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Solutions to Stress

Monday, November 26th, 2018

Let’s consider that Stress is a ‘result’ – and that something – is the ‘cause’.

Sally Stubbs

Our ‘modern’ mistake is,  we believe,  the ‘cause’ of our stress is something ‘outside’,  something in our life.  Such as?  Well, here is the official list offered by medical sites:

  • Divorce
  • Moving
  • Job loss
  • Money problems

Let us consider that 0.2 million years ago, our amazing ancestors, as homo sapiens were hunter gatherers. Our fabulous brain stress response, flooding our body with cortisol, adrenaline etc. saved our lives. We stopped thinking! We are too late if we stop to think: “That’s a huge tiger!” We move without thought, to fight the tiger or run like ‘you would not believe’!  And as we fight or run the fabulously adapted body uses up its flood of neurotransmitters. That, behaviour, in a nutshell, is healthy.


When we think stressfully, the kind of thinking that is like an emotional ‘ground hog day’ – the same damn thing over and over and over again – our body is stuck in a chronic state of unused cortisol – which can cause many, many health problems, here are a few examples:

  • Inflammation
  • A compromised immune system
  • Digestion issues
  • Lower bone density in women
  • Loss of libido and sleep
  • Stronger emotional reactions from weariness to anxiety and agitation.

So, let us respect our amazing bodies.

How? –  learn to think differently – the result will be – so worth it – we will be oh so much happier and healthier. Next time I want to talk on HOW we can – LEARN – to think differently.

It’s Truly Important we ‘learn’ to Stop Stressing!

Thursday, November 22nd, 2018

STRESS………………what do we really know about this ‘state’ called STRESS?

Well, our magnificent researchers have let us know that being stressed is a major cause of nearly all illnesses; so it’s truly important that we ‘learn’ to stop stressing!

The Rapha Therapy System & The Role of Metaphor

Monday, April 20th, 2015
Sally Stubbs

Sally Stubbs

I made myself smile hugely as I thought to call this video for you:

Then realized you might not want to ‘go anywhere near’ what’s in a nut shell – the nut!! (the link to the video is at the bottom of this page)
Well: that idiom means: to ‘describe in as few words as possible’.
And – yeah…. I’ve done it! The video is 7 and a half minutes as I know your time is precious – and you are busy I’m sure.
So I’d say this video is BIG NEWS! – a rare opportunity for me to describe for you – in a ‘nut shell’!!! – my 30 years of rigorous, robust, enjoyable work and passion to fulfill my Vision to create my RAPHA Therapy System – which permanently – (worth repeating) – permanently – Resolves mind-emotional problems, suffering and ‘pain’.
Here’s my understanding of RAPHA:
RAPHA Rocks!
And, when you journey with me on one of my RAPHA Audio Courses – (take a look at my available courses –  there are more to come) – you take a safe, rewarding, self-empowering journey into your very own inner worlds – you mobilise your own dormant or hidden inner strengths, resources, and inner self certainty – changing your thinking and your feelings and how you are, so you celebrate your life ‘in your skin’.
Gary Hogg has said a number of times: “It’s a fun journey!”
As you’ve perhaps got to know me – you’ll know that I am not interested in ‘quick, fast therapy’ – it does not last!
I want lasting success for you.
You also possibly know me as a really, really upbeat person? Which perhaps can socially get a bit tedious for others when they’re down or in a grump – and I focus on the light and the bright in life!
Well, I am really upbeat recently as we have just topped making connections with and reaching out to over a million people worldwide. Awesome!
Next time we’ll have a short video for you of me and ‘Scoff’ – an amazing young man who has been working with my RAPHA Audio Course ‘Solutions to Stress’.
If you’re anything like me – a small warning – Scoff will move you to a few tears – of relief!
Wishing you every success and the freedom to happily be your self………….
So … the Video: It’s here- the Four Stages to Permanent Resolution of Your Problem
Please email me privately any time I’d love to hear from you
Sally Stubbs
Rapha Therapy  “Cures that Endure”



Wednesday, May 28th, 2014


Rapha Hypnosis Therapy

Rapha Hypnosis Therapy

Pattern Interruption

A quick re-cap: Pattern Interruption Works beautifully to gain Authentic and permanent results to symptoms – such as the nervousness, the fears, the not sleeping, the inappropriate anger – and so on – when we are Working our way ‘across our page’ – to achieve our Goal Successfully.

Pattern Interruptions of course will not ‘stand alone’ – they will only Work alongside other Right Strategies – to successfully achieve our Goal – whatever our Goal such as: to sleep well: to be calm: to be confident: to be happy: to congruently say “No!” – to relate harmoniously to our self & others.

The Pattern Interruption Strategies – will finally – end – the same ‘damn’ debilitating, invalidating patterns of negative beliefs – that daily ‘haunt’ our life, that daily play round & round in our mind.

I feel sure many of you reading this are professional people.
I know that most of the professional bodies require their members to carry out Continued Professional Development.

Have you considered that you can use one of my audio therapy courses as ‘self-directed learning’ in your Personal Development Plan?

So: from Gaining Self Confidence to Engendering Harmonious Relationships to Curing Insomnia and Solving Stress – hence performing better, all my courses are applicable to your professional development. They take half an hour a day for 40 days – effortless and fun!

Win – Win’ for you and your employer whilst satisfying your professional body.

