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How Rapha Works – Deconstruct Negative Beliefs

Monday, March 23rd, 2015
Sally Stubbs

Sally Stubbs

Rapha Therapy System Video 4 – Deconstruct Negative Beliefs

Now is the time to BELIEVE in your ‘self’…… Enjoy my short ‘tasty bite’ fourth video clip – an overview of how you will learn with my RAPHA audio Therapy Courses – that you can truly BELIEVE in your ‘self’.
And – you can – BELIEVE in your ‘self’ – believe that your ‘self’, can – and will successfully – achieve the Goal that you want for you.
Your Goal, that maybe for quite some time – or even a long time, seems to have been floating in the grey mists on some future horizon – chimera like – almost unattainable, almost an illusion – despite all your courageous and determined efforts to ‘get there’.
What stops us?

What ‘blocks’ our onward journey to achieving our useful and beautiful Goal?

– even though we thoroughly know what our Goal is –  and we are top motivated to ‘get there’ – permanently.!

We can give an overview title to what stops us – and that is:
Our Unconscious negative self beliefs.
Negative self beliefs that we are maybe only vaguely Conscious of!
We develop within our Unconscious mind a Matrix of self beliefs in our first 7 to 14 years of life.
The negative ones do not ‘serve’ us in our life. However ‘some’ of those negative self beliefs will have had a purpose, and basically that was to keep us ‘safe’.
A very simple example; someone says: “I’m really shy! I nearly always hold myself back”.
The: “I’m shy” belief could well have been ‘formed’ within the Unconscious mind – because as a youngster, a child, this person was really out going – and the adults informed them that they must be quiet!
So the child, unconsciously, developed a state called: “Shy,” to ensure that they did not speak up or be noisy – as it was probably not ‘safe’ to upset or annoy adults!
These kinds of unconscious beliefs that originally developed to keep us safe – need a careful and also easy method to deconstruct.
This, and other negative belief deconstruction is the third assignment on my half an hour a day for 40 days RAPHA Audio Therapy Courses.
It’s a very, very important assignment. You see, this ‘negative stuff’ contained within our Unconscious Matrix – if it’s ‘not cleaned’ up, and replaced with a new self validating belief system – the negative ‘stuff’ will keep on and on projecting ‘itself’ into our future and our success will always continue to ‘float like grey mist’ on our horizon – unattainable.
On this short (7.5 min) video I explain the significance of Deconstructing Negative Beliefs. And whichever of my audio courses addresses your particular problem, I will teach you how to do just that!.
Please do get in touch with me privately I’ll be delighted to hear your thoughts and answer your questions.
Wishing you inner freedom to move on into your own beautiful future…………

Sally Stubbs
Rapha Therapy  – ‘Cures that Endure’


Monday, June 2nd, 2014

Rapha Hypnosis Therapy

 “The Human Stain” This is the title of a top selling awarding winning book by the highly acclaimed author Phillip Roth.
Mr. Roth – forgive me – I want to borrow your amazing title.

Your ‘Pristine Mansion’.
I am Certain that you and I, all of us, were born with the ‘Mansion’ of our Unconscious Mind – Pristine!
I’ve made invitation for you to argue with me before – so please, please do!

So: as long as we are warm, comfortable, safe from the ‘tiger’ and we are emotionally secure – as infants & youngsters – our Unconscious Mind – my metaphor being our ‘Pristine Mansion’ – grows beautifully and ‘immeasurably’ expansively as we, with great happy, safe curiosity, explore & experience life, our potential and our Amazing world.

Our mind-emotional suffering comes from the times and experiences when ‘something’ enters our ‘Pristine Mansion’ and causes a ‘stain’ which creates a ‘stink’ – Here, in my letter to you, I am not going into the horrendous mind-emotional suffering of such symptoms as let’s say delusional psychoses. I just want to talk about the mind-emotional ‘pain’ (yes: it is ‘painful’) – such as the lack of self esteem, the nervousness, the fears, the painful anger, the feeling like a ‘door mat’, the worrying & stressing, the not being able to say “No!”………………….

It’s important to have big, Authentic, Real, Valid dreams for your future. After all, failing to plan is planning to fail. So if you can’t think big about your future, you’re not going to have a very big future. Big, of course, means a dream that takes you farther than where you are today. Success can be defined in many ways, and I’m not telling you how to define it. I’m simply saying to take your definition of success and raise the bar on it.

