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The Significance of 40 Days………

Thursday, October 31st, 2013

40 days - 1Rapha Hypnosis: ‘Cures that Endure’: Therapy Treatments in 40 Days:

If you choose one of my courses it is recommended that you should take approximately forty days to complete your treatment – which is
absolutely no time at all when you consider how long it takes to develop a problem and that the alternative
to treatment, is a life-time of unnecessary suffering.
You may have seen other therapies that claim they can solve your problem in less time than this? These are
quick-fixes that will just scratch the surface of your problem. They may temporarily mask the issue but
masking isn’t the answer. What you need is a permanent cure and a permanent cure takes time ………

approximately forty days (on average).
Just 30 minutes a day for forty days.
Rapha Hypnosis is all about getting the healing message through to your unconscious mind that will enable you
to ditch your demons – forever! Rapha Hypnosis doesn’t rush you, or corner you or make you feel
uncomfortable; it works with you, making you feel good from the inside out.
Rapha hypnosis – cures that endure!
They say life begins at forty!
In Jungian terms forty days has a deep meaning within the collective unconscious.
You may be interested in reading other interesting (and not entirely unrelated) accounts associated with the
wisdom and wonder of forty days. If so, please read on…
Forty is a life force
It takes approximately forty days from conception to a foetus becoming fully formed.
It takes approximately forty weeks of an entire pregnancy, from conception to birth.
So, from the conception of a need and a want to resolve a problem we can psychologically and emotionally
grow, resolve, and celebrate of our ‘new life’ in forty days.
In the Christian tradition, Jesus spent forty days and forty nights in the desert. He fasted in this story
and another important factor is that he transformed what ‘bedevilled’ him.
The forty days of Lent mirrors Jesus’ forty days in the desert.
Jesus was seen on earth forty days after his crucifixion. (Acts 1: 3)
Noah’s Ark: it rained for forty days and forty nights.
The Ark features in traditions of a number of Abrahamic religions including Judaism, Islam, Christianity and
others. A theological interpretation is that the Ark is offering salvation to man.
So, what could that mean to you emotionally and psychologically?

Salvation can mean recovery, or escape in forty days from a problem state.

In some Buddhist traditions: After forty days the Buddha attained enlightenment.
In Hebrew tradition: A simple understanding of the Torah is that Moses spent forty days in Heaven to receive the Torah.

Islam: It is traditional to spend forty days in mourning in many Islamic cultures.

Muhammad was forty years old when he first received the revelation delivered by Gabriel.
Hinduism: Like other great religions Hinduism has specific rituals for honouring their deceased, depending on the community, traditionally there are forty days of ritual, after which the grieving family reintegrate with their society.
Some Russian cultures believe the spirit of the dead linger at the site of their death for forty days and the spirit will be honoured for those forty days.
Ancient Egyptian culture: Forg Yuugioh – after forty days suffering will be removed.
Egyptians also recognised the period of forty days of preparation for journeying into a new life.
And there is so much more to the importance of forty in our collective unconscious.
It makes good sense:)
So: start your forty days treatment now: cure your problem and achieve your goal.

All you need is a little fortitude – and YOU have got it!





Kiss Me Kate …..

Thursday, May 9th, 2013


Sally Stubbs

Sally Stubbs

Remember Amy – and her mother Kate?
Let’s recap:
Amy is in a new and happy relationship with Ted. They have been living contentedly and lovingly together for a few months.
Amy has a history of her father, who was a hard working man and loyal to his family, often coming home late from his job.
Amy’s Mum, Kate, was a woman who was protective of her family. Kate had been adopted when she was two and half years old. Kate had been seriously neglected as a baby by her parents who would leave their terrified baby to go out drinking.
Every time Amy’s Dad was late home from work, the young Amy witnessed and felt the furious and accusing response from Kate, her Mum, to her Dad.
Kate was being triggered into her ‘baby’ response of being terrified when she had a perception that she was being ‘abandoned’. No rational brain thinking such as: “My husband is devoted to us & he is looking after us by earring overtime……” can free Kate from her Unconscious response. Neither will such poppy cock as mind ‘control’ & mind ‘re-programming’, relaxation, EFT, CBT, ever resolve Kate’s response of terror. What will definitely cure Kate’s terror is Freeing & healing the wounded ‘child’ within her. My kind of Work!
Amy’s unconscious, when she was a small child, learnt to believe that this is the behaviour that must happen when you’re man is late home…..
Five months into Amy’s relationship living with Ted, he is late home.
Amy cannot get him on his mobile.
Amy’s conscious rational mind tries to consider that Ted is stuck in traffic, Ted has bumped into a mate and gone for a quick pint he hasn’t noticed the time, the battery is flat on Ted’s mobile….. and so on and so on…………..
But Amy’s unconscious mind has a perception, (which was learnt from her Mum’s behaviour,) her learnt belief kicks in automatically, as beliefs do, that Ted is abandoning and betraying her.
Amy, if you remember resolved this inner controlling of responses & behaviours belief, Amy chose to do my half an hour a day for 40 days Rapha* Course on CD “Have Harmonious Relationships”
All my Courses spend at least 10 days – that is 10 minutes or so for 10 days – on exploring and then deconstructing the depths of negative, destructive, self beliefs, which are pretty unique to every individual and their own life story & experiences.

