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Sometimes I really enjoy having a good laugh by re running a sketch or two, of Bill Hicks in my minds eye.
Bill was a comedian who you’ll either love or find him shocking. I’m in the first group!!
Anyway there’s this sketch of Bill’s where Bill is being God, and God has just realised that when He created Earth he forgot that He’d left behind Marijuana!
God, played by Bill, scratching in head, stroking his beard, is looking down on Earth at the Marijuana declaring, at His ‘mistake’: “Oh My Me!!!!….” Love it!!!! (The sketch you understand….)
Well, as I was happily re running this particular sketch in my mind, I had this awesome thought!:
Everyone, who I can think of, who has come to me to Work 1: 1 – will have been searching for their ‘lost’ ‘Me’ (Please excuse my semantics. Thanks)
I won’t make a whole list of hundred and hundreds of the amazing people who have brought their problems and symptoms to me, and who have actually honoured me in allowing me to assist them to Resolve their problem.
But, we can just consider a few of the people, who I have mentioned in the past weeks. Laura who lost her voice and lost her hair – was actually searching for her ‘lost Me’ – Stella, Bernice – the same – all had ‘lost’ their sense of their ‘Intended Me’
If you have any questions about this, or actually about anything else, please do email me.
This is my private email address and is therefore confidential. If I ever want to share anything that is said to me I will always ask permission first. And, most importantly, if the answer is: ‘“No” I do not want to share’ – then any ones’ “No” is totally honoured…..
Choosing to Work with me on one of my Audio Treatment Courses – you will discover that you are safely and comfortably searching to find an aspect of your Me, ‘who’ got ‘lost’ and ‘stuck’ along the way of your life’s journey.
Examples would be:
The aspect of Me who ‘got lost’ who used to be able to naturally say “No” to certain foods and amounts of food……
The aspect of Me who ‘got lost’ who could confidently do most anything….
The aspect of Me who ‘got lost’ who who used to be able to be certain and strong no matter the situation…….
The aspect of Me who ‘got lost’ who who used to be able to sleep safely and comfortably…….
And so on……….
My Audio Treatment Courses assist the ‘finding’ and the ‘freeing’ of the ‘lost’ Me – who can do pretty much anything that you choose.
I think to stay off my ‘soap box’ here!! About a very well know UK Hypnotherapist who recently emailed us with a video of EFT – Emotional Freedom Therapy – Tapping.
A young man phobic of travelling: Tapping happened, the young man said he felt better – but his words were not congruent with the look in his eyes.
Aspects of our ‘lost’ Me is Emotional and Psychological, our mind needs to know we have ‘found’ and ‘freed’ our ‘lost’ Me…… Tapping will never, ever achieve this long term……. But, I won’t go there today!
Today I said I would talk with you more about “Why?” questions, which I am about to do.
First, I just want to tell you about a young man, he emailed me a few days ago and asked me a Great question.
He asked me if one had to know what the “T Minus One” issue was in life to be able to Work successfully with my Audio Treatment Courses.
The answer is emphatically: – No you don’t!
It is a bit like this, as a metaphor:
Let’s imagine a kid has got lost. We go searching for the lost kid and we find them, hiding under the bed, or hiding in the garden. We would probably want to ask: “What happened? What happened that you made you go hiding and got you lost?”
But with my Audio Treatment Courses we do not have to ask this “What happened?” question. We find the kid and we rejoice and we say something like Thank Goodness……you are ‘found’ and you are safe to come home…….
We do not need to know what happened…..
And basically the “Why?” questions are attempting to go to the: What happened? We don’t always know what happened; we certainly don’t have to know the answer to cure a problem.
The finding and freeing of the aspect of our ‘lost’ Me is the huge part of Cure.
The next part of the Cure is that our conscious self learns from – is educated by – the ‘lost’ aspect of our Me to say “No!” – To be confident no matter what –To know the ability to be certain and strong…… and so on………
We can talk loads more about the “Why?” questions another time…….
More details about my therapy techniques here
Thinking of you warmly

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