Please accept my gift – “Let the Breeze Blow In” – It’s a ‘taste’ of what I do – plus it’s very ‘nourishing’ for you. It lasts just over 20 minutes. Take these 20 minutes just for yourself – and ‘polish’ your amazing ‘Mansion’ of your wonderful Unconscious Mind.


‘Polly’ Doesn’t ‘have’ to Sing!

‘Polly’ had been feeling anxious. ‘Polly’ has been Working ‘across the page’.

-‘the page’: On the left hand side is written ‘the problem’ on the right hand side is written ‘The Goal’ – the journey ‘across the page’ attends to the details in the Right Way of the ‘blocks’ to what has stopped us in the past from achieving our Goal. This ‘journey’ will achieve successful permanent, positive results.

Last week ‘Polly’ and I spoke. ‘Pattern Interruption’’ was to be one of the strategies. ‘Polly’ decided to warn everyone at work to be prepared for some sudden unannounced outbursts of loud raucous singing!

We spoke again today, a week on – It’s been a week free of negative belief thought patterns. A week completely free of anxiety for ‘Polly’.

The really funny thing is: ‘Polly’ told his mind: “if you have any of those daft thoughts again – I’m going to sing very loudly – even at work!”

He didn’t have to sing – he didn’t have any of those thoughts! What fun is that! And No – ‘Polly’ wasn’t embarrassed to sing out loud – he’s a professional singer – musician – entertainer!



Rapha Therapy Treatment – ‘Cures that Endure’

Eat Grasshopper Therapy!

Friday, May 4th, 2012

You want to lose weight, eat grasshoppers!
You want to cure a problem – insomnia, anger, stress, nervousness, fearfulness…….cure anything else, eat grasshoppers!
This just bobbed up into my conscious mind – and where ‘on earth’ did that come from!!
We could say stuff like:
Lord knows…..
It just came from (that place called) nowhere!!
Where did it actually come from, like anything else, it came from my unconscious mind of course.
However, I’ve sat here looking out across the river, admired a couple of bounding around bouncy red squirrels, wondering: What is that about, the, you want to lose weight eat grasshoppers, you want to cure any problem eat grasshoppers?
I’ve had such a laugh thinking: eat grasshoppers, stir in eye of a newt, add powdered chicken bones, bang a drum and cure your problems!!
But, humour aside, the answers coming from my unconscious to my question: What is that all about, are awesome, they are blowing me away.
Such simple answers, and that’s the beauty of it, the pure simplicity.
I’ve got an idea here, to ask you to let me know what you think that is about?
That would be great to hear your thoughts…..
At first I thought, whoa, my unconscious is playing around, a bit of a light hearted prank! Fair enough…….
Not so!
Sorry, to be harping on, as my Mum would say to me, but I think this is really awesomely ‘sexy’ – so strap in, ready?
Simples: It’s a belief! It’s a belief!
We buy into masses and masses of ludicrous beliefs – like: diets cure our problematical relationship with food, no they don’t – our unconscious mind does that not diets.
Like – (oops here it is – ‘a Sally Soap Box Moment’)….. the pharmaceutical companies products will cure our insomnia, fears, panic, numbness, anxieties……. It’s bunkum!
I guess I won’t be popular with the pharmaceutical companies then!
Do I care?
Yes actually I do, I care that so, so many of us are totally well meaning but we bought into The Emperor’s new Clothes! And that is truly sad.

Along with around 1,000 other people last summer Mike & I watched: The Acclaimed Therapist’, (TAT), of stage & TV screen, doing, on stage, an EFT demonstration to cure a young woman of a phobia!
Tap, Tap, Tap he went – asking her to sing loudly Happy Birthday at the same time as he tapped, tapped, tapped her gorgeous body (quite saucy really!!)
Are you cured now, he repeatedly asked.
Are You Cured Now? TAT was getting het up, Tapping increased in vigour!
“No!” she said, her pleading voice telling him several times about her “T minus one” (which she didn’t actually realise she was ‘stuck in time)’ But she was not buying into this EFT belief system, despite TAT’s world renown fame.
Finally he told her to go on to his website and buy his I Will Cure Your Phobia CDs.
(TAT., TAT…..what makes you believe you’re so powerful that YOU can cure people? No you can’t, people cure themselves with the right, clean strategies… You Muppet!)
TAT is charismatic, well meaning I believe – but wake up TAT really!!
Wake up.

I nearly ran onto that stage like the little kid in the legend and said; You’re not wearing any clothes!! I reckon politeness held me back – I regret the lost opportunity….
Any way, 998 people loudly applauded TAT’s performance. We all then meandered off for coffee – and as Mike & I were hanging out with the 998 people they were all whispering: He ain’t wearing any clothes.
Mike and I said: Bu***r – lost opportunity there.
Beliefs do not cure us. Beliefs (like these) can & do mask or hold back the problem. The problem is still there, ‘humming’ away deep in the unconscious mind looking for another ‘way out’.
This is not an ‘armchair’ theory; this is 30 years of keen observation and rigourous study.
I’ll add to this ‘beliefs do not cure us’ another time
Changing our negative beliefs which block us from the truth that we can be cured opens the door for us to then access within our unconscious what our unconscious needs or needs to have happen, needs to know or understand needs to resolve and heal to then move time and finally be free of the problem……
And you know, talking with you, I’ve realised that it was not politeness that kept me off that stage!
You see, if 998 people believed TAT was wearing Grand New Clothes, it would have got really messy for me……
Today I would just do it!

Sally Stubbs
e mail: