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Make 2015 an Outstanding Year for You!

Thursday, January 8th, 2015

outstanding energy

Would you like a happier 2015?
Wikipedia quotes: “Happiness is a mental or emotional state of well-being characterized by positive or pleasant emotions ranging from contentment to intense joy”
Could our Happiness possibly be about choice?

I believe we do have the choice. I promise you from my ‘Heart’ – I am not being flippant here. And being outstandingly happy 24/7 would be ludicrous – because we do have the challenges, the uncertainties and absolutely we do have the sadness. Yet: we can learn to give straight, focused time to the challenges and the uncertainties and we can accept that it is healthy for our ‘Heart’ to feel sadness.
If we can consider briefly for a few moments – when we were babies and when we were young children – as long as we were well, warm, fed – physically comfortable And we were experiencing emotional stability, we were in a state of mental & emotional contentment – which, when we saw, heard, smelt, tasted, touched on something exciting, beautiful, intriguing, contentment could range to joy.

When we were ‘at one with our world’ and ‘our world was at one with us’ we were content…………..
Today we were going to explore – the ‘how’ to solve, resolve and ‘heal’ our ‘inner’ objections to our Happiness.

I think we need a couple more things in place before we take this step.
I’ll talk about these couple of ‘steps’ in a moment, because resolving our ‘objections’ to Happiness does take effort.

Enjoyable effort actually, because the effort has immeasurable rewards for our life – the reward being that life can be experienced as a stable inner sense of contentment – no matter the challenges and bewilderments in life.

Just to recap:
When you are answering the questions: And when I am happy – how do I know that I am happy? – and you then choose to answer the question through your own knowing – of some past experience – your thoughts and your feelings You then also ‘note’ the inner objections, such as: ‘Yeah but I’m so worrying about…’ ‘Yeah but I’m really stressing about….’ ‘Yeah but I feel ignored by this person…’ ‘Yeah but – I can’t say “No”…’ ‘Yeah but I can’t sleep…….’
Our inner objections to our Happiness are valid.

Each objection needs our careful attention – to solve resolve, and heal correctly – and permanently.
So before we explore the ‘how’ to do this – let’s spend another week – for a few minutes a day ‘firming up’ our inner ability and resourcefulness to access our thoughts and feelings of Happiness.

Ideally we would do this – access inner happiness for twenty minutes every hour & a half!

If you are the type of person who likes facts go look up my teacher Dr Ernest Rossi on google – Ultradian Rhythms. Natural rhythms in our amazing brain – every hour & a half throughout the 24 hours our brain wants & needs to rest, totally in a state of contentment for 20 minutes. None of us will take this amount of time in our – oh so busy schedules – to rest & feel content within our self – leaving the world to ‘grind on’ with its problems! You can choose to do the 20 minutes Ultradian rest once a day?

Here’s my free gift for you – my 20 minute story for you – to rest and make your life happier.
Enjoy:) Enhance Your Happiness

And the other ‘step’ for you this week:

Explore your own beliefs – you can choose to feel happy – it is a choice!

The only times happiness is not a choice are:
1) When our inner objections are not resolved with the right attention.
2) When we are literally in physical danger, when we have to ‘run like mad, or fight’.
3) When we are genuinely grieving the loss of a loved one

Wishing you enjoyment on your ‘steps’ towards your Happiness.


Where Do You Find Your ‘Self’?

Monday, September 22nd, 2014
Sally Stubbs

Sally Stubbs

 I understand that I learnt to care for and about others from my Dad……. And Yeah – my Dad is my Hero.
I do have a number of heroes – and they’re all, in my view, outstanding Revolutionary Reformists – to name a few: Martin Luther King, Nelson Mandela, William Wilberforce – and My Dad!
Makes sense doesn’t it – that we first need to find our self – particularly the ‘lost’ fragment of our self – before we can Free our self of debilitating Symptoms?
Perhaps if you’ve read some of my recent letters you’ll accept that our Debilitating Symptoms – the nervousness, the fears – the hiding away – the not saying NO! to food or others who ‘door mat’ us – the getting angry with the cat or the pots & pans – the stressing the worry – the tossing & turning at night – the feelings of failure – the not speaking up……….. all – these horrid Symptoms ‘belong’ to a lost ‘fragment’ of our self.
So – where do we go to find and then Free our ‘self’?
We don’t have to move – we just need to sit right on down in our chair – because our ‘lost’ self is inside – us.
Your Unconscious mind might well travel ‘out to the stars’ to discover just where your ‘lost’ self – took up residence – when the ‘going got really tough’ – and you don’t even have to move out of your chair!

