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Solutions to Stress

Monday, November 26th, 2018

Let’s consider that Stress is a ‘result’ – and that something – is the ‘cause’.

Sally Stubbs

Our ‘modern’ mistake is,  we believe,  the ‘cause’ of our stress is something ‘outside’,  something in our life.  Such as?  Well, here is the official list offered by medical sites:

  • Divorce
  • Moving
  • Job loss
  • Money problems

Let us consider that 0.2 million years ago, our amazing ancestors, as homo sapiens were hunter gatherers. Our fabulous brain stress response, flooding our body with cortisol, adrenaline etc. saved our lives. We stopped thinking! We are too late if we stop to think: “That’s a huge tiger!” We move without thought, to fight the tiger or run like ‘you would not believe’!  And as we fight or run the fabulously adapted body uses up its flood of neurotransmitters. That, behaviour, in a nutshell, is healthy.


When we think stressfully, the kind of thinking that is like an emotional ‘ground hog day’ – the same damn thing over and over and over again – our body is stuck in a chronic state of unused cortisol – which can cause many, many health problems, here are a few examples:

  • Inflammation
  • A compromised immune system
  • Digestion issues
  • Lower bone density in women
  • Loss of libido and sleep
  • Stronger emotional reactions from weariness to anxiety and agitation.

So, let us respect our amazing bodies.

How? –  learn to think differently – the result will be – so worth it – we will be oh so much happier and healthier. Next time I want to talk on HOW we can – LEARN – to think differently.