Kate’s husband, John, that’s Amy’s Dad, only wanted a kiss and a smile on his return home! Kate’s ‘driving’ pain of terror of abandonment became so chronic and acute, that by the time Amy was a young teenager Kate was in a fury, even when John was home on time!
Maybe you’ve witnessed parallel behaviours in others in your life time? The more someone overeats – the more they overeat, the more sleepless someone is, the less and less they sleep, the more someone worries the more they worry, the more nervous someone is the more nervous they become, the more angry………… Why?

Simplistically, the more we use that neural net – the more that neural net is instantly activated. The Great News! (Which we did not have ‘proof’ off ‘til around 3 decades ago) The neural net is not hard wired. We can change it. To do that we need to HEAL the problematic emotions – in Kate’s experience the emotion was Terror – at being abandoned. In a baby’s case – the Terror is of death. That is a monumentally huge terror.
Kate came to Work with me, urged by Amy I must say, who’d told Kate about my 40 day Course.
Kate is pretty & blonde. To begin with her head was bent most of the time and eye contact was rare. One of the first things Kate said was: “I’m too old to change, I don’t think – you can really help.” At the time Kate was 54.
I elegantly assured her – we’re never too old.
Now, here is something that will really interest you. Kate said: “I know I have some horrible feelings deep inside me, but I do not have the memories.”
You don’t need to have the memories to heal and free a wounded, stuck, lost, part of your self. The feelings, tho’ indeed horrible ‘guide’ to the healing of the feelings.
Kate did just that in our Work together, she found and freed and healed her self.
Is Kate happy now? Is John happy now? Oh, Yes!
Oh, and thank you for the ideas for our documentary film. Brilliant! Keep ‘em coming. Professor Kathryn Rossi & Dr Ernest Rossi have happily agreed to be involved – they’re doing an interview for us. That will be Mint!
Speak soon


Sally Stubbs
Cures that Endure









Thursday, April 4th, 2013
Sally Stubbs

Sally Stubbs


A friend, who is a lovely woman &  a caring intelligent mother (but her dog is thoroughly daft!) said to me: “Therapists always want to blame your childhood for mind-emotional problems!”

I really don’t know if this true or not, I mean, that Therapists ‘blame’ childhood experiences?

But I absolutely do know this certainly is not true of me and my work, whether that is 1:1 or through my audio work: And there is never ever any ‘blame’.

Blaming does not free & heal us.

I never, ever make suppositions, give advice, or give diagnosis, nor is my Work prescriptive, which may seem really weird to you.

Simplistically what I am doing is providing the unconscious mind a space to communicate its language, and for the unconscious to discover and resolve the problem state. Why? Because, as we’ve mentioned before, our problem state is unconsciously driven, and the paradox is our unconscious has the resolution to heal & free us from ‘where’ we got ‘stuck’ in time.

We unconsciously ‘freeze’ time in painful experiences in an attempt to stop this experience, in the next moments from probably or possibly getting worse, and therefore not emotionally, psychologically, spiritually, or physically safe for our self.

I’m maybe going to sound really weird to you now!: Mostly I’m communicating with “IT” so that “IT” can discover the exact right unique solutions for “IT”, “IT” being the problem. So, I’ll make sense of this now and you’ll say: Wow Sally’s not in the least bit weird! Simplistically “IT” is the part of our self which got ‘stuck’

So: Think of an emotional problem right now, and ask yourself:

How do I know that I have this emotional problem?

