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Top Tips!
Please email me your thoughts for a better more gracious or funky phrase!

It’s odd because in the last couple of years I’ve written around 60 to 70 pieces for journalists, for newspaper and magazine articles, and there was always a ‘hunger’ (so I was told) from their readers for Top Tips!
I think that rather odd or is that just me?

1. This one will amuse you, as it will look like a paradox to everything we’ve been considering together, to nurture your very own unique ‘get up and go’:
Take a twenty minute rest twice a day, in that very chair of yours!
But this is an ‘active’ break.
The activity will be your unconscious really working hard for you.
If you need the hard core scientific facts may I suggest you read about Dr Ernest Rossi work and the work of Professor Kleitmann on Ultradian Rhythms and the rest phases in the brain and mind. You can find them on-line.
2. To help you really benefit from your twenty minute rests, I have a gift for you.
It’s a free hypnotherapeutic story called ‘It’s a Breeze Let the New Blow In’ which you can download from here after filling in your e mail address.
By the way it’s a truly beautiful story. It lasts for; yeah you got it, twenty minutes! (Downoad time about one minute.)
My story enables your body to rest, your mind to become ‘quiet’ – to go beyond the ‘babble’ and allows your unconscious to search through your inner resources to find your ‘get up and go…’
I do know it is difficult to take a full twenty minute rest without the help of a story like mine, as, although our body will attempt to rest, the ‘babble’ in our minds so often precludes real rest.
I’m not being disrespectful to you here, we all have the ‘babbling’!

3. Just as you start to take your twenty minute rests, twice a day, (Rossi & Kleitmann’s research shows we actually need these rests every hour and a half!) tell your mind, firmly, I want more get up and go….. for “these” reasons, (State your own personal reasons, in the positive e.g. instead of stating: ‘I want to stop feeling debilitated’, state : ‘I want to feel bright’ – in your own words.)
4. As a few days go by you will notice some perhaps small differences and changes in your behaviour and what you achieve.
So to boost the changes for yourself, get a note book, and for a few more days, write down your ‘get up & go’ goal and your reasons for your ‘get up & go’ goal.
Again it is important to write your goals in the positive.
Here is an overview example, instead of writing: ‘The reason I want to feel bright is because I don’t want to live in this dark dingy, dodgy ‘inner’ place any more….’ Write: “The reason that I want feel bright is because I want to live in an ‘inner’ place full of light brightness, I want to feel full of life and I want to feel beauty.’
5. Hone your list of goals for these few days, take your time, enjoy it, believe in ‘Santa Claus’! As you write, be outrageous, include goals which you think could be impossible! Carry your list with you, in your pocket, in your bag; look at your list a couple of times a day!
6. Next, to really give your mind and brain a focus of positive energy on your list of goals – maybe do some drawings to represent each goal.
Find wonderful photographs to represent each goal, try and find a song or music to play or sing or hum or whistle to represent each of your goals.
Our minds, brains & bodies (which are 70% water,*) really respond to positive (and equally to negative) images and music and to us singing and humming.
*Water molecules respond positively to positive thoughts, sounds, images, and negatively to negative thoughts, sounds & images. It’s true, the research results are available on line but I’m not giving you a link because I want you to keep reading here!
7. If after a week or two you want even better results for your ‘get up and go…’ and we all want better results, including me, then ask yourself this question:
What is stopping me getting even better results in my thoughts and in my beliefs?
Ask this question in the few moments just before you begin your Ultradian Rest.
And then as you rest, listening to your downloaded story will help enormously.
Listen carefully to your inner dialogue responses to this question.

You may be ‘hearing’ thoughts and beliefs such as: “Why bother, you’re getting too old to bother to get up and go….”
This is not the truth.
None of your negative thoughts and beliefs will be the truth.
Choose to listen to only the truth.
8. So, straight away after your twenty minute rest, with this negative ‘stuff’ still fresh in your mind, which it isn’t actually fresh, it’s old, old stuff you’ve been carrying for years and it ‘stinks’, write the negative thoughts down. After you’ve written them down – you can of course see them.
Once we’ve finally seen something we can choose how we will change it.
You need to ‘see’ your negative beliefs yourself.
If you were to phone me, I’d be most happy to help you to see!
It’s a bit like this, if you sat in my room with me and I said:
“The wall behind you is a gorgeous warm, dusky pink!”
You’d believe me!
However to have the belief for yourself you need to turn around and see for yourself!
About your negative beliefs – basically, bottom line – you can choose to refuse to listen to such garbage again.
And with all your eight Top Tips (blimey I’ve said it again!!!) please enjoy this journey to you having abundant ‘get up and go………’

I don’t do ‘Fast Food Therapy’ – sorry but it doesn’t ‘nourish’ you!
Real ‘nourishment’, is all I am interested in, it creates lasting ‘growth’, flourishing results and real success.
So my Therapy Systems take some time – well worth it since your rewards are truly enduring and huge……
Thinking of you warmly
Cures that Endure

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