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It’s Truly Important we ‘learn’ to Stop Stressing!

Thursday, November 22nd, 2018

STRESS………………what do we really know about this ‘state’ called STRESS?

Well, our magnificent researchers have let us know that being stressed is a major cause of nearly all illnesses; so it’s truly important that we ‘learn’ to stop stressing!

It Really Is SO Important to Apply Large Doses of ‘Self Kindness’

Thursday, November 26th, 2015
Sally Stubbs

Sally Stubbs


I reckon that I was ready to be an Outstandingly Brilliant Psychotherapist by the age of around 10!!
OK:  I will share this with you, however, please be careful with me because I am speaking truly from the depths of my Heart.

My Dad is one of my Greatest heroes, he is a gentle man, he is filled with strength and wisdom.
SO – when I was aged around 10 years old – what I thought was his absolutely ‘NUTS’ behaviour, absolutely ‘NUTS’ – he would regular beat his hand upon his chest declaring:
“Mea Culpa, Mea Culpa, Mea Maxima Culpa” (Through my fault, through my fault, through my most grievous fault)

I don’t think he ever accepted the truth – that the deaths of all those young men on The D Day Normandy Beach was not his fault.

Yes PTSD did exist after WW II (and before) we just hadn’t invented the term back then!

Yeah, by the age of 10 I was ‘stealing’ books from the library to try and learn about all this Crazy Stuff – called guilt, shame, failure……… (I did take all the books back to the library!! I had to ‘steal’ these books as the librarians said I was too young to borrow them!!)

All this is touching upon the question I raise here in my short video clip for you: Who is our self who needs our own kindness?

The brief answer is: The part or fragment of our self who has felt and been hurt, pained or wounded.
It is the wounded part of our self who feels nervous, stressed, anxious, a failure, the shame and the guilt, the not able to say “No!”.
All you need to do to begin to bring some peace and harmony within yourself is to be kind to your own wounded self.

And to continue the healing process for your ‘wounded’ self – just go and begin one of my half an hour a day for forty days – RAPHA Therapy courses. There will be one that will work successfully for what you need so you will be happy in your skin, free to be the self you’re born to be.

Oh and once again, well worth repeating, this superb question from an author whose name, I’m sorry I did not note:
“Tell me, what do you plan for your one precious wild life?”

Wishing you the freedom to be your own self’s Kind friend to celebrate your life.


Sally Stubbs

Rapha Therapy Cures that Endure

“I don’t think there is any such thing as an ordinary mortal. Everybody has his own possibility of rapture in the experience of life. All he has to do is recognize it and then cultivate it and get going with it. I always feel uncomfortable when people speak about ordinary mortals because I’ve never met an ordinary man, woman, or child.”

― Joseph Campbell, The Power of Myth

I say: “Absolutely – here, here………”



Monday, June 30th, 2014
Borrowdale Valley: Keswick

Borrowdale Valley: Keswick

You Might Be Wondering……..

How you can relate in a way that will be truly positive and useful to you – or to someone you dearly care about; to ‘Sarah’s’ Story of her ‘Lost Hope’. Well: whatever it is you may have ‘lost’ during your life’s experiences it is likely that you will need that lost something to really achieve Your Authentic, Valid, Real, Beautiful Dream.

Maybe you also ‘lost’ your hope, or was it your enthusiasm, or your own self belief – or something similar?

Ask Your Self this Simple Question
This question will help you Find – what it is you ‘lost’ that you need to recover in order to achieve your Authentic Beautiful Dream:

And – when I lost my (hope, enthusiasm, self belief whatever it was….) whereabouts did I ‘lose’ it?
Whereabouts could it be?”

‘Sarah’ answered “I ‘lost’ all my hope in the kitchen that day…..when my husband was yelling & shrieking………”

Whatever it was for you it may not have all got’ lost’ at once – it may have fragmented – and ‘gone away’ during a number of experiences for you. Let the question help you find the fragments.

Ask your ‘self’ – “And – what could it be like when it got ‘lost’? You’ll discover your own metaphor – and connect with what you’ve ‘lost’ through it.

Like ‘Sarah’:

Q:And – when your hope was ‘lost’ in the kitchen that day – what could your hope be like?”
A: “It’s like a mist floating around.”

Q: (you can just keep asking a few times And – what else could there be about….?) “And – what else could there be about a mist that’s floating around?
A: “It’s green & shimmering.”

Q:And – what else could there be about your hope that’s a mist that’s green & shimmering?”
A: “It’s like green shimmering sparkly gossamer –  I want to wear it again.”