Maybe to begin with you’ll want to say all kinds about your life, like, I have this problem because of my boss, my relationship, my parent, my finances……. the weather…….. Then soon you’ll get to the problem inside of you, not these external triggers in your life, and your answer will be:

“IT” feels like this: “……in my head, chest, stomach, throat…… “IT’s” like knotting, churning, trembling, numb, stuck, heavy, fluttering…… “

There are literally a myriad of unique to you descriptions of “IT” So what happens next is that in therapy with me “IT” communicates it’s own information and goes on a journey to discover resolution for “IT” In my 1:1 & on my CD/MP3 audio courses – together, you & I safely allow “IT” to communicate & journey to “IT’s” resolutions healing & freeing

Then, halleluiah,  when “IT” has final resolution & freedom you’ll feel your boss’ ‘tantrums’ are like ‘water off a ducks back’ You’ll have resources to sort your relationship and finances – and Hey in bad weather you’ll feel well clothed and ‘weather proof’

Maybe Jonny’s video clip on You Tube will go some way to getting you a real sense of “IT” as “IT” for Jonny was a serious cancer. Jonny makes me cry happily every time I watch the clip – he’s just lovely. Jonny named his cancer ‘The Guys’. This was Jonny’s unconscious solution – not mine!! Enjoy Jonny’s smiling face, and knowing that seven years on he is well, successful and lovingly married. ENJOY Jonny.

Thinking of you warmly


P.S. Any ideas you may have for our film:”Why we are not Free to be free to be our self. And, HOW we can be!” will be so gratefully received.  Thank you.



Monday, November 5th, 2012

Great Feedback from Ms Louise-Weasel

And a very good day to you.
Thank you so much for taking the time to ‘listen’ to me.

I’m still ‘mind blown’ by my last letter to you! The one I named ‘From the Mouths of Children’.
I’ve had loads of interesting 1:1 feedback, emails and a really supportive email from Canada! I find all that so exciting, and thank you ‘Canada’.
I am really thrilled that Louise-Weasel (her choice of name) is happy for me to share her wonderful thoughts with you in this email. Thank you Ms Weasel:
What an intriguing and amazing little girl I would love to have been a fly on the wall for THAT conversation. How does she know these things? Is she an old soul in a young body? A wise old ME that has learnt through pain and therefore able to express herself with such clarity or an unblemished ME that hasn’t been hurt or excessively challenged and can therefore speak naively of such wondrous things?? I LOVE the rock analogy, I have always thought of my ME in terms of spots within my body not something that exists through my entire body but I now think that of course MEs exist throughout us with hot spots or troubling spots more obvious in certain places. Maybe our MEs are our life energy? Different layers and shapes and density of ME reflecting our well being in the environment within which we exist. Our bodies are the vehicles which transport our MEs. Finger prints are mostly static whereas MEs are able to change like a sort of energy depending on the circumstances. Anyways I feel rather shy about sharing my ramblings with you whom I view as THE ‘ORACLE’ on all such matters!
I’ll quickly respond to one of Ms Weasels points and say that this little girl has been seriously; seriously challenged in her life – and – her ‘me’ has remained totally unblemished.
Erickson’s: “Trust your unconscious, it’s a delightful way of living, a very delightful way of accomplishing things.”
 Whilst making coffee the other day Mike said: …. “It’s like this, go to the mug cupboard, get the coffee beans, grind the beans, walk to the fridge, get the milk, pour it……… sit down…… And all the time not one conscious thought is given to coffee making and the complexity of walking, use of muscles…. All the time I’m making coffee I’m having a conversation with you… The whole coffee making thing happens all by itself – unconsciously”.
Let’s really think about it! We can trust our unconscious!
So how does this work, the ‘trust our unconscious’ when we have a problem?
The problem must surely be being driven by our unconscious right? It’s an easy equation – we do not consciously want this problem therefore our problem must be being ‘driven’ from the unconscious!
This is exactly right. Which leads most of to believe our bl**dy unconscious is a ‘monster’. Incorrect belief!
Ok – let’s consider the semantics – instead of naming our problem a problem – lets name it – a symptom. (Whatever it may be – example: nervousness, lack of confidence, difficult relationship with food and all that these examples deeply contain for us such as concealed anger, feelings of shame or guilt, fears……….)
The symptom is being flagged up that ‘contained’ within the unconscious a problem – which our trusty unconscious wants us to resolve.
The symptom is not the problem!
So a symptom might be:
‘I get all nervous and panicky in front of lots of people. I cannot give a speech or perform in public’.
The problem might be:
‘When I was younger I was told I was horribly noisy and stupid and if I didn’t be quiet I’d be in big trouble’.
The individual’s unconscious knows how to deconstruct and resolve this problem, not the Therapist!
This problem originates as an imposed Restrainer – imposed upon this young person from well meaning adults. Added to this problem state is also a Protector Restrainer – ensuring this person will never speak up by producing a nervous panicky experience – as long as this person remains quiet – they will be safe from big trouble!
The trusty unconscious is also driving this nervous and panicky because in the un -differentiated information of the imposed Restrainer and the protector Restrainer is the unconscious drive to find the hiding or ‘lost’ ‘me’ – or part of ‘me’.
So, I’m wondering if: You will find time to make your own Restrainer lists and your drawings – which will assist you to Work with your trusty unconscious and find a hiding or ‘lost’ part of your ‘me’.
Have a listen to this 80’s classic on You Tube?
It starts: “Mirror in the bathroom please don’t freak the door is locked just you and me”….
• Lock your bathroom door – and say something really nice to your ‘me’!
Thinking of you warmly,
Sally Stubbs
Cures that Endure
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Monday, September 10th, 2012

