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Sally Stubbs

Sally Stubbs

More on the frog story:)
Hello:- read out loud!
So let’s really get down to it – and wonder some more – about the two frogs in our story:
One of them is hopping around, in circles, in a deep rut made by heavy passing traffic. The thing is the frog hid in the rut when the passing heavy traffic got too much, too scary……………..
 Who is our first Frog?
First Frog is pretty much all of us.
Then there’s Frog Two – the one on top – the one who seems totally carefree, emotionally sorted (that’s a rare being!) the one who says kind, logical, practical and eventually bloody infuriating stuff to first Frog like:
“Hey, why don’t you come up here, it’s much nicer and there’s plenty of food.”
“I’ll give you a hand,” “Hah but – there’s much more space up here to explore and see and hear different things, and feel the sun and the breeze. And good food not the garbage you’ve got down there. “And you’ll sleep better out here.”
“What about companionship with other frogs?”
Of Frog Two – am I saying – pretty much all us humans have got ‘stuck’ with one or more emotional issues. (‘Issues’ is the modern word for bewilderment & even ‘pain’)? Yes I am too.
And I do have every respect for those Frog Two’s in our life – for the outstanding attempts that they make to deal in their own life with their emotional ‘issues’.
Lets now turn our attention to Frog One:-
When First Frog was younger – First Frog was fascinated by most all and everything in life. Exploring, hopping off in all, (and occasionally ‘wrong’!) directions, and absolutely filled with curiosity. The world was at one with First Frog and First Frog was at one with the world.
Can you remember those times?
All around our young First Frog were – bigger frogs. Sometimes HUGELY big frogs – those are the frogs with authority – the frogs that can lay down the law. The frogs that can inform First Frog of stuff that is not the truth – such as “First Frog you are useless, not perfect – and not acceptable.”
All this from some of the big frogs and some of the HUGELY big frogs – is the heavy traffic that ‘made the ruts’ in the world of First Frog.
And you know most of the big frogs did not realise what they were doing. And did not notice that First Frog hid in the ruts – to keep safe.
Why would we hide in the rut – it seems like a paradox?
It goes like this: HUGELY big frog informs First Frog – “You are useless!” – HUGELY big frog will usually throw into the mix – some annoyance, frustration, anger – or the ‘… you are hurting me….’ looks and sighs. Now First Frog is not only useless they are guilty of hurting…..
It is safer for First Frog – to ‘go into’ – and hide their true buoyant, zest for life nature – in the ‘I am useless’ rut.
I wanted us to spend some time with this today – because – my ‘Tip Top Tips’ – last week were for you to write down your goal – WHICH HAS GOT TO BE the beginning ‘first step’ to get out of your ‘problem’ state – and for you to next write down your reasons and purposes to be in a problem free state.
Well, as for our First Frog – there is an inner understanding that it is safe to remain stuck in the ‘I am useless rut’.
This is so often a deeply driven understanding. We hide our true self away – to keep our true self safe – because what might the HUGELY big Frog do next. Best stay in the ‘rut’ & keep quiet.
So, reasons and purposes are really valuable on this journey to being problem free. Reasons & purposes won’t quite cut it yet. Even though they are our very own – and not Frog Two’s –
“You’ll have more friends and better food up here…”

YOUR reasons & purposes will definitely assist us to get motivated. We next need to unravel the beliefs that are tangled up within us – before we can know that is safe to come out – and be free – free of our problem state.
I’m thinking you could be a little excited – to wonder that next week we are going to Work on untangling the negative beliefs that keep us in or problem state – our ‘rut’ our place of hiding.
Do go and listen to my gift for you – which I have posted on You Tube called –‘ It’s a Breeze’ – This 20 minute story I recorded to really help you clear your mind – freeing your mind to think clearly and be focused on your goal and your reasons and purposes to want to achieve your goal.
It’s only taken me 30 years to perfect this Hypnotic story along with my other ones.
It’s only been on You Tube a few days – and I’ve had loads of great feedback.
ENJOY it…………………
Listen to this one story every day for 10 days – it will so help you clear your mind to get really focused on your goal.
Also for those of you who are not familiar with my Work which can be 1:1 – or my half an hour a day for 40 day CD / MP3 audio courses: please check out my life changing material here.

Thinking of You Warmly

Sally Stubbs
Cures that Endure
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