I sat right down in my chair – this was back in 1985 – and my unconscious mind went in search of my ‘lost’ self – I found ‘her’ sitting up at the top of a favourite tree at the bottom of the garden – aged about 8.
When ‘the going had got tough’ for ‘her’ – emotionally ‘she’ took off to the tree.
I think I make sense to you? Think of it this way if you need to – lots of kids will ‘go out the window’ when the environment is boring. Right?
Their mind/self will ‘go off’ on all kinds of adventures. Grown ups are often heard to scold:
‘Pay attention when I’m talking.’
‘You’re not listening to me.’
(Grown ups used to say around me: ‘Oh, you’ll not get a word from Sally – she lives on another planet’)
Anyway once the boring stuff is over – and not before time for the kid! – their mind/self will come back.
When the stuff going on in the environment is frightening or scary – the mind/self – is not interested in ‘coming back’ – it can ‘stay out’ for a lifetime.
Sometimes the fragment of self in a frightening, scary or bewildering experience does not ‘go out’ – the fragment of self ‘takes up residence’ inside.
You’ll know this by such experiences as a knotting in the stomach – a shaking in the legs – a trembling in the heart – a closing up in the throat – a blanking in the head – a sinking in the tummy – a heaviness in the chest…….
All of these kinds of feelings denote where a ‘lost fragment of self resides’
And it is these feelings that ‘drive’ the nervousness, the fears – the hiding away – the not saying NO! to food or others who ‘door mat’ us – the getting angry with the cat or the pots & pans – the stressing the worry – the tossing & turning at night – the feelings of failure – the not speaking up………..
The ‘lost fragment of self’ that has these feelings is ‘saying’: Don’t get rid of ‘me’ – find ‘me’ and free ‘me’

And if you need help on your journey as you sit right down in your chair – I’m here for you with one of my RAPHA COURSES.
I have had a minor Rant over the years! I Love the writing of Dan Millman, James Redfield, Paulo Coelho – brilliant authors. My minor Rant is that so many books like these are indicating to the reader that you need to literally travel – to Hawaii – South America – the desert – to find your self.  Not so!
Journey Well………….


Sally Stubbs
Rapha Therapy ‘Cures that Endure’


Wednesday, August 27th, 2014

– is to help you to rise & rise into your potential – to happily enjoy being your ‘self.’
To achieve that rise you need to be free of the fear, the nervousness, the not sleeping – the feeling of not being good enough – being angry at people, angry at the cat & the cushion – to be able and strong to say “NO!” – to extra food – or people who can ‘door mat’ you…………….

An Outstanding benefit for you when you Resolve these kinds of horrible, debilitating problems (which technically I call Symptoms – as it is ‘the problem’ that is driving the Symptoms) – is Ease.
Ease in your own ‘skin’ Ease in your life.
Easily more in command, of your thoughts, feelings & responses.

I’m not being some over enthusiastic ‘Muppet’ here!! I’ve had the Symptoms!! I was fat, couldn’t sleep, nervous at the drop of a pin! Anxious……
I’m remembering that about 30 years ago – a friend invited me to supper, she said: “I’ve invited another friend called Chris for you to meet. And I’ve warned Chris – that you’ll hardly speak a word all evening.” Yeah, that hardly speaking and the rest, used to be me!

Whatever the Symptom or Symptoms you’re negotiating in your life – I want to help you to Resolve Permanently with my Audio Courses – half an hour a day for 40 days. And if done properly my Course will culminate in a life for you where you live at Ease in your ‘skin’.

When “Shit happens”
“Shit happens” is a common slang phrase; used as a simple existential observation that life can have challenging unpredictable events.
So: “Shit” can happen and you’ll be fully available to deal with it. No more crumbling, no more stomach colly-wobbling, no more getting into a fury, no more tossing & turning through the night, no more raiding the fridge / biscuit tin, no more running / hiding / procrastinating.

You will say “Shit” And – be Fully present, at ease, in command in your own thoughts, feelings & responses.
I’ve Worked rigorously during the past 30 years to develop the Rapha Road Map to Resolutions – the ‘blueprint’ to do this.

Get to Work; follow the steps with me alongside you.

Do this Great Good thing for your self.

Now, the ball is in your court.

Sally Stubbs
Rapha Therapy Cures that Endure
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Monday, August 18th, 2014




‘Funny old word’ – selfish!