Hi Everyone:

This is an odd experience for me! I’m sitting here about to write to you – and ‘blow me’ I actually don’t know where to begin!
Usually I wake up with a dream with a great (or whacky!!) idea of what you and I will discuss today.
Or, the idea will float into my mind from that amazing place called ‘nowhere’ – (It came ‘out of nowhere’ we often say – and nowhere weirdly is usually blue – it – just came ‘out the blue’!) which – as we know, ‘it’, the ideas, the information, does not, come from ‘blue nowhere’!
The ideas come from a very important (hopefully wise!) often weird and wonderful, certainly not explored enough by any of us, ‘place’ called – (dah dah…) – the unconscious mind!
Recently we discussed together that ‘in that place’ of our unconscious ‘resides’ the most efficient ‘butler’; we cannot imagine how efficient our ‘butler’ is.
But (there’s one of those rare ‘buts’ from me!) – we need to communicate with our ‘butler’.
By the way I think of the ‘butler’ as hermaphrodite – in a really great way.
What I mean by hermaphrodite is this: in a man or a woman, in a boy or a girl, their ‘butler’ is both male and female. Simplistically the male side knows exactly when to say ‘NO’ – and the female side knows exactly when to say ‘YES’.
For goodness sake our unconscious, your unconscious is thee greatest asset we’ve got.

 Let’s get communicating elegantly and efficiently with our unconscious, now!

Because, here’s the paradox, our unconscious drives our problems; however, the absolute truth is our unconscious has the solutions.
Friends and family can be really helpful with: ‘You want to sleep better, eat honey because bees are great at sleeping…!’ ‘You want too lose weight, eat grasshoppers….errrrr……… because grasshoppers are skinny!’
It’s kind of them to want to help, for sure, however, it’s our unconscious that has the solutions. And, if you don’t know how to really get started on communicating elegantly and efficiently with your unconscious have a go with one of my courses.
Once our unconscious really makes the change to a problem state for us, and resolves the problem, we keep the change – permanently.
Now here’s the thing, our ‘butler’ does not respond to being told what to do! Like some of the Muppet therapists work I’ve heard over and over again!
Which goes like this: ‘you’re so very relaxed – deeper and deeper relaxed you will stop over eating – you will stop sleeping badly – you’ll stop being stressed – you will stop being nervous – you will be so calm so confident……..’
This approach is Bull S**t!
Because our ‘butler’ has an exquisite language of its own: the language of puns, symbols, allegories metaphors – and primary processing language. The ‘butler’ does not respond to secondary processing language, that is, language which is ‘every day’.
Secondary processing language is structured according to external logic and expressed in grammar, syntax and has social context.
When we have a problem: I can’t sleep, I am stressed, I am fat, I am nervous….. our ‘butler’ can respond to the: Be Calm suggestions for a day a week a month. However, our ‘butler’ in our ‘home’ responded by shutting the door on an untidy noisy room – the untidy room is psycho active – and the noise and untidiness will once again eventually ‘spill out’.
The outstanding thing about my kind of Work is the right kind of unconscious language assists us to Work with our ‘butler’ and permanently tidy the untidy room……..
If you’re any kind of a Trekky? I have this grand hallucination that when Gene Rodenberry said:
‘To boldly go where no man has gone before….’
‘Man’s final frontier….’ he was talking about our unconscious!
And, I’ll just add I don’t think our unconscious is a ‘place’! I believe the unconscious has no boundaries apart, of course, from our morals and values. Our unconscious is quantum (for want of a better description) in that it is not bound by time or space.
So, my odd experience of sitting here, an hour ago, not knowing what we would be focused on discussing today is because my mind was absolutely buzzing. Consciously I thought we’d be discussing the great seminar I attended in Northampton last week on David Grove’s ground breaking Therapy Work, and I just did not know where I could possibly start with the ‘buzz’ of it all.
Just goes to show what the conscious mind knows!
Anyway, it’s a bit like this: When I write to you, I deeply know where I want to go; I know my goal, which is always that I want to give you something valuable and useful, interesting and inspiring. And some ‘out of the box’ ideas for thinking differently!
Here’s an anecdote that you may have heard from me before. My Dad, who is my hero, and I, landed at Dublin airport and jumped into a taxi. Dad gave the address of our hotel to the driver, and the driver quipped: “Well noow, if I were goin’ there I wouldn’t be startin’ from here!” (True story!)
And for me to give you something useful and important – for you – well, I didn’t start with the seminar on David’s Work!
Sit down quietly for a few minutes with your amazing ‘butler.