‘Sarah’ wears her hope once again – like green shimmering gossamer.

Truly it can be that easy.

And that’s one of the reasons that ‘Sarah’ is now – and will continue to be sparkly – instead of depressed.

Reuniting with what you ‘lost’ – enables you to achieve Your Authentic Beautiful Dream – My easy to learn Audio Courses – Guide you to do this.

I was going to talk this week about the ‘psycho-physical’ aspect of my RAPHA System to Successfully & Permanently Achieve your Beautiful Dream.

I got carried away today with my Mission to Guide you to Find what you ‘lost’! Next week hey!

Wishing you reunited with what you ‘lost’ that you need to Achieve Your Own Beautiful Dream’.
Oh and the 20% discount off all my courses finishes at the end of June: check them out here.


‘Cures that Endure’



Wednesday, January 30th, 2013
getting out of a rut!

getting out of a rut!

Are you stuck in a rut?

Remember the two frogs in our story?

One of them is hopping around, in circles, in a deep rut made by heavy passing traffic. The thing is, the frog hid in the rut when the passing heavy traffic got too much, too scary.
The other frog shouts down to him: “Hey, why don’t you come up here, it’s much nicer and there’s plenty of food.” The frog down below looks up: “I can’t get out.” “I’ll give you a hand,” says the other frog. “Leave me alone, I’m fine, I find food down here.” “OK,” says the second frog, “But there’s much more space up here to explore and see and hear different things, and feel the sun and the breeze. And good food not the garbage you’ve got down there. And you’ll sleep better out here.” “I’ve got everything I need down here.” says the hopping around in his lonely hole frog.
“What about companionship with other frogs?” “Oh friends pass by above me and I see them distantly for a while.”
The second frog heaves a frog sigh and bounces off.
When we are stuck in a ‘rut’ – and by ‘a rut’ I mean the symptoms which cause us emotional ‘pain’ such as:
• being disconnected from our self and from others
• of relating badly to our food,
• of being afraid,
• feeling nervous
• panicky
• stressed
• of not sleeping well
– and so on – our wonderful well meaning friends will ask of us, with great concern: Why don’t you think happy thoughts? Why don’t you just go out and socialise? Why don’t you learn about which are the healthy foods?
Because our friends’ are wonderful and caring and what they ask of us makes perfect sense – we maybe try the happy thoughts or the socialising for a while. None of it is lasting, because part of us is still ‘stuck’.
Unlike our first frog – we do not want to wait for a major crisis coming along in our life to make us move out of ‘where we are stuck’.
The ‘Why’ questions do not work to help us to really move out of our ‘stuck state’.
Let’s try as an example: – “Why don’t you think happy thoughts?”
“Because I’ve tried that and failed, it doesn’t last. Because I don’t actually feel happy when I make myself have happy thoughts!”
Conversely the goal setting question does work – it is the beginning point to be able to move ‘out of the stuck’ place
Our goal gives us a place to go to – otherwise we won’t move. We would never get out of our chair unless we had a goal – even to go and make a hot drink!
I have talked about this question before; it’s well worth another viewing!
Here it is, ask yourself:
“And – what do I want to have happen?” (Mark this because it’s the Golden Bullet of this letter)
Because this is an unusual question – you will get unusual responses from yourself.
Go for it! Write it down. Be spontaneous. Have a flow of consciousness – or ‘nail it’ straight away.
I am talking here about emotional and psychological goals, such as:
“I want to stop feeling depressed, angry, lonely, misunderstood. I want to be myself – I want to know myself, find myself. I want to be free to be me. I want to sleep well. I want to be happy in my own skin……..”

Write it down. Ponder on your goal. We can all do this goal setting regularly. It is part of our humanness to want to ‘move on’ in our immeasurable potential!
Next – you need your purposes and reasons for wanting your goal – without these our mind will not make the move to change. Write them down.
We would not get out of our chair to make a hot drink – unless we had reasons – the obvious – “I’m thirsty!” “I need a break from my chair!!”

Please enjoy my gift to you which I have posted on You Tube called –’ It’s a Breeze’ – This 20 minute story I recorded to really help you clear your mind – freeing your mind to think clearly and be focused on your goal and your reasons and purposes to want to achieve your goal.
It’s a Breeze helps you communicate with the ‘latent’ wisdom and resources of your unconscious mind, assisting you to move towards your goal.
Also for those of you who are not familiar with my Work which can be 1:1 – or my half an hour a day for 40 day CD / MP3 audio courses, please check out my life changing material here.


Thinking of You Warmly

Sally Stubbs
Cures that Endure