The Dictionary definition: Self-centered, self-seeing, self-interested……

Then there’s a load of definitions about being egotistical. That complicates things for us – we’ll be condemned for being egotistical!

‘Selfish’ – A trader at Billingsgate London fish market!!!

The Oxford English Dictionary says the origin of the word ”selfish” begins in 1640 when a
Presbyterian archbishop coined the phrase from ”his own mint”

Seems there was no such word before 17th Century England! Makes you really think doesn’t it!

“O wad some Power the giftie gie us To see oursels as ithers see us!” Robert Burns – Scottish Poet.
I’ll have the impudence to say: “Hi, Robert, as long as those eyes seeing ‘oursels’ – see the Beauty” (Discuss!)

I like the dictionary definition bit: self-seeing.

There’s a really Great Question here:
How do we see our self?
How do you see your self?

Because a problem arises – if we truly see the Beauty of our self – we’re self-ish – and that’s bad! It, so we’ve been taught – perhaps since the 17th Century – precludes us being caring, sharing, altruistic. We have to pretty much shun seeing the Beauty of our self.

What happens inside your self when I say to you right now:

You are Beautiful.

I can ask you to pause, can I not, and read my true statement slowly – very slowly – notice with the great sensitivity I know you have – your inner self responses to:

You are Beautiful.

Maybe ask a friend to say it, congruently of course, to you – You are Beautiful……….

Notice your objections??? Notice your Resistance???

Any Objection & Resistance to this statement of Truth about your self – comes from the ‘fragment’ of your self ‘who’ went into hiding.

This ‘fragment’ of self does not believe in ‘its’ Beauty.

This ‘fragment’ of self is the ‘owner’ of present day symptoms – the fears, the nervousness, the not sleeping, the stressing the worrying………….. The feeling like a ‘door mat’, the feeling unacceptable – not good enough – not appreciated – not being able to congruently say: “NO!” to food, to certain people, the feeling angry –

Don’t try and ‘get rid of’ the symptoms. Let the symptoms assist & guide you to ‘find’ Free & Heal your hiding ‘fragment’ of your self. And then – the symptoms will be Permanently Resolved!

I’m here to help – that’s what I do – go have a look at what I do – AND what I’ve perfected during the past 30 years – I am a Veracious Guardian – Freeing & Healing the lost ‘fragments’ of self.





Monday, August 4th, 2014


Sally Stubbs

Sally Stubbs

Found Your Mo-Jo?
How is your Mo-Jo? I really hope you’re close to finding it, because when we’ve rediscovered our Mo-Jo – it means we’ve ‘freed’ our self so we can happily be our self.

You may have read some of what I want to talk about today in one of my previous letters. Sorry, but I believe its worthy of repeating!

Thanks for your patience with my ‘doggedness’!

You Want to be Happier
We all want to be even happier, it is part of our human need to grow into our potential for happiness and success, and our potential is massive, our potential is immeasurable, our potential is way, way beyond our limiting beliefs…….

Countless people are suffering, really suffering, emotionally and psychologically.

Personal freedom is important to all of us. I don’t mean the lack of freedom which so many of us suffer in those countries where we are the victims of the vagaries of government, which is disgraceful and horrific of course, but this is not my expertise.

My expertise: my full on energy: is to put an end to our emotional and psychological suffering, and for us all to have, to experience, and to celebrate, the freedom to be our ‘self’.

Finding & Freeing Your ‘Self’

Nearly all of us got ‘stuck’ somewhere in our life, in trauma, in crisis, or in a feeling of ‘catastrophe’ and that ‘stuck’ place put an end to our freedom to be our self, because of fear. Fear that the ‘next moment’ in time will become worse, or even be dangerous & destructive to our self.

Whilst part of our self is ‘stuck’ we are not wholly free, free to be our self! Part of our self got lost in some horrid emotional ‘prison’ of stinky, toxic self beliefs and dodgy, often painful feelings.

Let me speak to you again about more of this, because emotional and psychological suffering is huge amongst us humans and is truly a huge subject for us all to consider.

Next time I’d like to talk with you about ‘Why?’ we got ‘stuck’ in time and then about: how we can move towards true and real freedom, to be our self. Happy in our ‘own skin’ and free to grow in our potential……..
How to Find & Free Your Self & be Fully Happy ‘in your own skin’

A little bit more on the ‘why’ we got stuck next week – PLUS plenty for you on ‘how’ to be ‘unstuck’ AND free!