 Ask a simple question to which you want or need an answer……….. it’s an excellent place for you to start…………. Email me if you need some assistance to formulate your question.

 Questions are powerful. I’ll be delighted to help.
Sally Stubbs
Cures that Endure

personal & private email:

017687 71377


Wednesday, June 13th, 2012

“I’ve got a joke for you about procrastination. I’ll tell you later!”
About 20 years ago, a friend, Wendy, who taught the Alexander technique bounced into my practice reception and boisterously announced:
“I’m going to stop getting around to stopping procrastinating!”
There were three or four of us in reception and we all howled with laughter. Mind you we’d always thought of Wendy as a ‘roll your sleeves up’ and get on with it girl! Not so confessed Wendy: “I’m always putting things off, not getting around to the things that need attention….”
And – on the one hand we have goals to achieve, and what will come first on that critical path to achieving an important goal? What comes first is to resolve the problem of the ‘egg’. We can ask our unconscious, as we sleep at night, to provide an important and truly comfortable dream about what the ‘egg’ problem needs in the right way for the ‘egg’ to be freed of its problem.
On the other hand – only our unconscious knows – what holds back on that – other hand.
One ‘hand’ cannot handle the ‘egg’s’ needs alone. It takes both ‘hands’ Working together.
OK, I’ll just précis that!
On the one ‘hand’ we want to resolve a problem, let’s just call that Unhappy in our own skin. On the other ‘hand’, something within us is holding back…..
As you know I discovered that it is our unconscious that knows what the problem is and paradoxically our unconscious knows how to resolve it, in the right way. The key is how we communicate with our unconscious and with our unconscious worlds……
Here is a ‘Top Technique’ for you
So you can sit there, where you are right now, and you are breathing.
And as you are breathing you can consider that it will be nice to become a little more comfortable in your skin – sooner or later – in the coming moments.
And as you sit there for a few more moments, you can take your time to be gentle with your self – I can ask this of you can I not?
Hold both your hands out in front of you a little way. Let your elbows and forearms be free, rather than supported by your body or your chair.
Ask yourself: Which hand, all by itself will represent my goal?
(name your goal – using positive words – if possible. Simple example: I want to be the right weight for me, and have a good enjoyable relationship with food. Rather than the negative which is something like: I want to stop being overweight)
Continue to also ask yourself: And on the other hand which hand will represent what is holding me back?
This may take you a little time to practice. Perhaps you could ask a good friend to ask these two questions for you.
Then, be fascinated by your hands. Feel them…. Wonder at how they, your hands, do handle life – your life – handling life many times with lots of courage.
It is the one hand that has been holding back that needs your attention. Notice what comes up in your thoughts ideas and feelings once you discover which hand is the one that is holding back. Expect the unusual. Expect to gain insights that will be surprising and different.
It’s worth it I promise you, practicing this – gaining new and different insights. The one hand that is holding back – will let you know all by itself – it will move, or lift or feel heavy….. a myriad of different things to let you know………
Note them, think them through, make the change!
This way of Working is pure Dr Ernest Rossi – you’ll be amazed at your results.Dr Ernest Rossie

