loads of energy to move you onwards to successfully achieve your goal. As I’ve said, deeply knowing your own purposes will assist your motivation.
You may be thinking that your purposes to gain self confidence are obvious? No they aren’t, your purposes will contain nuances and fine details unique to you.
So, let us consider my example of having the confidence to go for that job interview. Your goal is to be confidently calm and strong and feel inner harmony when you’re communicating with interviewers.
So, you need to then ask yourself: What is my purpose in wanting to be confidently calm and strong and feel inner harmony when I’m communicating with interviewers?
My example answer: This will really help me in my career.
Keep asking, to really get to your depth of purpose: What is my purpose in really wanting to get on with my career?
Answer: My family and friends will be proud of me.
I urge you to keep on asking the same question, and the same for each of your purposes, until you maybe get a ‘Ting’ moment, which gives you a deeper understanding of your purposes than you’d thought of before. In my simple example, the ‘Ting’ moment is like this: ‘Wow, I hadn’t realised that I want my family and friends to feel proud of me!’
I urge you to make notes about your purposes.
This is a very simplistic example, I so hope it lets you realise the depths and importance of really knowing your own purposes.
Believe in yourself
The problem with this is that many of our beliefs are unconscious, that is we do not consciously know we have them. How can you first know, and then deconstruct your unconscious negative beliefs, specifically about achieving your goal?
Seriously, achieving this can be tricky on your own; it can be like ‘pulling yourself up by your own boot laces’. You may want to consider my course on gaining self confidence, which is assisting you to work comfortably with your own unconscious beliefs, an amazing thing to do. Unconscious belief systems can be tricky because the ‘language’ is of the unconscious.
Take your time to write notes by asking questions of all the objections. Ask: Where does that objection come from? As you learn the history of the negative beliefs, you will be able to deconstruct them.
Along with my studies and practice of hypnotherapy and psychotherapy I have developed my remarkable course available as a set of 5 CD’s or as MP3 download from my web site; Gain Self Confidence.
This course, as do all my other courses, covers in depth and detail all of these points sufficient to bring about lasting Self Confidence for you.
To achieve this depth and for you to get resolution, you will need to allow 30 minutes a day for 40 days.
I wish you every success and an inner experience of unity, harmony and peace. I know you can