Thinking of you warmly


Monday, July 28th, 2014

outstanding energy

Your parents, teacher, friend, sibling communicated to you:

“You are stupid – you are ugly – you are useless – you are a failure – you are unacceptable…………. you are a waste of space.” (You know theses communications hey? You can add to my list!)

Hearing this stinky stuff – or sometimes seeing it in a glare from an eye – You feel a horrid, painful ‘Ouch’

Add a few ‘Ouches’ together, and like a sum, they can become a big ‘Ouch’ and your self – your real, beautiful, bright, useful, acceptable self goes into hiding, withdraws.

Your self often takes your MoJo with it – into hiding. Your MoJo – becomes hidden unavailable. Why would our self hide our MoJo? Simplistically, we hide our MoJo as an attempt to protect our self from more ‘Ouches’

A kind of ‘blind spot’ pitches up so you no longer see your real, beautiful, bright, useful, acceptable self.

The ‘blind spot’ was created out of a non real, non true substance from wrong communications, (which caused an ‘Ouch’), from parents, teacher, friend, sibling.

By the way, seeing thru’ the wrong communications does not take away the good parts from your Mum, Dad, friend, teacher, sibling……. We can know the truth: “this person, these people, were wrong – AND – they also have good qualities & intentions.

So why would you bother to restore your self to ‘it’s’ rightful place and state of harmony, by you discovering how to do this? So that your self can and will experience a fulfilled life.
Because when our self is withdrawn, holding back, in hiding we are living a half life.
So how can you begin to restore your self to ‘its’ rightful place of being safe, acceptable, beautiful, and therefore successful?

Get started on one of my half an hour a day for forty days courses on Cd or MP3 download or available soon on beautifully packaged memory stick. Money back guarantee.
Have a look at the website

Is this a sales pitch?

Absolutely it is!


Because I have a dream to end all emotional suffering, I know we can achieve this by restoring the right & rightful control back to the ‘self’.

There’s a sample track, from each of my half an hour a day for 40 days courses, as a delicious ‘taster’ for you, on You Tube.

When you ‘lose’ a fragment of your self, that is a ‘fragment’ of your self that suffered several “Ouches” – you will at some point start to suffer with a symptom or even more than one symptom, such as nervousness, lack of self esteem & confidence, feeling stressed & therefore chronic worrying, insomnia, not having the strength to say “NO!” to extra food and yo-yoing with your weight, feeling frightened……….. All these symptoms are telling you that you’ve ‘lost’ a fragment of your self. Which symptom is letting you know – you need to find, free & heal a ‘fragment’ of your self from ‘where’ your self became lost as a protection from more and bigger “Ouches!”

I did ‘the course’ nearly 30 years ago. I know how my self suffered when ‘it’ was hiding.
Why 40 days?
Why half an hour a day?
– This is not fast food therapy – this is lasting – your self needs real nourishment to feel safe to be free – to be your ‘self’.

You will comfortably find and restore your self. Your self has your MoJo which once you’ve found it enables you to be and do what you want.

Jon contacted me; he wanted to do one of my courses and did not know which one.
He said: “My problem is I’m really stupid.” Although he is a successful business man, and he has two university Degrees, nice family and second home in France, he believed he was really, really stupid.
I said: “I understand you believe you are stupid.”
This was Jon’s belief. Beliefs are not the truth – they control us from inside – The belief took Jon half an hour a day for 10 days of the 40 day course to untangle, differentiate, and then resolve & change. We cannot change the density of a self belief by suddenly saying every day: “I’m really clever & I’m really bright” The belief “I’m stupid” is still there churning away
He did my half an hour a day for 40 days CD course Gain Self Esteem. He found & freed his self!

Contact me if you would like my advice on which one of my courses is for you: on my private email      I am here to help.

Once we find and restore our self to ‘it’s’ rightful place, we easily become the ‘ever vigilant guardian of our ‘inner’ space – meaning the ‘Ouches’ from others no longer can enter our ‘inner space’ – Just as we do not allow others to enter our home and dump their ‘muck’ into our living room!!

Thinking of you warmly

Sally Stubbs
‘Cures that Endure’



Monday, July 7th, 2014


Rapha Hypnosis Therapy

Rapha Therapy

RAPHA – P is for Psycho-Physical:

You can Clean Up – all those negative debilitating beliefs – that actually do not belong to your real Authentic self.
You can find what you ‘lost’ that is really important to your ‘self.’
You can free & release the fragment of your self that got ‘stuck’ – feels ‘trapped’ in that awful emotional ‘Ground Hog Day’ – the old – ‘same damn thing over & over again.