Thinking of your warmly,




Monday, June 11th, 2012

The Great Stephen Richards posted this comment on  Whoo Hoo!!
I like it.
“I came like a bolt from out of the blue into Sally’s professional life! One of my followers invited me to read Sally’s newsletter, which I would normally shun such an invitation but for some reason felt compelled to read it. What I read and then further researched about Sally Stubbs was food to my psyche! At last I had found someone with an equal measure of gusto to giving from their Higher Self as I had! Sally gives without taking. Thirty years of delivery of her therapy to so many in need. WOW! I mean, that shook me to the core! I have enormous respect for Sally’s work, and if you follow what she offers then you too will feel the same as I do. Oh, and as for Sally calling me “Great”, well I leave that for you to decide.”
I have decided. Steve is Great!
How have I come to this conclusion?
During a few emails with him in the past couple of weeks his absolute focused effort to continue to ‘step up’ his work to help others shines through….. and all the time he is humble… a true, pure yet ‘solid’ way……. I use the word ‘solid’ because humbleness can be thought of, can be seen as dithery and withdrawn. Not with Steve
Let me tell you a wondrous story of another Great person – this is just one of loads and loads of ‘breath-taking’ stories…..And Steve reminds me of him.
I’m talking about the Great Dr Ernest Rossi.
Rossi was teaching one day, by ‘demonstration’, which means someone came and sat next to him and presented their problem in front of all us students. That particular teaching seminar must be about 15 years ago.
Apfzal sat next to Rossi. He was probably in his early sixties or late fifties; I’m not too good on people’s age. I’m not that interested! He was fairly frail of body, a gentle person, and clearly robust of spirit.
Apfzal from Pakistan was, he told us a doctor of medicine.
Rossi and Apfzal went to Work – with Apfzal’s problem of feelings of anxiety and being withdrawn. Memories of his childhood of he and his family being terrified, fleeing refugees in 1947* came pouring out from Apfzal.
Tears poured from Rossi as he listened with every part of his being.
As the Session completed, Rossi put his arm carefully around Apfzal’s shoulders and said: “Apfzal, My Friend, you are My Hero.” I can see it and hear it now, and I am awed and happy to be tearful.
That’s why, for me Rossi is Great! His rigourous education and reams of published text books is one thing. But it was Rossi’s humbleness in those moments that make him Truly Great in my ‘book’ – And I know I can speak of Rossi and of Stephen Richards in the same ‘breath’
*In 1947, colonial Britain divided the subcontinent into two new states: a mostly Hindu India, and a mostly Muslim Pakistan. Partition caused between 200.000 and 360,000 deaths, while 10 to 12 million people became refugees in the largest population transfer in our era.
So, I’ve had a scour of the dictionaries for ‘nuts & bolts’. And this is what I got:
“Essential aspects of something as in: They have lofty goals but don’t specify the nuts & bolts of how to achieve them.”
How cool is that!
How cool is it that I find a good title for my letters to you, usually, like this one, just as I’m waking up, therefore pure unconscious ideas.
I thought this letter was about Stephen Richard’s ‘bolt from the blue’ comment on This was a really good ‘bolt’
But you know sometimes if our ‘nuts’ are not in place, we miss the good bolts, as so often we are withdrawing into safety to avoid, understandably, the bad bolts, so we tend to miss the good bolts…….
Right, what is the something that I can help you to do, and get the result that you want? Together I want to help you get your ‘nuts and bolts’ secured.
What do you want to achieve for your self, what is your dream?
You can get crazy passionate about what you want to achieve for your self.
Sleep it, ‘eat it’, ‘drink it’, breathe it….
I believe in you and your dreams.
I have put my time and effort forward so you don’t have to struggle anymore.
We are far more effective together than we are alone.
Come visit me – and another ‘home’ for you to come visit is We are still working on this one, but be assured there are plenty of nourishing ‘cakes’ for you to taste.
Thinking of you Warmly


