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Strategy 4 – Deconstructing Negative Inner Dialogue

Monday, June 8th, 2015
Sally Stubbs

Sally Stubbs

So: here is my next Top Tip Video – Number Four in this Special Series of powerful strategies to deconstruct those negative inner dialogues.

Here I am again! – back with you for a few important, incalculably valuable minutes.

Here’s another Top Tip – for your consideration – and for you to act upon – I can honestly tell you that my Top Tips ‘Rock’!

I’ve had a ‘Scratchy’ feeling for a while now that ‘Tops Tips’ is a lame, not worthy, description for these
Strategies – because, I promise you, give them the time & they will ‘turn your life around’ in a most empowering, freeing and beautiful way for your self.

Hey! I got it! – the description – I ‘got it’ in a Trance State of course!

These empowering of you strategies are actually called ‘Golden Keys’.
They ‘unlock’ your immeasurable potential to enjoy celebrating your life – They ‘open the door to the prison’ where the constant inner negative chatter & ‘bullying’ of your self has had you confined and ‘caged’.

These ‘Golden Keys’ Free you to be your self – secure and happy in your skin. I’ve been working on them for you in such a way as they will not be time consuming.

You know – I’m quite a strange person!!!
I rigorously validate any strategy for Freedom and Healing.
And – choose to believe in a Great Mysterious Universal Intelligence.

I choose to believe in Master of Wisdom – in Angles – blimey I like to believe in Santa Claus!

What I fully believe in, is you – your Great Intelligence and Wisdom – inherent within you to Free & Heal your Self.

So; get going TODAY – here’s my video with the ‘Golden Key’ that this series of videos has been leading up to …………….


These ‘Golden Keys’ to your Freedom – they are Exclusive – no other Therapy has them.

Please – go and visit the Amazing, Brilliant, Famous, Dr Tranquility – support her in her Awesome efforsts to bring True Healing to us all.

She is also Great Fun, upbeat – and full of valuable ideas and advice for you. She always has Hope in her voice.

Thank You.

Wishing you inner freedom to experience your own beautiful future ………………..

Please email me privately any time, I love receiving your emails.


Sally Stubbs
Rapha Therapy ‘Cures that Endure’


Wednesday, March 7th, 2012

Here comes Spring and life is abounding with great good opportunities for us all, but this is really hard, if not at times impossible, for our mind to even contemplate seeing and hearing, let alone acting upon, when we are suffering a problem.

Last week a client said something really awesome to me; it stopped me in my stride! My client was working on a problem he had about the painful hurt he was suffering in a close and important relationship. I asked him: “What do you want to achieve?” He replied; “I want to have meekness.”

I never ever make suppositions about any of my work either in my recorded treatments or my 1:1 work. But I was struck by his word ‘meekness’. I asked him what he meant by meekness? He said that: Meekness is the ability to see clearly and to not mind ..”


In other words – to be in a place and space in our mind to no longer be responding from ‘pain’ and hurt, and therefore to not respond inappropriately by either ‘withdrawing into a bleak hiding mood’ or getting into a ‘fury’ – turning to food – feeling frightened, nervous – tossing and turning all night……….that endless circle of not knowing whether to blame them, (or blame something) or take the blame our self.

Considering ‘meekness’ as a response is not me or my client being naïve! It is about seeing clearly – not minding – and having time to respond appropriately. By appropriately that means from a ‘clean’ clear place that is in the present free of hurt or ‘pain’ from our past.
So, I think his take on ‘meekness’ is truly awesome.

How can we begin to do this? Here’s a strategy for you to work with: Pause for a few moments, even though you’re hurting, and ask does this hurt of mine belong to this moment or some earlier life experience? (You’ll know if it belongs to a younger life experience because you’ll have had the feelings before, the feelings won’t be brand new, there will be a familiar ‘knot’ of ‘pain’ in your stomach, chest, heart, throat….)

Once you realise this is familiar ‘pain’ the strategy is to acknowledge it by saying convincingly to yourself “That’s Right! That really did hurt me …when I was aged about…… “(You’ll know about how old you were…) So, in ‘honouring’ your past ‘pain’ you help yourself not to hide and withdraw into a mood or get angry with them, or angry with whatever is going on for you in the present – and you also help to ease, and even begin to resolve, a past ‘pain’ with which you got ‘stuck’.

You’ll be a very welcome visitor to

Thinking of you warmlySally