I did!
You can.

Well one thing you can do is take the ‘journey’ that I took – though your ‘journey’ will be unique to you, to your needs and wants – and to your own Authentic Beautiful Dream.
Your ‘journey’ across your ‘page’ will be different to my ‘page’!

What Do We Have in Common with Each Other?
We have in common with each other – our psycho-physical responses – to our own negative debilitating beliefs.
Responses – to ‘what we lost’ somewhere – sometime in our life. Responses to ‘where’ in time we got ‘stuck’ or ‘trapped’
Such as: Our throat starts tightening. Our stomach begins churning. We wake up feeling a heaviness. There’s a pounding in our chest. Suddenly we’re sweating at the very thought of………. We’re trembling…….. Our voice isn’t working………… And so on……

We Need…………RAPHA.
Resilient Amalgamation of Psychophysical Healing Approaches

Which will thoroughly & permanently Resolve – the tightening – the churning – the sweating – the fearful feeling – the pounding…….
All these feelings, which our body really does feel – are Awful – truly Awful.
I know! I’ve been there.
And these feelings really do prevent us Celebrating Life – our life. Your life.

I believe I actually rant on your behalf – at least on behalf of those who suffer – and cannot be free of problems to really

Celebrate Life.

The reason I rant is that a huge percentage of Therapeutic Strategies available, and there’s a mass market of them out there – cause me excruciating horror – because they do not achieve Valid Lasting Success – and a real freeing from suffering.
We’ve been advised a number of times to put up our prices on my half an hour a day for 40 days Audio Therapy Courses.
We’re not going to!

Wishing you freedom.

‘Cures that Endure’



Monday, June 30th, 2014
Borrowdale Valley: Keswick

Borrowdale Valley: Keswick

You Might Be Wondering……..

How you can relate in a way that will be truly positive and useful to you – or to someone you dearly care about; to ‘Sarah’s’ Story of her ‘Lost Hope’. Well: whatever it is you may have ‘lost’ during your life’s experiences it is likely that you will need that lost something to really achieve Your Authentic, Valid, Real, Beautiful Dream.

Maybe you also ‘lost’ your hope, or was it your enthusiasm, or your own self belief – or something similar?

Ask Your Self this Simple Question
This question will help you Find – what it is you ‘lost’ that you need to recover in order to achieve your Authentic Beautiful Dream:

And – when I lost my (hope, enthusiasm, self belief whatever it was….) whereabouts did I ‘lose’ it?
Whereabouts could it be?”

‘Sarah’ answered “I ‘lost’ all my hope in the kitchen that day…..when my husband was yelling & shrieking………”

Whatever it was for you it may not have all got’ lost’ at once – it may have fragmented – and ‘gone away’ during a number of experiences for you. Let the question help you find the fragments.

Ask your ‘self’ – “And – what could it be like when it got ‘lost’? You’ll discover your own metaphor – and connect with what you’ve ‘lost’ through it.

Like ‘Sarah’:

Q:And – when your hope was ‘lost’ in the kitchen that day – what could your hope be like?”
A: “It’s like a mist floating around.”

Q: (you can just keep asking a few times And – what else could there be about….?) “And – what else could there be about a mist that’s floating around?
A: “It’s green & shimmering.”

Q:And – what else could there be about your hope that’s a mist that’s green & shimmering?”
A: “It’s like green shimmering sparkly gossamer –  I want to wear it again.”

‘Sarah’ wears her hope once again – like green shimmering gossamer.

Truly it can be that easy.

And that’s one of the reasons that ‘Sarah’ is now – and will continue to be sparkly – instead of depressed.

Reuniting with what you ‘lost’ – enables you to achieve Your Authentic Beautiful Dream – My easy to learn Audio Courses – Guide you to do this.

I was going to talk this week about the ‘psycho-physical’ aspect of my RAPHA System to Successfully & Permanently Achieve your Beautiful Dream.

I got carried away today with my Mission to Guide you to Find what you ‘lost’! Next week hey!

Wishing you reunited with what you ‘lost’ that you need to Achieve Your Own Beautiful Dream’.
Oh and the 20% discount off all my courses finishes at the end of June: check them out here.


‘Cures that Endure’


Kevin Fernihough Radio Cumbria 1 May 2014 discussing phobias with me

Thursday, May 1st, 2014

I Have a Problem with Most Therapy!

Monday, March 24th, 2014
Sally Stubbs

Sally Stubbs

I am going to be really Controversial here! So, ‘Yeah’ what’s new!