Wednesday, May 30th, 2012

This is an impromptu letter, completely a ‘flow of consciousness’ so please forgive any frayed edges……. Thank you.
And, it’s a one off, well for now it’s a one off!!! One thing that I am proud of being is Flexible!
So, I could well do this again……..
Anyway –
I frequently get asked questions like: “I’ve had no traumas in my life, but I feel ‘stuck’ with negative things that are hampering my life. What can I do?”
I also get asked questions along the lines of: “I have had trauma, and I don’t want to remember, I want to put it all behind me and get on with life, but I feel ‘stuck’ What can I do?”
SO, –
Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday the 11th, 12th and 13th of June, from 9am to 9pm I’m setting aside these three days to answer your questions, by phone.
We’ll have to be organised, so please email me your question, which will give me an idea of how much phone time we’ll need, and please give me a couple of options of dates/times that suit you, and I’ll get back to you.
My private email address is: .
You may not feel that your question for me is confidential, but in case you do, to reassure you my private email address is entirely confidential.
The deal is our unconscious is driving our problem state. And our unconscious ……’ won’t get fooled….’ by diagnosis, direct suggestion, advice, tap, tapping our body (EFT: Emotional Freedom Techniques)……. and so on.
Our unconscious needs the exact Correct attention, and part of that attention is Respect.
Yeah, Respect.
Paradoxical isn’t it!
We have a problem, because our unconscious took on the ‘pain’, bewilderment, anger, fear and so on – in an attempt to protect us – from a worse onslaught……
As I’ve said, Mike came up with the great phrase, after I’d been ‘banging’ on to him for months last year about all this (Mike is an off shore deep diving engineer, with a very patient ear for me!!)
Mike said one night last year: “You can’t Bullsh*t the unconscious. And you, (Sally) are not interested in Fast Food Therapy as there is no nourishment in that….”
Last week a lovely lady came to see me, she has been suffering a ‘nothing place’ life pretty much all of her life. And the respect I have for her is truly immeasurable in the strength and courage she has found through huge effort to make a success of her life.
She told me on the phone she would rather see me 1:1 than Work with one of my audio courses.
Very soon into our first session of Work she told me she felt anxious.
Here are the questions to develop this kind of information which will, I am sure, really interest you greatly:
Q “And when you feel anxious whereabouts do you feel anxious?
A “It’s here…” touching her chest
Q “And when it’s here (notice IT that we have discussed before) whereabouts could it be when its ‘here’?”
A “It’s inside here”
Q “And when it’s inside ‘here’ could it have a shape or a size – colours or colours – when it’s inside here?”
As we developed the information, she looked straight at me and said the most accurate and wondrous thing, she said:
“And it won’t go away with a sticking plaster – it has a ‘life’ force…..”
I did one of my Whoooopeeee arm waving things – she ‘got it’, nope, that’s not accurate, she ‘knows it’.
The next day I got this wonderful, exquisitely articulated email from her:
“….a quick note to say thank you for a very interesting day! My
personal experience with therapies (& I have tried a few!) has never
left me as ‘upbeat’ as I felt today 🙂 I feel like I ‘own’ myself
rather than ‘dumping’ myself on another – a very good feeling. Thank you.”

I have of course asked permission to share this email with you, as it is so beautifully said – exactly that – to own your self….
Do email me and let’s have some valuable phone time together.
Find out more about my Work and my values first if you need to, you’ll be a welcome visitor– which we are still working on to perfect though it is gorgeous – many thanks to Gary Hogg… he’ll ‘nit pick’ it to perfection and his designs are superb.
Thinking of you Warmly

Eat Grasshopper Therapy!

Friday, May 4th, 2012

You want to lose weight, eat grasshoppers!
You want to cure a problem – insomnia, anger, stress, nervousness, fearfulness…….cure anything else, eat grasshoppers!
This just bobbed up into my conscious mind – and where ‘on earth’ did that come from!!
We could say stuff like:
Lord knows…..
It just came from (that place called) nowhere!!
Where did it actually come from, like anything else, it came from my unconscious mind of course.
However, I’ve sat here looking out across the river, admired a couple of bounding around bouncy red squirrels, wondering: What is that about, the, you want to lose weight eat grasshoppers, you want to cure any problem eat grasshoppers?
I’ve had such a laugh thinking: eat grasshoppers, stir in eye of a newt, add powdered chicken bones, bang a drum and cure your problems!!
But, humour aside, the answers coming from my unconscious to my question: What is that all about, are awesome, they are blowing me away.
Such simple answers, and that’s the beauty of it, the pure simplicity.
I’ve got an idea here, to ask you to let me know what you think that is about?
That would be great to hear your thoughts…..
At first I thought, whoa, my unconscious is playing around, a bit of a light hearted prank! Fair enough…….
Not so!
Sorry, to be harping on, as my Mum would say to me, but I think this is really awesomely ‘sexy’ – so strap in, ready?
Simples: It’s a belief! It’s a belief!
We buy into masses and masses of ludicrous beliefs – like: diets cure our problematical relationship with food, no they don’t – our unconscious mind does that not diets.
Like – (oops here it is – ‘a Sally Soap Box Moment’)….. the pharmaceutical companies products will cure our insomnia, fears, panic, numbness, anxieties……. It’s bunkum!
I guess I won’t be popular with the pharmaceutical companies then!
Do I care?
Yes actually I do, I care that so, so many of us are totally well meaning but we bought into The Emperor’s new Clothes! And that is truly sad.