So whatever big thing you’re thinking about doing, think bigger! Ask yourself, “What is even bigger than what I’m thinking, because that’s what I really want to do?” That’s how you raise the bar far higher on yourself. There is always a bigger big. If you can’t imagine it, you will never achieve it.

Chose To Be Extraordinary!
You’ve read about or even seen extraordinary people. It could be a world leader working for a global cause, a business person revolutionizing an industry, or the person down the street helping to make life better for people in the community. Often, when we hear of these extraordinary people, we think: “I could never do that because I’m just an average person.”

In reality, there is no such thing as an average person; there is only average thinking. You can be extraordinary! The key is to realize that being extraordinary is a personal choice you make every day. It doesn’t matter whether you’re rich or financially struggling, whether you’re male or female, whether you’re old or young, or whether you fit into any other categories. Anyone can choose to be extraordinary—especially you!

Every day make the choice to be extraordinary at whatever it is you’re planning to do. It’s a daily decision.

You Can Fully Resolve What is Stopping You
Being Your Extraordinary Self

So, what is it exactly that stops us being the Extraordinary Self we were Born to Be?

 What stops us is the ‘stains’ – which really we never wanted or needed to ‘invade’ our ‘Pristine Mansion’.

 ‘Stains’ – that create the ‘stink’ of the lack of self esteem, the nervousness & fears, the not sleeping, the ‘ground hog day’ of worrying & stressing and so on…………

 We want you to up the bar – in the exact right way for you – we want you to be your extraordinary self – so as:
“June is ‘Bustin’ Out All Over – all over the meadow & the hill…… just because it’s June, June, June – Fresh alive……”

 We’ll stay all the month with our 20% off all our half an hour a day – for 40 days Audio Therapy Courses – to thoroughly ‘Polish’ to Pristine your Amazing ‘Mansion’ its’ a fun journey – as Gary says – for the half an hour a day for 40 days…………….

 Have an Extraordinary June……………… and an Extraordinary rest of your Amazing life……..



Rapha Hypnosis Therapy – ‘Cures that Endure’

Let’s Free Our …. Self……

Monday, June 10th, 2013
Sally Stubbs

Sally Stubbs

One of my connections on LinkedIn – ‘like’s this pic of me. They said I look rigorous! How cool is that!
Lovely Judith in our office – put this pic of me up on LinkedIn – I wouldn’t have a clue how to do that stuff. Do I feel handicapped? NO! I’ve got Judith!
Where’s this leading you might well be asking?
Well – I wanted to discuss what we can do – & how we can do something to ‘free’ our self – when our self does feel ‘handicapped’
By ‘handicapped’ I mean with ‘inner’ emotional or psychological symptoms/problems – The:
I can’t sleep….
I’m nervous……
I’m too scared to do new things……….
I’m always stressing……….
I’m over eating………….
I can’t find the right relationship……………
Yeah – we are actually ‘wired’ into those past feelings of emotional suffering & psychological suffering. We feel ‘stuck’ we feel our ‘self’ has no control to make the changes & be free of such ‘handicaps’ – The Great News is – we’re not ‘hard wired’ into those old handicapping ways of suffering. We can change the ‘wiring’ – & keep the new ‘wiring’
To Resolve – permanently the old suffering ways of feeling & thinking – is our human Greatest Potential.
We keep on accessing the same old suffering thinking & emotions on a daily basis. We can create brand new thinking & emotions that are yet unborn & with it infinite possibilities for good & for life celebration…………..
We are operating in our thinking & in our emotions either detached – or as if today were yesterday. An emotional ‘Ground Hog Day’ life………..
The super position of the freedom from self handicaps & of the multi possibilities is in our Unconscious mind……………..
So, we’ve explored some of the ‘what’ of our inner ‘handicaps’
And the how to bring about freedom to be our self we know lies in our Unconscious mind.
Next time I write to you let’s explore the how to be in that super position.

In the meantime …………..

Enjoy watching –

Thinking of you warmly

Sally Stubbs
Cures that Endure

What Drives Us …….

