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Monday, April 14th, 2014
Derwent Water

Derwent Water

OK – so: on the left side of your page you have written the problem that you want to Resolve – the Resolution of which will achieve your Beautiful Dream. We’ve been discussing the ‘how’ to take the right ‘steps’ and journey from left to right across the page to where you have written your Goal, your Beautiful Dream, Successfully Achieved.

Before we go any further in bringing solutions & resolutions to ‘blocks’ to your success, which we might encounter on the trip ‘across the page’, it’s really worth us revisiting these three powerful, focusing of attention, questions:

• What do I really want for my life?

• What would give me fulfilment and meaning?

• What will make me truly happy?

Answering these questions, as a flow of consciousness, is invaluable to helping us on the journey of transforming our lives. Our answers give our mind that clear focus on: “What am I doing this for?” What is really important in ‘journeying’ to achieve your Beautiful Dream is that you take the right steps.

In my Rapha Therapy Audio Courses I ‘walk’ alongside you ensuring the ‘journey’ is comfortable as you learn the right ‘steps’ to take to make your Beautiful Dream authentic, valid & real.

My understanding is that no matter what our Goal – no matter what our Beautiful Dream is, once we do fully Resolve the Problem, the: Not Sleeping – The Nervousness – The Anxiety – The Fears – The Anger – The Worrying & Stress…… we are then free to feel ‘at home’ with our ‘self’. So: we’re on the journey ‘across the page’ of ‘cleaning up’ (thoroughly, once & for all!) the ‘stains’ of imposed negative beliefs, that came to us from others, which have been blocking the ‘path’ to successfully achieving our Beautiful Dream.

I said last week that we would explore a strategy to ‘fast track’ changing and thoroughly deconstructing these types of negative, self invalidating beliefs.  This first ‘Fast Track Strategy’ is elegantly and safely utilising deliberate shock* . Shock to the mind-brain will “Interrupt the Patterns” of unwanted, unproductive ways of thinking/believing. These unwanted thoughts/beliefs will then deconstruct. Do read on -it’s totally safe and amusing. Therapy can be! Not a lot of people know that! “Interrupting the Patterns” is just one of the many, many Strategies that RAPHA Therapy incorporates. *(Ref: Dr. M. Erickson, Dr. E. Rossi: Effective Approaches to Mind-Body Communication)

FAST TRACK STRATEGY ONE (Strategy Two next week) A few people have said to me: ‘This is whacky! but it really works!’. Taking each negative belief (those which impede your journey) one at a time, giving each one three or four days, intentionally speak the belief out loud. Give the words a Grand Whammy, loud, loads of energy – and as you’re speaking the negative belief out loud –  and you’re as loud and energetic as you know you can be – chuck some cold water in your face – then immediately start to jump up & down – and at the same time sing out loud a really daft ridiculous song, or a favourite up-beat song, that has good feelings attached to it. And ‘What?’ you may well ask – are we achieving here? We are safely, deliberately and successfully creating a shock to the mind-brain. It’s like when we’re busy doing something, watching TV, reading – anything and someone (usually a well meaning but thoughtless jerk!) suddenly shouts loudly or chucks cold water at us! We ‘jump’ – however the important point is, when something like that happens, we forget what we were thinking. The mind-brain – forgets. And after you’ve repeated this fun exercise 3-5 times a day for three or four days – your mind-brain will not be able to find this negative belief again. And you, of course, will be delighted. The deal is, after a few days the belief will have deconstructed and should it come into your memory it will ‘sound’ ridiculous; it will have lost it’s ‘sting’ to invalidate you. Enjoy – have fun! Let me know how much you laughed.

The Aim: Is for you to forget, forever, those ridiculous repeating patterns of self invalidating negative beliefs. So  now it’s up to you to enjoy discovering your own new positive self validating beliefs. Then the noise in your mind will be replaced by harmonious sound.

Thinking of you positively…….

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