Along with around 1,000 other people last summer Mike & I watched: The Acclaimed Therapist’, (TAT), of stage & TV screen, doing, on stage, an EFT demonstration to cure a young woman of a phobia!
Tap, Tap, Tap he went – asking her to sing loudly Happy Birthday at the same time as he tapped, tapped, tapped her gorgeous body (quite saucy really!!)
Are you cured now, he repeatedly asked.
Are You Cured Now? TAT was getting het up, Tapping increased in vigour!
“No!” she said, her pleading voice telling him several times about her “T minus one” (which she didn’t actually realise she was ‘stuck in time)’ But she was not buying into this EFT belief system, despite TAT’s world renown fame.
Finally he told her to go on to his website and buy his I Will Cure Your Phobia CDs.
(TAT., TAT…..what makes you believe you’re so powerful that YOU can cure people? No you can’t, people cure themselves with the right, clean strategies… You Muppet!)
TAT is charismatic, well meaning I believe – but wake up TAT really!!
Wake up.

I nearly ran onto that stage like the little kid in the legend and said; You’re not wearing any clothes!! I reckon politeness held me back – I regret the lost opportunity….
Any way, 998 people loudly applauded TAT’s performance. We all then meandered off for coffee – and as Mike & I were hanging out with the 998 people they were all whispering: He ain’t wearing any clothes.
Mike and I said: Bu***r – lost opportunity there.
Beliefs do not cure us. Beliefs (like these) can & do mask or hold back the problem. The problem is still there, ‘humming’ away deep in the unconscious mind looking for another ‘way out’.
This is not an ‘armchair’ theory; this is 30 years of keen observation and rigourous study.
I’ll add to this ‘beliefs do not cure us’ another time
Changing our negative beliefs which block us from the truth that we can be cured opens the door for us to then access within our unconscious what our unconscious needs or needs to have happen, needs to know or understand needs to resolve and heal to then move time and finally be free of the problem……
And you know, talking with you, I’ve realised that it was not politeness that kept me off that stage!
You see, if 998 people believed TAT was wearing Grand New Clothes, it would have got really messy for me……
Today I would just do it!

Sally Stubbs
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Friday, March 23rd, 2012

Do you have an annoying habit?
Do you want to stop this habit?

Our brain does a fabulous thing for us, it learns quickly and it learns by repetition and then many, many tasks in life become unconscious, which means habituated. This fabulous facility of the brain saves us all a phenomenal amount of time, as long as the habit is useful, like tying our shoe laces!
Driving is a good example! If you drive you will know that you no longer need to consciously think about mirror, brake, mirror, stop, look left, look right, mirror…… this process takes ages to consciously think and work it out, and you haven’t even left the junction yet! You just ‘do it’ unconsciously, whilst consciously you can hold a conversation, listen to music, think about future plans, what you will have for dinner, whilst your unconscious does the driving! You will experience familiar journeys like this: “I don’t remember – the last ten, twenty minutes….” Your driving just ‘happened’ as your unconscious mind took over the familiar journey. But your amazing unconscious mind-brain is ever alert and vigilant for the traffic lights, pedestrians and so on.
Once we have learnt pretty much anything in life we no longer have to give ‘it’ thinking time. We can multi task and therefore save time – we can for example – listen, read, type – all at the same time.
So, lots of habitual behaviours are very, very useful for all of us.
However, like most of us, you have probably learnt certain habits which are negating your fulfillment in life?

Science used to consider that once the mind-brain had learnt behaviour, then that behaviour became ‘hard wired’ and would be virtually impossible to change! Neuroscience has discovered in the past three decades that this is not the case. Learnt behaviour is not ‘hard wired’ in our brain and can therefore be ‘un learnt’ and changed.
We do not yet know the true capacity or potential of our mind-brain. Research is showing that learning something new can cause neurogenesis, meaning when we learn something new we are literally growing a new brain . So you change an old habit, you gain, you learn something new- you gain literally you grow a new brain.

You need to be motivated to make the changes you want.
To be motivated we all need a purpose.
Why? Why do you have to have motivation to kick your annoying habit?
The brain learns faster and far more efficiently if we have motivation.

A child will learn really fast that two twos are four, if they can then go out to play after they’ve learnt the sum, or receive a gold star, or become the mathematician they dream of being.
These results are about meaningful purpose and not about reward!
The brain learns outstandingly quickly when we have a purpose to learn.

Purpose or reasons are what motivates us all of us!

Once we know the purpose in learning something new we are focusing on the good things to be experienced as a result of making the change. And, as we cannot just turn off a learnt behaviour, an annoying habit, the excitement of the results to be gained also assist the new learning process.

The wonderful thing for you to understand is that human beings can change, we can all change and we have the freedom of choice to change for something that is good and better.

So, what is your purpose in Creating Positive Life Affirming Habits?
Maybe you already know your purpose?
Now is the time to rid yourself of your annoying habit.

I can help, you will be a most welcome visitor @ your annoying habits