Thursday, April 18th, 2013

unconscious mindHello:
Let’s get ‘into it’ today and really talk together about our Unconscious Mind.
Why would we want to bother? Why am I always banging on about the Unconscious Mind? Because, our Unconscious Mind, is ‘driving’ at least 90 % of our life.
Our Unconscious is our own mind – it is the ‘world’ we live in, it is our inner world from which we perceive the outer world, it is from our inner world that we respond to and react to the outer world. We need to get to know it, it’s ‘where we live’ our life.
It is this part of our mind which drives our problem states. Makes sense doesn’t it? None of us consciously want our problem states, and, it’s not the weather, the government, our boss or our partner who drives the problem, it is our Unconscious response. Right!
Therefore, it could be considered to be understandable that is why most every single therapeutic strategy that I come across (and I promise you I research extensively to discover what current strategies, schools of psychotherapy are advocating) is attempting to ‘control’ & ‘re-programme’ the Unconscious.
Here is a simple example: by way of explanation: of an inappropriate Unconscious response of Amy’s and how these kind of responses work in our life ‘automatically’ without us being able to rarely, if ever, consciously resist.
If you take this following simple example you will be able to apply it to many ‘problem’ states in which we experience an overriding automatic response, such as our stress response, our response to a trigger to a phobic state, our automatic response to food, our response which disables us from good sleep, our response of feeling nervous when we are asked to give a speech, and so on ……
Simple example:
Amy is in a new and happy relationship with Ted. They have been living contentedly and lovingly together for a few months.
Amy has a history of her father, who was a hard working man and loyal to his family, often coming home late from his job.
Amy’s Mum Kate was a woman who was protective of her family. Kate had been adopted when she was two and half years old. Kate had been seriously neglected as a baby by her parents who would leave their terrified baby to go out drinking.
Every time Amy’s Dad was late home from work, the young Amy witnessed and felt the furious and accusing response from Kate, her Mum, to her Dad.
Kate was being triggered into her ‘baby’ response of being terrified when she had a perception that she was being abandoned. No rational brain thinking such as: “My husband is devoted to us & he is looking after us by earning overtime……” can free Kate from her Unconscious response. Neither will such poppy cock as mind ‘control’ & mind ‘re-programming’ ever resolve Kate’s response of terror. What will definitely cure Kate’s terror is Freeing & Healing the wounded child within her. My kind of Work!
Amy’s unconscious, when she was a small child, learnt to believe that this is the behaviour that must happen when you’re man is late home…..
Five months into Amy’s relationship living with Ted, he is late home.
Amy cannot get him on his mobile.
Amy’s conscious rational mind tries to consider that Ted is stuck in traffic, Ted has bumped into a mate and gone for a quick pint, he hasn’t noticed the time, the battery is flat on Ted’s mobile…..
But Amy’s unconscious mind has a perception (which was learnt from her Mum’s behaviour) so her learnt belief kicks in automatically, as beliefs do, that Ted is abandoning and betraying her.
Ted walks in 53 minutes later than his usual time to return home to first of all Amy’s fury lashing out at him, pots & pans hurling past his head, and then Amy’s withdrawal into to some dark, moody, unreachable, ‘leave me alone’ state. Amy replicate’s Kate’s responses & behaviours perfectly.
Ted was late because he’d stopped off to get Amy a surprise gift…………..
Amy’s apology takes effort of reconciliation.
And the next time Ted is late home from work, stuck in traffic, a meeting running late…….the same ‘damn thing’ happens again – and again………..Amy’s response of fury & then withdrawal into ‘hiding’.
Amy needs the right strategies to communicate with her own unconscious self – to be able to unravel – and bring understanding into this now automatic response to her perception that she is – like her Mum’s belief – always going to be abandoned and betrayed.
No matter how much Ted assures Amy that he loves her, that he is loyal, he is monogamous, Amy’s unconscious won’t ‘get it’, not in a hundred years, until she learns how to communicate correctly with her own unconscious.
Kate’s inner Work with her unconscious will take more effort to free & heal her from her baby terror, & next her ‘baby’ need to withdraw. Simplistically terror & withdrawal for ‘baby’ Kate was an attempt to protect her. Simply speaking as long as ‘baby’ Kate is in a terror or even a withdrawn response – at least she is still alive.
Maybe you can begin to differentiate for your self, is your problem state actually coming from a wounded place within your younger self, or from a learnt belief?
You are so welcome to email me any questions or thoughts you have. I am here to help. It’s what I want to do, help you live your life being free to be your self.
We’ve loads more to talk about our amazing Unconscious mind.
Check out my half an hour a day for 40 days audio courses to resolve problems on my CDs & MP3’s on our websites. My courses are in the language of the Unconscious mind.

Thinking of you warmly

You will also be a most welcome visitor to  where you will discover lots about our amazing unconscious mind…………..

Sally Stubbs
Cures that Endure
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