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Monday, April 14th, 2014
Derwent Water

Derwent Water

OK – so: on the left side of your page you have written the problem that you want to Resolve – the Resolution of which will achieve your Beautiful Dream. We’ve been discussing the ‘how’ to take the right ‘steps’ and journey from left to right across the page to where you have written your Goal, your Beautiful Dream, Successfully Achieved.

Before we go any further in bringing solutions & resolutions to ‘blocks’ to your success, which we might encounter on the trip ‘across the page’, it’s really worth us revisiting these three powerful, focusing of attention, questions:

• What do I really want for my life?

• What would give me fulfilment and meaning?

• What will make me truly happy?

Answering these questions, as a flow of consciousness, is invaluable to helping us on the journey of transforming our lives. Our answers give our mind that clear focus on: “What am I doing this for?” What is really important in ‘journeying’ to achieve your Beautiful Dream is that you take the right steps.

In my Rapha Therapy Audio Courses I ‘walk’ alongside you ensuring the ‘journey’ is comfortable as you learn the right ‘steps’ to take to make your Beautiful Dream authentic, valid & real.

My understanding is that no matter what our Goal – no matter what our Beautiful Dream is, once we do fully Resolve the Problem, the: Not Sleeping – The Nervousness – The Anxiety – The Fears – The Anger – The Worrying & Stress…… we are then free to feel ‘at home’ with our ‘self’. So: we’re on the journey ‘across the page’ of ‘cleaning up’ (thoroughly, once & for all!) the ‘stains’ of imposed negative beliefs, that came to us from others, which have been blocking the ‘path’ to successfully achieving our Beautiful Dream.

I said last week that we would explore a strategy to ‘fast track’ changing and thoroughly deconstructing these types of negative, self invalidating beliefs.  This first ‘Fast Track Strategy’ is elegantly and safely utilising deliberate shock* . Shock to the mind-brain will “Interrupt the Patterns” of unwanted, unproductive ways of thinking/believing. These unwanted thoughts/beliefs will then deconstruct. Do read on -it’s totally safe and amusing. Therapy can be! Not a lot of people know that! “Interrupting the Patterns” is just one of the many, many Strategies that RAPHA Therapy incorporates. *(Ref: Dr. M. Erickson, Dr. E. Rossi: Effective Approaches to Mind-Body Communication)

FAST TRACK STRATEGY ONE (Strategy Two next week) A few people have said to me: ‘This is whacky! but it really works!’. Taking each negative belief (those which impede your journey) one at a time, giving each one three or four days, intentionally speak the belief out loud. Give the words a Grand Whammy, loud, loads of energy – and as you’re speaking the negative belief out loud –  and you’re as loud and energetic as you know you can be – chuck some cold water in your face – then immediately start to jump up & down – and at the same time sing out loud a really daft ridiculous song, or a favourite up-beat song, that has good feelings attached to it. And ‘What?’ you may well ask – are we achieving here? We are safely, deliberately and successfully creating a shock to the mind-brain. It’s like when we’re busy doing something, watching TV, reading – anything and someone (usually a well meaning but thoughtless jerk!) suddenly shouts loudly or chucks cold water at us! We ‘jump’ – however the important point is, when something like that happens, we forget what we were thinking. The mind-brain – forgets. And after you’ve repeated this fun exercise 3-5 times a day for three or four days – your mind-brain will not be able to find this negative belief again. And you, of course, will be delighted. The deal is, after a few days the belief will have deconstructed and should it come into your memory it will ‘sound’ ridiculous; it will have lost it’s ‘sting’ to invalidate you. Enjoy – have fun! Let me know how much you laughed.

The Aim: Is for you to forget, forever, those ridiculous repeating patterns of self invalidating negative beliefs. So  now it’s up to you to enjoy discovering your own new positive self validating beliefs. Then the noise in your mind will be replaced by harmonious sound.

Thinking of you positively…….

