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A Star Appearance………….

Monday, March 17th, 2014

Cumbrian Red Squirrel

Cumbrian Red Squirrel

I thought that you might be a wee bit bored – for a while  – of my Top Banana Tips to bring Permanent Resolution to the wearisome –   debilitating ‘Ground Hog Day’ of mind-emotional problems.
SO: Here is a link for you to my Promo  – It lasts three minutes –  that’s all! Take a look – Enjoy – the Realization of the depths of the true Redemptive Wisdom of the Unconscious mind – to Resolve our       Mind-Emotional Problems.OR – sit back for three minutes and gawp happily at the Beauty of Derwentwater – and the River Greta ‘playing her merry songs’! plus  ‘the star’ appearance of the Red Squirrel!              There’s a mighty lot to enjoy in 3 minutes. Check it out please.
I am totally filled with Respect & Gratitude to all my Clients who gave their time & effort to make my Promo.
Work with me is Private – so their willingness & even eagerness to appear – for the Purpose of helping others with problems is nothing short of Awesome.
The Work and the Strategies I did 1:1 with these wonderful people –  I have Carefully & Rigorously distilled into my RAPHA HYPNOSIS –   half an hour a day – for forty days – in the privacy of one’s own home –   Therapeutic System.
It’s taken me many years to ‘get it Right’ AND produce my Courses! So, I’m pretty proud of me!So  please ‘Click’ the link above and meet a few ex clients:
SARAH –  an inability to commit to a relationship.
LYN –       anxiety & difficulty sleeping / insomnia
TALI –     debilitating stammering.
ELAINE –  social phobia & weight problems.
SUE –       in her words: “The old spider phobia”
JONNY –  Testicular Cancer – as Jonny says: “Low in       energy, low in self esteem, fearful, low in everything really. I left the first Session to be honest feeling like I was Rocky. Energy just seemed       to come  to me from nowhere”
CLAIRE –  Hay Fever
CASSIE –  Hay Fever

.And the RED SQUIRREL – came to make a Star Appearance…………………
Sally         Sally Stubbs            Rapha Hypnosis Therapy System – ‘Cures that Endure’


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