And I hope that what I’m about to say – will spread like ‘a wild fire’ throughout the Internet – and provoke loads of argument. I’m ‘up & fighting’ and fully ready for the arguments!

It really, really, really upsets me – that the largest percentage of Therapies – ‘out there’ Do Not Work – to effect permanent lasting Cure of mind-emotional suffering.

It’s taken me years & years to put all this together.
Where the mind ‘blocks’ us from successfully and permanently achieving Resolution, is what most therapies ignore – ‘cover up’ – ‘plaster over the cracks’ or as a Great friend recently said to me: “It’s like planting roses on top of a pile of pooh!”
My discoveries are so meaningful, so powerful – this isn’t the ‘quick fix’ woo.woo land. This is effective & permanent – it isn’t Magic -but it does have Magical results!
We’d love the instant ‘fix’. AND – we’d love someone else to do it for us! We want the Therapists, the ger-zillion ‘self help’ books – the programmes – the courses to ‘click the fingers’ & Gerzam – ‘just like that’ – we’re Fixed! Of course we do! Wouldn’t it be lovely!

Most well meaning Therapies have ‘bought into’ this old Paradigm – Give the Control over to someone else or to something else to Fix our mind-emotional problems.

IF these Therapeutic Strategies really Worked we’d all be Happy & Fixed – decades ago. Not Lah-Lah Land Happy! – We’d still have sad days, downish days, grumpy days – then we’d move on. We would know we can choose to move on and be’ in Tense’ – that’s a good place for the Heart to visit every now & again. Or be ‘in Suspense’ – an adventurous place to be several times in the year, enjoying the tingles of adrenalin……. Or – simply be in Calm Places. Or. Spend a few hours alongside me in Bonkerdom!

And never visit ‘in Determinate’ – or be ‘in Doubt’ (about successfully achieving our Goal) ever again.

About two weeks ago we were considering this:
“We will get our selves – plenty of Outstanding Energy – & move forwards to Successfully achieving our Goal!”

So: we’ve been doing that by listing our reasons and our purposes to achieve what we want. We are now like an Olympic Athlete fired up with Outstanding Energy: on the starting blocks – to move away from our problem state and journey towards our Goal state.

Get a page of paper right now – and on the left side write the problem state: such as: I can’t say NO! – I’m stressed – I’m worried witless – I can’t sleep – I’m anxious – I’m worthless – I’m so fearful………..I get so angry I could explode…….. People don’t ‘get me’………. People hate me…………… I’m so lonely……………….. Your words – you know what the problem state is.

Then opposite on the right of your page write your Goal State. State your Goal in the positive: such as “I will say NO!” and “I will be really calm…”

You’re ready to move from your problem to your Goal – you’ve got the motivation, the Outstanding Energy from all your reasons & purposes…………

The Truth here is – it is not a straight line (across the page) Look at the line like a journey – along that line – there are dips – where our mind blocks us. These dips or blocks, or holes that we ‘fall down into’ are the “Yeah But(s)…..” that we’ve began to explore already together this year.

A ‘how’ to discover your own “Yeah But(s)……..” is for you to speak out loud – your Goal. And instantly ‘listen’ to your very next thoughts or feelings in your body – Feelings such as a churning in the stomach – a tightness in the chest – a pounding in the heart – And thoughts such as: ‘I’ve tried everything – I always fail……’

These “Yeah But(s)…..” blocks, dips or holes in your journey across ‘the page’ were originally either learnt invalidating self beliefs – or were originally learnt as an unsuccessful safe mechanism.
Example: “the pounding in my Heart – stops me from speaking my mind – As long as I stay quiet and I don’t speak up I won’t get into trouble I’ll be OK”

List all your “Yeah But(s)…..” There will be more than one or two.

Differentiate them into ‘invalidating self beliefs’ and ‘original protective mechanisms’

Each “Yeah But….” Needs individual attention.

Get going with your lists. It isn’t hard – your results and your journey will be Magical.
We’ll talk more about what to do with your dips or blocks or holes in your journey across your ‘page’ next time.

Let the Breeze Blow In – will safely guide you to discover your “Yeah But(s)….” Because one of the problems is that some of these invalidating self beliefs & protective mechanism are Unconscious – we don’t even consciously know we have them. Get in ‘the zone’ with my voice – then ignore my voice and say to your ‘self’ for the 20 minutes of my Story: “I want my Unconscious mind to comfortably tell me my “Yeah But(s)….”

Sally Stubbs
Rapha Therapy System – Cures that Endure