Sally Sally Stubbs Rapha Therapy System – Cures that Endure

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Monday, May 28th, 2012

But I am not the only one…… So are you, you too are a dreamer!
You are a dreamer, whatever that might be for you. I reckon we will always have dreams to fulfil.
Our dream could be of the great career, to be accomplished in an art – painter, writer, dancer, musician; to be a top athlete…..
Or to be successful in business, have loads of money and so on…….
The ‘bottom line’ foundation dream of all our dreams is to be happy and peaceful within our self.
I believe that we will always be working towards more of that dream. I know lots of really successful celebrities, and top successful business owners who, sadly, are not
Pretty much all of us will always have a dream, for others as well as for our self, so it’s a top worthy subject for us to discuss.
John Lennon’s dream was that:
Imagine all the people living life in peace…..
Great dream. Some dreams take time John……
I have a couple of top dreams.
One that I have focused on now for more than 30 years, as you may know, to Cure all emotional and psychological suffering….. Together we can do it
Where we have inner suffering we lack ‘stable’ inner peace.
We are strong, we do have courage and we do accomplish so much like the top job, we work diligently for our family, at our art, our sport….. We achieve and yet mostly we are still suffering.
Top Dream: Cure, once and for all, end of, emotional and psychological suffering.

But let us go back now to honing our Goal: (Goals are Dreams with ‘legs on’ says Marc Allen founder of New World Libraries)
The first question goes to you, meaning the question is sourced in the present:
“And what would you like to have happen?”
This is question in an unusual language and so will elicit a non usual response.
The “you” in the question can go to the ‘you’ in the present. And it can go to the original ‘owner’ of the unwanted problem. The original ‘owner’ could be, let’s say, age 6.
The answer can be what you, or the younger ‘you’ does not have, for example “I want to feel at peace with myself……”
Or, what you, or the younger ‘you’ does have, for example: “I want to stop feeling anxious and frightened.”
These simple examples of answers to the question: “And what do you want to have happen?” will incorporate the symptom, such as:
• I want to feel at peace with myself
• To relate in harmony with myself
• In my relationship.
• About food and what I eat
• To be able to sleep well
• In situations where I feel stressed
• In experiences where my stomach get all nervous
• Where I am always frightened (spiders, people, crowds…. And so on)
• When I’d normally get into a rage of anger
• At those times and events when I never have self confidence.
What I want for you – and one day that – ‘all the people – to be living life in peace’ ……within their ‘own skin’ – and with each other. Top Dream hey!
This was, and is a purpose and a reason of mine for working my ‘butt off’ for 30 years on my 40 day courses!
All of that Work in my courses ensures that you do not ‘go through’ your difficulties in any of your history. However, all my courses, for every symptom, honours and respects the difficulties within you that you have suffered – In exactly the right way for you. A vital step on your journey to cure the symptom…….
And then – my courses ‘pull back’ time to your pristine self. Reactivating the knowledge of being ‘at peace with your self…’ and brings your pristine knowledge into the present and for your future.
My heart continues to grow massively with all the great feedback I receive about all the successes of my courses…….
Please do go and have a look at them here, and there is other treatment information available on our development site
Oh, and whilst your there, do me, and yourself a favour and have a joyful minute and a half listening to our lovely niece singing on my ‘Cure Insomnia’ treatment.

My courses are communicating cleanly, safely and elegantly with the inner strengths and resources of your wise unconscious mind.
Here’s an offer for you! Your money back guaranteed if you do not gain massive successes from my course of your choice…..
5 CDs, 15 tracks to treat and cure your problem, not to listen to endlessly to manage your problem!
Thinking of you warmly

