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The Dream – The Very Possible Dream!

Derwentwater 27.4.15


I so want to share with you some really, really useful ideas and some Simple yet Powerful Top Tips – for you to consider and act upon for yourself, or if you’re spending these few minutes with me on behalf of someone you know or care about who needs and wants to Resolve PERMANENTLY a Mind-Emotional problem that is holding you or them back back from having a Truly Fulfilled life.
Life is SO Precious……..
So: I’ve started upon my next Series of Short ‘Tasty Video Bites’ – each episode with new ideas, new ways of thinking about a problem state and how to begin to Resolve that problem and ‘move on’ Free to happily be your self – Free to be who you were ‘born to be’.
This first Top Tip is about you engaging with your dreams and discovering amazing solutions & resolutions that the wisdom of your Unconscious will mobilise for you as you sleep.
I am a huge fan of Carlos Castaneda and his Teacher Don Juan. (Check it out if you’ve never read any of Castaneda. I believe I can promise you that you will love it!)
Here’s a quote from the Don – worthy of your consideration:
“The sorcerers’ explanation of how to select a topic for dreaming, is that a warrior chooses the topic by deliberately holding an image in his mind while he shuts off his internal dialogue. If he is capable of not talking to himself for a moment and then holds the image or the thought of what he wants in dreaming, even if only for an instant, then the desired topic will come to him.”
I wish that you get going with your Dreams – and you will Dream Well – and become the Great Good ‘Warrior’ in your life.
And here, as promised, is ‘Scoff’ to inspire and uplift you. What an awesomely fine ‘Warrior’ he is.
Wishing you inner freedom to know and to experience your own beautiful future.

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