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Wednesday, May 9th, 2012

Sally Stubbs

Hi Everyone
Over a year ago Mike came up with this great simples example, which so explained what I’d been banging on about into his oh so ‘patient with me’ ear.
Differentiation was the thing.
You see we were off to Work at the Vitality Show at Earls Court, London, expecting 35,000 visitors! Blimey, that’s a lot of people in one barn of a room.
I presented a Workshop, and then a presentation in a theatre.
I felt like a proverbial ‘fish out of water’, which is really funny as the theatre was like a ‘gold fish bowl’
A very peculiar set up, the theatre had no walls, and so was totally open to the 30,000 people, who, not interested in differentiation were all milling around the potions and body creams and self help book stalls!
As a ‘fish out of water ‘you’d think I’d have a hard time. Not so. I loved it.
I love a challenge!
So “T Minus One” experiences and our learnt negative beliefs about ourselves and the world of others around us can all get condensed in the unconscious mind, or undifferentiated.
The “T Minus One” experiences such as the emotional pain and hurt and fears, and also the negative beliefs that do not validate ourselves, and do not celebrate our life and sometimes invalidate others (for example the ‘crazy belief’: All men are cruel! When the truth here is of course: Some of us humans can be cruel) all this needs to be differentiated out.
Before the Vitality Show I reckon I’d ‘bent’ Mike’s ear for hours about this.
Then he comes up with this pearler:
The pain, hurt, fears and negative self beliefs are like several balls of coloured wool, all tangled and knotted. All the colours have merged so you’re hardly able to recognise what’s what!
I ask: Do we have the ‘balls’ to untangle the wool? Yes of course we do! I did! So anyone can!
And so many people have with me 1:1 and with my audio courses/treatments.
Many of these people had problems which had been diagnosed as incurable, and they cured their problem.
Many of these people themselves believed their problem was intractable, too knotted to ever be untangled. Many like Laura who had lost her voice and had lost her hair, have cured their problems.
And the untangling process is comfortable; simplistically the process is comfortable because it does not actually go through “T”
It is far far better to untangle the balls of wool, than to live our lives with a knotted up mind………
First of all state your Goal. Example: “I want to stop running away from a close relationship”
First change your Goal to the positive polarity, for example: “I want to be comfortable and to have a really close relationship.”
Write in your notebook every day for a few days, adding to your Goal. (The potential of your imagination for your Goal is massive, way beyond anything that you’ve ever thought about)
For example: “In my relationship, I want to be understood, therefore I want to be really open about myself………”
Next day; “And I want to feel safe in my relationship to have loads of playfulness…”
Next day: “I want to be free in my relationship to be full on passionate…..”
As you carry on with your Goal (and this is no one else’s business but yours, so keep it private for now!) you will likely start to hear your objecting thoughts, like:
“Being passionate cannot be safe for me…”
These objecting thoughts are like ‘gold’, savour them, write them down, and ponder on them; wondering: where could these objections have come from?
Whatever Goal you have, you did not have these objections when you were an infant. They came from somewhere……..Keep making notes.
Why on earth would I be saying that any objections that you consciously begin to notice and then give attention to are like ‘gold’?
Because the objections you discover are your tangled negative beliefs, and unless they are given your thoughtful attention and then made different these negative beliefs will always get in the way of you fully and successfully achieving your Goal.
You know a zillion times easier way for you to differentiate, untangle and change what you need, to achieve your Goal, is to journey with me on one of my Audio courses/ treatments. You will be most welcome to check them out on our web site.
I do receive outstanding feedback about the success of my courses.
I personally love them.
Do visit me and have a look.
Thinking of you warmly