Self Confidence – Recipe for Success

Wednesday, May 18th, 2011

Self Confidence – recipe for success
Successful people ooze self confidence; this probably explains why so much psychological research has been done to identify what it is that all successful people have in common. And by successful, the research ranged from someone wanting to be successful in their home life, family, health, relationships, or creative work, or community work, or to the massive corporate businesses such as Bill Gates Microsoft, Marc Allen New World Library, and Jack Canfield Chicken Soup for the Soul.
I’m going to use this blog to let you into their secret, and help you to apply these positive strategies to your own situation so that you can successfully grow your own unique self confidence.
Here goes… in order to successfully grow your own confidence you need to do three things:
Number 1 – know what you want, this means that you need to set yourself a comprehensive goal.
You may have three goals or a ‘dozen’ goals, you may feel overwhelmed by the number of goals that you want to achieve. You need to take one goal at a time, perhaps a small one to begin with. Write it down; continue to refine your goal as you go along.
Number 2 – know your reasons or purposes to succeed as you need to know this in order to remain fully motivated.
You need to really know your purposes since this will help you to focus on your motivation for achieving your goal. As all behaviour has a purpose, behaviour does not have meaning as such, behaviour has purpose, knowing your own unique purposes to gain self confidence, will really ‘spring board’ you towards achieving your goal successfully.
Number 3 – you must believe that you will succeed.
Once you have these three things you will then have the self confidence to accomplish what you want.
You will need to work to change your negative beliefs. Our beliefs are driving a massive part of our behaviour. If we believe we can, we can. If we believe we can’t, we can’t.

Here are some practical tips on how to accomplish these tasks and use them to improve your self confidence.

Setting your goal
Always write your goal in the positive. Let’s take the example of going for a job interview, to illustrate what I mean, write something like: I will be confidently calm and strong and feel inner harmony when I am communicating with interviewers’ rather than; ‘I won’t be nervous and tongue tied when I am communicating’ Why? Because, simplistically our amazing brain will respond to an instruction to be calm, strong, and have inner harmony. Rather than responding to an instruction to not be nervous and tongue tied.
Our brain is amazing, but it will see and hear, ‘be nervous and tongue tied’. Just as you have done as you have been reading this!
Once you have decided what your goal is you need to speak your goal, out loud, several times. As you speak, the vitally important thing for you to do is to be very aware of any inner objections, (which will be negative beliefs,) either in your feelings or your thoughts. An objection could be something like a knotted stomach, or a negative ‘I can’t do that…’ thought.

Know your purpose
So, this is about you getting really focused and motivated, with loads of energy to move you onwards to successfully achieve your goal. As I’ve said, deeply knowing your own purposes will assist your motivation.
You may be thinking that your purposes to gain self confidence are obvious? No they aren’t, your purposes will contain nuances and fine details unique to you.
So, let us consider my example of having the confidence to go for that job interview. Your goal is to be confidently calm and strong and feel inner harmony when you’re communicating with interviewers.
So, you need to then ask yourself: What is my purpose in wanting to be confidently calm and strong and feel inner harmony when I’m communicating with interviewers?
My example answer: This will really help me in my career.
Keep asking, to really get to your depth of purpose: What is my purpose in really wanting to get on with my career?
Answer: My family and friends will be proud of me.
I urge you to keep on asking the same question, and the same for each of your purposes, until you maybe get a ‘Ting’ moment, which gives you a deeper understanding of your purposes than you’d thought of before. In my simple example, the ‘Ting’ moment is like this: ‘Wow, I hadn’t realised that I want my family and friends to feel proud of me!’
I urge you to make notes about your purposes.
This is a very simplistic example, I so hope it lets you realise the depths and importance of really knowing your own purposes.
Believe in yourself
The problem with this is that many of our beliefs are unconscious, that is we do not consciously know we have them. How can you first know, and then deconstruct your unconscious negative beliefs, specifically about achieving your goal?
Seriously, achieving this can be tricky on your own; it can be like ‘pulling yourself up by your own boot laces’. You may want to consider my course on gaining self confidence, which is assisting you to work comfortably with your own unconscious beliefs, an amazing thing to do. Unconscious belief systems can be tricky because the ‘language’ is of the unconscious.
Take your time to write notes by asking questions of all the objections. Ask: Where does that objection come from? As you learn the history of the negative beliefs, you will be able to deconstruct them.
Along with my studies and practice of hypnotherapy and psychotherapy I have developed my remarkable course available as a set of 5 CD’s or as MP3 download from my web site; Gain Self Confidence.
This course, as do all my other courses, covers in depth and detail all of these points sufficient to bring about lasting Self Confidence for you.
To achieve this depth and for you to get resolution, you will need to allow 30 minutes a day for 40 days.
I wish you every success and an inner experience of unity, harmony and peace. I know you can